WooCommerce Advance Downloadable Product (WooCommerce)

Using WooCommerce to sell your soft products? You’ve sure wanted to have more options to set.

WooCommerce Advance Downloadable Product adds new fields to Downloadable product data metabox allowing you to add more specific filterable details about your product and saves customers searching time through advanced product filtering widgets.

The plugin adds more than 80 essential options inspired from Envato Marketplaces to support Music, Graphic, Script/Code, Template, Video and Document product types. Each type has several sub types, each might have different options. Go and explore all options by logging in http://fedp.mahmudhamid.com/test/wp-admin/ using the following login details:

Username: tester Password: tester

How it works

  1. You enter more specific details about your product, add a demo link, installation instructions, FAQ, and changelog.
  2. The details will show up in the product page.
  3. Users will be able to filter other products by clicking those links or using the plugin filter widgets. (The plugin will work with any WP theme)

CodeCanyon new WordPress items

Shortlink http://thesetemplates.info/codecanyon/woocommerce-advance-downloadable-product-woocommerce/