WooCommerce File Sharing & Message After Chekcout (Miscellaneous)

This plugin allow admin and client to communicate and share files. It adds a button under My Account page next to ‘View’ button order like:



On next page, order detail client can type message or even attach files. Once the file is sent an email notification is sent to admin. Existing messages and files are listed on same area like:



Admin can see these message(s) under each order page with files and reply to client. Email notification will also sent to client with direct URL to order page.

3-admin-messages 4-client-messages-inbox



  1. Set file thumb size
  2. Set file size in mb
  3. File upload button label
  4. File types control
  5. File count control
  6. Customize email template
  7. Customize message when message sent


Installation and Startup

Just download zip file and upload into plugins section of WordPress. Once it’s activated you can access it’s setting with WooUpload Menu like:

Filters for Developers

<b>add_filter(‘wooconvo_message_subject’, ‘your_subject’, 10,2);</b>

$ subject: string

$ order_id: int

Above filter can be used change email subject when a message is sent


<b>add_filter(‘wooconvo_view_order_text’, ‘your_order_text’);</b>

$ default: string

Above can change the default text on my account ‘View and Messages’


<b>add_filter(‘wooconvo_message_receivers’, ‘your_message_recievers’);</b>

$ to: an array

Above filters can be used to add more emails to receive notification.


<b>add_filter(‘wooconvo_render_attachments’, ‘your_file_attachment’, 10,2);</b>

$ html: string/html

$ files: all files in array

Above filter can be used to change file attachments view in existing messages


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