Woocommerce gift card (WooCommerce)

The woocommerce gift card plugin enables admin create, sell gift card product, customer can buy gift card and send them to friends via email. The module add an gift card form in cart page, customers can redeem gift card. Admin can export gift card to pdf file.


  1. Create gift card Admin can create gift card product
  2. Price schemeThere are 3 type of price model for gift card: fixed price,choice from a price range or choice form several fixed prices.
  3. Redeem gift cardShopper can apply gift cards to the order both in cart page
  4. Send gift card to friendcustomer can send gift card to friend , the module will send email with information about gift card sender , gift card balance, gift card code, gift card’s expiry date and message. A pdf gift card is attached in email
  5. Manage gift cardFull backend control: create, edit, delete, change status of gift cards, and mores
  6. Export gift cards to pdfAdmin can configure how the gift card pdf is generate by setting a image as background .Perhaps it contains shop’s contact, telephone, term and condition of gift card

There are many options for admin to configure woocommerce gift card plugin

Admin can set up an email template to sending gift card notification email. Woocommerce gift card plugin support these variables

{{from_name}} : the gift card giver’s name
{{to_name}} the gift card receiver’s name
{{to_email}} the gift card receiver’s email
{{message}} the gift card giver’s message for gift card receiver
{{code}} the gift card code
{{balance}} the gift card balance
{{expired_at}} the gift card’s expiry date
{{store_url}} the store url
{{store_name}} the store name

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