Woocommerce Anti Fraud (WooCommerce)

Easily detect fraudulent transactions on your woocommerce store.

We know that fraudulent transactions fuel a large sector of the ecommerce industry. When a fraudulent transaction made via your online store, as the store owner, you should act swiftly to:

  • Ensure your customer are not affected
  • Minimise hassles for you.
  • From that view, we developed “Woocommerce Anti Fraud” plugin to help you to pick up fraudulent transactions and by scanning and providing a score for each transaction made via your online store, catch them as they happen.

    Pre configured Rules:

    If a fraudulent transaction is detected, the plugin can be configured to perform one or more automated actions.

  • Cancel order
  • Hold Order
  • Without changing order status, notify store admin by email.
  • By using this plugin in your woocommerce store, you may assured a safer shopping experience for your customers and enables you to avoid hassles of unchecked fraudulent transactions.

    Risk score & advice:

    Its allows you to quickly evaluate the potential risk level of the transaction and act accordingly. Its work perfectly for provided per transactions.

    What’s difference between others plugin?

  • You can check rick level manually or automatically, where others plugin don’t have this feature
  • We use some proxy server to detect IP
  • It won’t conflict with other plugin
  • Our plugin can check PayPal, IP, Mail and work with any payment gateway in ninja style.
  • You can decide how this plugin will work for you, you can set the level etc
  • You can list your known and regular customer mail address in whitelist
  • Our plugin fights frauds more effectively and it’s cheaper
  • Checkouts without PayPal account will be protected
  • and some more feature…
  • Note: There are allot of plugin available out there, called Anti Fraud for woocommerce, but our plugin is quite different than others, because our plugin not only give you manual or automatic risk level, it will paypal mail and works with any gateway. If any payment found fraud, automatically our plugin cancel that order as well.
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