Woocommerce Pre-orders (WooCommerce)

From now you can easily setup pre-orders in your store, so customers can order products before they are available. You can automatically or manually release and fill the orders when you’re ready and let the plugin handle the rest! The pre-order experience is fully customizable and supports both pre-orders charged upfront and pre-orders charged upon release.


  • Set an optional date and time when the product will be available
  • Automatically charge orders when the pre-order is available
  • Easily change the release date for a pre-order product
  • Email all customers who have pre-ordered a product
  • Cancel pre-orders if the product is no longer available
  • Easy filter your pre-orders with a custom “pre-order” order status
  • Works with simple & variable products
  • Optionally charge a fee for a pre-order
  • Customize the add to cart/place order buttons for pre-orders
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  • and some more, beyond your imagination.
  • What the difference ?

    We always try to create something very essential but in cheap price. From that view, this time we created an awesome extension for Wocoomerce to take pre-order in your store. We keep focus on Easy customization, Easy Management and on Automatically Charge or Manually charge. Others plugin may include this feature but they dont support all the payment gateway available out there like this extension. We use Javascrip and latest woocommerce hooks, to make its a smoth working extension. It will support latest WordPress and Woocommerce as well and offcourse we will update it frequently to make it more user friendly.

    All gateways support manual payments for this extension, where the customer is sent an email asking them to come back and pay for their pre-order when it’s released.

    If you want to enable automatic payments, please use our another plugin: Woocommerce Gateway Authorize Net CIM. Even you can use other payment gateway as well, if they support CIM (Customer Information Manager).

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