Woocommerce Ultimate PDF Invoice with QR Code (Products)

Plugin Features

Super Easy to Use

  • Install the Plugin
  • Go to Dashboard->Woocommerce->Ultimate PDF Invoice
  • Fill out the necessary Information
  • That’s it!

with QR Code!

In this smart-phone era, everyone’s got the time to scan a QR (if reading a whole bunch of buying information isn’t your thing). So, we have packed the most important data in a QR just for everyone. It contains following information:

  • Purchase Date
  • Purchased From
  • Purchased Amount

Beautiful UI by Codestar

We’ve used the cool guys’ framework, the Codestar framework in our plugin instead of designing raw so that you already feel at home! It’s presented with three different options:

  • General Settings: For filling up company Information
  • Format Invoice: For giving the invoice a personal look (more coming on updates)
  • Ecommerce Settings: For being more businessy (a ton more coming on updates)

Fully Integrated into WooCommerce

Every single information is harnessed using WooCommerce internal hooks and calls. Don’t believe us? Buy and see the codes for yourself! For any query, contact us at support.

Guest User Download!

If you are a beginner businessperson with little business idea, here’s a free tip for you. Your sale will increase by a factor of 3 (that’s three times more!) if you allow your customers to buy without being logged in AKA as a Guest (Google it, Amazon did and earned a 300 million dollar profit!).
So just for the sake of your higher sale, our plugin allows Guest User Invoice generation. Period.


  Version 1.0.0, October 24 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [+] Initaial Release  

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