Woocommerce Advanced Discounts (WooCommerce)

Discounts are a powerful marketing weapon which allows you to drive customer loyalty and revenue. Woocommerce Advanced Discounts is a powerful extension which lets you manage shop discounts like a pro.

Types of offers:

A discount can be applied in many ways.Woocommerce Advanced Discounts helps you apply 3 types of discounts:

Percentage based discounts: the most popular way to offer discounts, on the order or on a product.

Fixed amounts discounts: the best way to make sure the discount is not too low or too high.

Free gifts: the perfect way to get rid of unsold products.

Discounts conditions

Using Woocommerce Advanced Discounts, you can create almost any discount you can imagine by using one or combining multiple conditions such as:

Customer role: checks if the customer is in (or is not in) a specific group of users

Previous orders count: compares the number of the customer previous orders to a specified number

Order sub total: compares the order sub total to a specified amount

Order items count: compares the number of items in the order to a specified number

Order products: checks if the customer is ordering some products (for example products in specific categories, products with specific tags or metas, products with specific attributes etc…)

Customer is following us on Facebook: checks if the customer is following us on Facebook

Customer is following us on Instagram: checks if the customer is following us on Instagram

Discounts Examples

There are so many use cases Woocommerce Advanced Discounts can be a valuable tool:

1. Prelaunch Offers – If you’re still in the prelaunch stage of your business or maybe even launching a new product, you can use prelaunch offers to help drive traffic and peak interest.

2. Holiday/Season Offers – Black Friday, Christmas and New years are the big ones, but the whole year is sprinkled with holidays that you can use to stretch revenues with offers.

3. Email/Newsletter Subscription Offer – As you probably already know, building an email list is extremely important for online retailers. By providing an offer in exchange for visitors emails address, not only do you increase the chance of a conversion, but you also get their email, providing you with the opportunity to market new products and offers to them in the future.

4. Offers for Following On Social Networks – One of the hardest parts of running a new online store is getting word out. Giving visitors and customers an incentive to share your store with their social circles can be an effective way to create some inexpensive word of mouth.

5. Referral Offers – People are much more likely to purchase from you if referred by a friend or family member. Use this to your advantage and use offers to encourage referrals. You can choose to give a deal to the person referring, the person being referred or both.

6. First Time Shopper Offer – Providing a first timers offer could be just the nudge those first-time visitor needs to be converted to a paying customer.

7. Volume/Cart Size Offer – An offer based on the total value of a shopping cart is an effective upselling tactic to encourage customers to spend more, increasing your average order size. A strategic way to incorporate this into your online store is to calculate your average order value for the previous few months and offer a discount or free shipping on all order 10-20% over your average order value.

8. Exclusive Social Offers – Exclusive offers on your social networks can be a great way to build a strong relationship with those that follow you as well as provide a reason for new people to follow and subscribe to your social channels, which will allow you to market to them in the future.

9. Customer Loyalty Offers – Rewarding customer loyalty can help build an even stronger bond while also only providing discounts to customers that already spend money with your online store. It can be as simple as sending your best customers a personal email with a discount or credit, using an automated email marketing plugin to send out email offers when someone makes a certain number of purchases from your store.

10. Influencer Offers (Bloggers, Celebrities etc.) – Partnering with influential people that have large audiences is a great way to increase exposure to your brand and by providing an exclusive offer to the influentials persons network, you’re more likely to convert their fans to your customers.

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