WP Interactive voice response (IVR) (Advertising)

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WP Multi Level IVR Plugin V1.1.0


The WordPress Multi Level IVR Plugin comes with complete IVR solution to fulfill all your personal or commercial needs. Multi Level IVR is a fully integrated WordPress Plugin that allows its user to enhance customer support and product marketing to its best. The Plugin is compatible with all leading Internet browsers and allows the user to have complete benefit of the amazing features like IVR Assistance, Call Navigation and Menu Set Up, Call Forwarding, Call Recording and many other useful features. No matter if you are running a business big or small, the Plugin helps enhance your workability through its vast features and versatile multilingual as well as multi-accent text narration ability, regardless of your regional location. User can set up the IVR greetings in any language they want as Multi Level Plugin is completely customizable and adaptable. Plugin allows the user to handle a large number of calls at the same time without being confused between any of them. Now you can provide every caller the individual attention they need and never miss out at any call through the amazing call forwarding and call recoding setup, and keep a complete record about all the activities through detailed history reports.


  • Evident User Interface
  • Fast and Reliable
  • Compatible with All Browsers
  • Easy Installation Method
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Multilingual Greetings Options
  • Multi-Accent Greeting Options
  • Multimedia Audio Greeting Options
  • Compatible with MP3 Formatted Files
  • Voice Recording
  • Call Recording
  • Number Buying Setup
  • Area Code Specific Number Buying Option
  • Dynamic IVR Listing
  • Drag and Drop Widget Addition
  • Live Greetings Recording Option
  • Sends SMS During the IVR Call
  • Forwards E-Mail During the IVR Call
  • Call Forwarding with Whisper Message
  • Evident Menu Setup
  • Automated Questioning and Poll Setup
  • Call Hang Up Option
  • One Click Audio Listing and Playing
  • One Click Audio Recording and List generation
  • Detailed History and Activities Reports
  • .

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