WooCommerce Advanced Shipping (WooCommerce)

Create multiple different shipping methods No programming knowledge required Easy-to-use conditional logic

Create multiple shipping methods with WooCommerce Advanced Shipping. You can set different pricing based on many different conditions.

You’ve got full control over the shipping costs to every country, state, city and zipcode. With that you can also set different rates per width, height, length and weight.

Full list of conditions: Subtotal Subtotal ex. taxes Tax Quantity Contains product Coupon Weight

Zipcode City State Country User role

Width Height Length Stock Stock status Category

Now you can create your own WooCommerce Shipping methods with different conditions/pricing without programming knowledge required.

Extra conditions Need some other condition which isn’t in there? There already has been made a lot of extensions for WooCommerce Advanced Shipping, or big chance we can build it for you! Just contact us if you need anything!

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