WooCommerce FollowUp Email Marketing Autoresponder (WooCommerce)

Turbocharge your email marketing strategy with a single purchase Email marketing outperforms social media 8 to 1! The Follow-up Emails extension is a powerful auto-responder and customer relationship tool. First, it can replace the built-in WooCommerce email communications to give you, the store owner, an indispensable customer relationship management tool. Second, it gives Sensei users the ability to build automated marketing campaigns for your Sensei quizzes, tests, and more! Follow-up Emails works with either plugin installed (Sensei only or WooCommerce only) or with both. It is your choice. Use this automated email follow up extension for WooCommerce and Sensei, and you will be able to consistently drive increased value for your customers, stay in touch, and build your relationships.

Key Features 1) One-time cost. No monthly or per-email costs. Unlimited sends. 2) Unlimited contacts. 3) Targeted emails to your customers and prospects 4) Automate emails, on your defined schedule 5) Fully supported, maintained, and updated 6) Easy to setup – no complicated integrations, APIs, or additional accounts 7) Easily create emails to manage your business communications with individuals directly from WooCommerce interface versus your email client 8) Offer discounts in your emails with integrated coupons 9) Full-featured reporting on email sends, opens, clicks, and communication by customer 10) Google Analytics integration 11) Numerous variables to allow you to integrate customer and order data into your emails

Turbocharge your communication strategy: The Follow-up Emails extension is a powerful email marketing auto-responder and customer relationship tool. Our solution automates your post purchase email campaigns enabling you to easily, and automatically, reach out to customers with a goal of keeping these customers active, and aware, of your brand.

With this plugin, you can define automated emails that will be delivered to your customer’s email inbox at defined intervals after they make purchases. Promote other products, promote special sales, or request reviews and offer discounts for those reviews by using Follow-up Emails in conjunction with the Review for Discount extension.

Product, Category, and Storewide Email Automation Settings Do all these things without any manual intervention. Simply define the emails once and they will continue to drive customers back to your site for weeks, months, and years to come.

Easy to create emails, but powerful options to guarantee success Get started with email marketing automation today, and learn for your business why research shows that email was the leader in conversions to sales in the second quarter of this year, with 4.25 percent, ahead of search at 2.49 percent and social at 0.59 percent.

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