WordPress Publisher Autopilot (Utilities)

What system provides in lines ?

This system provides an innovative solution to help you in discovering and publishing the top trend and most shared content for your blog automatically through RSS/Atom feeds reading system or internet search. System reads these RSS feeds and retrieves it to your system, and if system could not find the readability content of some links, it uses a smart tool to analyze these links and retrieve its readability part like news details or article …etc. Finally, another important tool starts to analyze all these pages and trace it in social media sites and drive statistics from these sites like participation rate on Facebook or Twitter… etc. In the end your content is ready and organized according to its degree of importance so that you can easily publish it in one button click or publish it automatically through the system.

Key Features

  • Read and retrieve the contents of any RSS feeds
  • Search the internet using one word with the ability to customize searching for videos, articles, blogs, business articles, events, promotions, stores or the whole web
  • Smart system for tracing the related content in social sites to identify content of top importance for publishing
  • System for retrieving the readable content: if the material retrieved from a feeding a link or internet does not contain a suitable content, you can customize the option of retrieving the readable content of a blog, article or news…etc. for easy publishing
  • Option to activate or disable automatic publishing of any retrieved RSS feeds or internet search, to be published according to options that have been customized in advance
  • The system fully operates with scheduled tasks with smart distribution of loads on each task to avoid depletion of your server’s resources
  • Referring to intellectual property rights option when transferring any article from one source to another
  • The system allows disabling some of its components to save some resources for the server, such as disabling social follow up or retrieving readable content
  • Ability to save images of any content transferred to your server through automatically local download of these images
  • Possibility to identify the period of saving the content in the system’s archive
  • Ability to customize auto publishing of retrieved content, for example, publishing under certain sections, keywords and under status of published or draft.
  • Easy control of your resources with more powerful and flexible options
  • Brilliant and flexible control to manage all the retrieved content from the RSS resources that you added
  • Ability to organize the retrieved content according to the most spread, in addition to the ability to customize some search options according to a certain date range, keyword, or even the content of one of the resources
  • Ability to delete one of the resources individually or multiple
  • Quick view of content before publishing manually
  • Public publishing through identifying and publishing the materials in one click
  • The system alerts you when there is an error in reading one of the resources and notify the reasons
  • The system displays the time for updating each resource

Video Preview

Quick preview for system watch now on Youtube


You will find a documentation for the plugin here http://smartiolabs.com/product/wp-publisher-autopilot/documentation


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  • Note: Some features in control panel will be disabled for security reasons
  • User: admin
  • Password: demo

How to install?

Just upload plugin files to the specified folder and sure that Permalink system is enabled


  • WordPress release 3.0 or later
  • PHP version 5.2.3 or later
  • CURL library installed
  • DOMDocument class installed


We will be happy if you ask us for any help http://smartiolabs.com/support

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