Xtreme Gallery | Upgrade WordPress Gallery (Galleries)

Xtreme Gallery is a plugin which will allow you to create awesome slider substituting the default wordpress gallery. You are creating the gallery like you normally would, but the difference is in the possible options and the result look.

You can select multiple and different effects for the desktop and for the mobile devices.

When you are creating the gallery you have tons of options to play with, and all of them have their default values so you do not need to spend hours in learning what does what, and you can create the awesome looking slider under the 30 seconds. Later on you can come back and change the options if you would like.

Main features

  • Default values for all options.
  • Add from WP editor.
  • Add from widgets.
  • Add from visual composer.
  • Build gallery as you normally would.
  • 700+ image transition effects
  • 600+ google fonts for the captions.
  • 30+ gallery styles to change the buttons to suite any website.
  • Pie loader, bar loader, or none.
  • Different positions for the loader.
  • Different colors, sizes, backgrounds for the loader.
  • Pagination with thumbnails or the bullets, or both
  • Change captions size, font, font color, background.
  • Choose from 8+ different captions entering effects.
  • Crop or use different sizes of the images.
  • Align the non cropped images.
  • Set delay between slides.
  • Select the slide on which to apply the transition effect.
  • Set time duration of the transition.
  • Set image and thumbnail sizes.
  • Select different effects for the mobile and desktop devices.
  • Show / hide buttons.
  • Show / hide captions.
  • Show / hide navigation.
  • Auto play.
  • And much, much more options to play with.

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