Woocommerce Post Locker (WooCommerce)

This Plugin Allow you Lock your Post or Pages with WooCommerce Product, which means content will not be unlocked unless user purchase a product.

If you think your written content or knowledge is worth buying? Try this Post/Page Locker integrated with WooCommerce.

It checks to make sure the user is logged in, and has purchased that particular product before. If they have, they see the general post content. If they have not purchased they are then displayed a Restricted Content Message Set by Admin on Plugin Page with a buy now button for the product.


1) Offer Free Trials –

If you have any product or service, you could lock your content and ask visitors to sign up first for free trials. You can do the same with any other merchant product account but it is more recommended for your own products. After the free trial period is over, you can pitch them for paid full version.

2) Offer Memberships

If you are teaching any course, you can opt for content locking to gain memberships. If you are offering free memberships, you can combine it with any offer so that you still get to earn while offering free memberships. Later, you can monetize the memberships as well. Content Locking.

3) Give a Free eBook.

You can offer a free eBook for visitors to access after they complete a content locking gateway.


  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Lock Post Content.
  • Lock Page Content.
  • Different Product for each Post / Page.
  • Same Product for each Post / Page.
  • Custom Message for Restricted Areas.
  • Shortcode to display all purchased Posts by User.
  • Shortcode to display posts which can be purchased.
  • Ideas

  • – You May offer your buyers free content when they purchase Your Product.
  • – Use Shortcode to display them.
  • Updates

     - Added Shortcodes. 

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