Woocommerce Rocket Pre Launch (Add-ons)

Rocket Prelaunch is a WordPress plugin which allow you to create beatiful prelaunch pages in your WordPress website. Rocket Prelauncher provides good interfaces with several templates, set your custom styles and unique layout, sharing your social media, and integrate your prelaunch with mailchimp plugin.

Features :

  1. Countdown
  2. Logo
  3. Logo Tagline
  4. Social sharing (FB, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, skype and many more)
  5. Email integrations (Mailchimp)
  6. 4 type of background style (color, image, video, image slider)
  7. 4 type of countdown style
  8. 5 Different layout
  9. Cutom color

You can see demos in this link

  • Demo 1
  • Demo 2
  • Demo 3
  • Demo 4
  • Demo 5

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