WP Sales Tracking – Track Your WooCommerce Revenue (WooCommerce)

Track Revenue for your Sales Representatives and Organizations


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WP Sales Tracking is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives your WooCommerce store the ability to track revenue generated by sales representatives and organizations. It makes it easy to determine how much to pay your sales reps for their commissions.

Easy access to our beautiful front-end dashboard allows both the store owner and sales rep to confirm proper payments are made over any timeframe. So there won’t be any more confusion about whether a sales rep’s commission is accurate.

Sometimes multiple sales reps work for organizations with administrators who want to track revenue at the organization level. So, we created an Organizational Administrator role which has the ability to track all the revenue their company is responsible for.

We understand your need for privacy. That’s why we created individualized views for each role. Sales reps will only see revenue from customers that have been assigned to them. Organizational Administrators will only see revenue totals for sales reps that are a part of their company.

Let’s look at an example to see how the plugin works. Assume Bobby, Sue and George are sales representatives for Company A and Ophelia Admin is the administrator. Jim Flowers is the administrator for Company B with Ted working as their sales representative.

When Bobby, Sue, George or Ted log in and view the dashboard, they’ll see the revenue attributed to them for whichever period of time they choose. Bobby will only see his revenue. He will not see Sue or George’s. Sue, George & Ted will have the same experience.

When Ophelia logs in and views the dashboard, she will see the total revenue attributed to Company A for whichever period of time she chooses. This means she will see the revenue from Bobby, Sue and George. Jim will have the same experience for Company B.

When the store owner logs in and views the dashboard, they will see the total revenue for all sales reps from Company A as well as all sales reps from Company B.

We hope you enjoy the plugin!

Please let us know if you have suggestions in the comments section.


     v1.0.0 released 11/9/2015     - Initial public release     

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