WordPress Desktop Notifications by Emres (Utilities)


WordPress plugin, which allows sending notifications directly to user’s desktop screen, if even he minimized browser, or watching another site in another window. Desktop Notifications based on HTML5.Notifications, but work also in Mozilla, Opera, ect. and some other popular browsers, see more details here.

Our notifications can be fully customized, with images, text and audio. You can play any sound you like on Desktop Notifications not to let user pass it.

Desktop Notifications is great tool to improve your web site interactions with users: rise their uptime, page views, involve to comments and actions, turn back more often. Our plugin integrated to Woocommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress Activity plugin actions, that makes it useful for e-commerce issues. By “Desktop Notifications” you can increase cross-sales, up-sales and average purchases, sell more new goods and wakeup “sleeping” customers.


  • HTML5 Notifications
  • Simple install and usage
  • Various OS support (Windows, MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu, ect.))
  • Various browsers support (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, ect. see more here)
  • Unlimited number of notifications
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Notification customization: title, text, icon, audio, on click redirect
  • Duplicate notification protection
  • Integrated with Woocommerce, BuddyPress Activity, bbPress
  • Integrated with any WordPress plugin providing public post types
  • Triggers to customize notifications with inline data
  • More than 100 events variations to notify users:
    • WordPress mass notifications:
      • Post created, updated, trashed, ect.
      • Comments new/update
      • User register and login
    • WordPress personal notifications:
      • User’s posts publish, updated, commented, ect.
      • Comment moderated
      • User login/register
    • WordPress schedule notifications:
      • Time interval mass notifications
    • Woocommerce notifications:
      • On add to cart and proceed checkout
      • On “thank you” page
      • On new product
      • On update product
      • On trash product
    • bbPress notifications:
      • On new/update/trash Topics
      • On new/update/trash Replies
      • On new/update/trash Forums
    • BuddyPress Activity notifications:
      • Any activity posts: xprofile, friendship, regular acivities, group records
      • Read BuddyPress Activity documentation for more information
    • Any other plugins, that provide WordPress public post types

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