SS WooCommerce Ajax Filters (Products)

SS WooCommerce Ajax Filters (SSWCAF) is a simple yet powerful WordPress plugin created for Ajax Filtering of WooCommerce products. The plugin works seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce and any decently coded theme. The plugin lets you filter products based on multiple attributes, price range, publish date, popularity, average rating, etc., all in one ajax call. i.e. users can choose multiple filters at once and hit the “Apply” button to get desired result. It works differently in a way that no multiple queries are sent for each attribute or filter parameter.

Check the left sidebar on Live Demo for filter widgets and their working.

How it works

SSWCAF comes with four built in widgets (Attributes, price range, sorting order and reset all). Using these widgets you can place as many instances of attributes as needed. For example, consider three widget instances for color, size and brand attribute. Your visitor can choose color, brand, size and then hit the button to show products which match these three criteria. The benefit is that visitor will not have to run the query three times for each of these attributes.If no results are found, use can uncheck some of those attributes and run the query again.

Key features

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.4+ and WooCommerce 2.5+
  • Works with all standard themes and decently coded premium themes
  • 4 built in widgets (Attribute filters, Price range, Sorting options, Reset all)
  • AJAX product query based on filter entities selected
  • AJAX load more button for product archives and shop page
  • Custom Price range feature for creating unlimited price range sets
  • Reset or Apply all filters at once
  • Per widget show or hide action buttons
  • Attributes query can be set as AND or OR from widget options
  • Material design style preloader spinner
  • Built in option for custom preloader image
  • Localization ready with sample .po and .mo files
  • Filter arguments based on native WooCommerce functioning
  • Works on all modern browsers and IE9+ that support history API
  • Step by step documentation guide for plugin setup and configuration
  • Optional Session Storage feature (This feature is optional and shall not be considered as one of the advertised features. Session storage is still not supported by some browsers so it may be removed if doesn’t work well).

Plugin Support

All support is provided via comments section and email. For any questions related to the plugin or general query, feel free to email me from my profile page message box, or comment on the item comments section. I would be glad to respond. Thank you for browsing the plugin.

Important: The data and images shown in live demo are not included in plugin. They are only for demonstration purpose.


jQuery library (as shipped with WordPress)
Material Design Icons

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Live Ajax Site Search – Sumo Search WP Plugin (Miscellaneous)

Try out Sumo Search in a live environment first before you buy

Add an intuitive and quick live ajax search overlay to your whole site.

When performing a search on your website, what normally happens is after you enter your search terms and hit enter, your page reloads in order to display your search results. This is not a very user friendly experience.

The aim of Sumo Search is to make searching a fast and seamless experience for your users.

Sumo Search integrates into your website by optionally adding a search button on all your pages. People can also search right away by typing anywhere in your site. If you have existing search input fields in your site, Sumo Search integrates into those as well in order to display search results without the need for loading another page.

We use Ajax to display search results as you are typing so you can find what you need right away. No need to hit the enter key or click on the search button. The search results are also cached by Sumo Search so that repeated search terms will be faster.

Sumo Search also respects your browser’s history. This means that when you do a search then visit a link from your search, when you click on your browser’s back button, you will go back to the page you were from and your previous search results will still be there. So if your visitor didn’t find what they’re looking for in their first search result, they can easily go back and view the other search results and check another page.

If you want more relevant search results, Sumo Search integrates well with Relevanssi – a free WordPress plugin from the plugin repository.

Full Feature Set

  • Full screen search overlay
  • Live ajax search results as you type
  • Caches your search results using transients
  • Settings are in the Customizer for live previewing
  • Uses the new History API, so that when you hit on the back button, your previous search results will be displayed for a seamless searching experience
  • Integrates into your site by:
    • Placing a search button in all your pages, and/or
    • Show Sumo Search by typing anywhere, and/or
    • Intercepting inputs from existing search fields
  • Displays your title, post type, excerpt and featured images. You can opt to turn any of these off/on
  • Customizable fonts, colors and design
    • Choose from 600+ Google Fonts or use your theme’s fonts
    • 5 Search & 5 close icons to choose from
    • Color pickers with transparency pickers
    • Results box paddings, border radius, background colors, etc
    • Pick whether to show your featured images, post titles, post types and post excerpts
  • Choose from a variety of search and close icons
  • Responsive
  • Integrates well with Relevanssi
  • WordPress standards

To ThemeForest WP Theme Developers

You can just include this item as a plugin which your customer can install and active along with your theme.

If you want to include this item in your ThemeForest WordPress theme, please purchase an extended license and let us know in your support page.

Live WordPress sandboxes are provided by the awesome WP Demo

Having Trouble with the Plugin?

Head over to the support tab and check out the FAQs, or submit a support ticket!

Enjoying the Plugin?

Be sure to leave a rating and review and show us some love.

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Video & Parallax Backgrounds For Visual Composer

CSS Animator add-on for Visual Composer

4k Icons add-on for Visual Composer


Version 1.0

* Initial release

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Mega Search : Advanced Live Ajax Search Plugin (WordPress)

Mega Search is a Live Ajax Search Plugin for wordpress. It has a unique concept with more than 200 options to match the serch box and result box with your idea. It is a MUST HAVE plugin for every wordpress site.
you can use it in pages, posts, widget or anywhere you want, also you can use it as default search of your theme.

Key Features

  • Clean Design
  • Support all posts/Custom posts/Woocommerce
  • Set / Replace with WordPress Default Search
  • Display 4 Types of layout
    • General Layout
    • Fullscreen Layout
    • Popup Layout
    • Sticky Layout
  • Section : You can split Result Box to 4 sections and set Static Content or Dynamic Content For it
  • More than 15+ section pattern for result box
  • Set Manual Data for Each Section
  • Fetch Post/Custom Post for Each Section
  • All Shortcodes are Supported in Manual Data : You can add a shortcode for section content as manual data. such as : Contact Form 7, Visual Composer Shortcodes and etc.
  • Apply Search in multipe post/Custom post in a time
  • Display Items in 4 types for each section :
    • Grid View (Boxed/Outer Description)
    • List View
    • Grid View in Carousel Mode
    • List View in Carousel Mode
  • Items Settings :
    • 1- Items Fields Option : You can Show/Hide fields of items. Show/hide title, Thumbnail, meta tag.
    • 1- Custom fields of Product : Sale Banner, Featured Banner, Price and ‘Add to Cart’ Button
    • 2- Custom fields of Post/Other Custom Posts: Author, Date and Comment.
  • Item Layout : Set custom color and font for Items, Thumbnail, Title, Meta tags, Excerpt and Background overlay.
  • Add ‘Show More Button’ for each section
  • Set ‘Show More’ Page for each section separatly
  • Set Title for each Section with typography options
  • Set Background for each Section (Color/Image)
  • Use as Default Value : There are 2 types of actions when you focus on search textbox.
    • 1- The result box appear when textbox focused (Please check this field to activate this type)
    • 2- The result box appear when textbox focused and type some text (You can set number of characters in Search Setting)
  • Minimum Settings : Set Minimum Character To Start Search (Default = 3)
  • Search Target Field : you can specify search in Title, Content, Excerpt and Custom fields. (Default = title)
    Note If you want to search in custom fields you should add them in related field.
  • Manual Result : Set your manual content. This will be displayed when there is no result for search.
  • Statistics Sometime you need to get feedback from your search. Exp : Which one of text searched more !
    Mega Search save “Keywords” that has been searched and display them as Grid/pie Chart/Bar Chart/ Line Chart.
  • Autocomplete
    • Autocomplete Source : Your suggestion words can be fetch from Post/Custom post title or Statistics.
    • Post Type(s) : Add your Post/Custom post for autocomplete source.
  • Customization Search Box Layout : Such as : Direction, Fonts Options, Background Settings, Placeholder, Width, Height, Border, Border Radius, Icon and etc.
  • Customization Result Box Layout : Such as : Width, Height, Padding, Border, Box Shadow, Border Radius, Backgroudn Settings and etc.
  • Set Background for Result Box (Color/Image)
  • 600+ Google Fonts included
  • 500+ Font Awesome Icons included
  • Horizontal Section(s)
  • Vertical Section(s)
  • 1 Coulmn, 2 Columns, 3 Columns and 4 Columns for Result Box
  • HTML, CSS3, JQuery

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Cube | Infinite Ajax Load Vanilla 2 Theme (Vanilla)

Cube is First Fully responsive and Retina ready Vanilla AJAX theme built on very powerful and flexible frameworks. This theme makes your forum look very professional even with only small number of Discussions. It’s clean design and yet flexible effects and settings let you to take the most out of your new theme and present a different and unique result for yourself or your client.

Since December 2014, We plan to create a new high quality item. So we’ve gathered ideas and wrote it on paper. All features should be quite good, Appearance And Functions. Initially Avatars and Forms was most important and all that was upgraded to modern styles. Then categories and activities page, all entry pages, user settings, messages page, search, posting and all pages that the user experience it. We serve JQuery libraries and Many PHP commands to make this theme. After 3 months of tireless efforts We Named it ‘Cube’ because of its high Capacity and Beauty.

Discussions Ajax Load — Show more discussions without the need for a postback or a complete page refresh/Pagination.
Theme Options — Modify colors simply and quickly
Fully Responsive — Your Community properly displayed in all devices
Unique Flat Design — Minimalist, Great typo and colors
Retina Display — Support High Resolution without loss of quality
Based on Bootstrap 3.3 — Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first web sites.
Index Photos Compatibility — Show Avatars With Infinite Beauty On Homepage
SEO Optimized Codes — Effective search engine optimization
Change Browsers Default Styles — Checkboxes, RadioButtons, Inputs, Tables
Fully Compatible With Vanilla Social Connect — Let your members register or login with their social network accounts, Also you can put your social links on footer
Sidebar and Footer Widgets — Create your widget easily and put images, html codes, newsletters, etc.
Smarty Functions — Add more features to your vanilla forums
Fontawesome 4.2 — Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized
Browsers Compatible — Supports the current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari
100% Valid and Clean code — It is important to have valid code on your Web pages. Web browsers are very forgiving with bad code, This theme is clean and valid.
Multilingual — Support All Languages
119 Edited Pages — Custom Login Page,Profile, Discussions, and All
Html5,Css3 — Core technology markup language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web
Pure CSS
Google Fonts API — Hundreds of free, open-source fonts optimized for the web.
SVG Images — Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. The SVG specification is an open standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium
Well Documented — Provides official information and help
Lifetime Support — Free Updates and Support for ever

Thank you for purchasing one of our themes! Please finish all Install steps completely and DO Settings according to the documents. If you have any problems/questions please feel free to steam#contact”>contact us.

Your feedback goes a long way towards making our products even better. With a support request, you can also submit bug reports or request enhancements from developer.

Design is our passion and development is our expertise, and these qualities combined with sound strategy are what set us apart within the industry. Our customer service and deep commitment to our client relationships are just the icing on the cake. We work collaboratively with our clients every step of the way, immersing ourselves in the inner workings of the company and the critical challenges and strengths of each project.

We are looking forward to receiving your reviews and feedback about our product and very keen to hear it. Here you can send it to us — Your rating appreciated.

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Multiple Social Ajax Poll

“Multiple Social Ajax Poll” is a web application which is written using PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX. This script is used for creating, managing and embedding your polls. To protect the result of voting poll, this script suggests two ways: voting by IP address (one IP address can only vote once) and voting by user’s account of website (one user can only vote once). To see what script can do, view below its features:


• Create your poll and embed on any website for voting

• Support loads multiple polls on the same page.

• Create unlimited polls, unlimited answers.

• Support choosing multiple answers when voting.

• Support sharing your poll to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest.

• Support admin panel, you can manage polls (create, update, delete, view, search, statistic polls) , manage users (create, update ,delete ,view, search)

• Secure poll with IP restriction or User’s account restriction (User can only vote one time based on his/her IP address or his/her account on website run this poll script).

• Support multiple browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE6+



• Frontend:

• Backend:

– URL:

– Username: admin

– Password: admin

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WooCommerce Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination (WooCommerce)

“WooCommerce Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination ” is a WordPress(WooCommerce) plugin to convert default product pagination into Infinite Scroll or Ajax pagination with WooCommerce Lazy Load. When a user scrolls towards the bottom of the page, the next page of products are automatically retrieved and appended. This means they never need to click “Next Page”.

You can also add “Load More” button instead of Infinite Scroll or you can keep default pagination as is and convert it into Ajax Pagination.

Lazy load available for WooCommerc ethumbnail images. You can enable lazy load to improve speed and seo.

Different Demos


  • Available Pagination Options
    • Infinite Scroll
    • Infinite Scroll with Load More Button
    • Ajax Pagination
  • Different Pagination Type for small devices (Eg: Infinite Scroll in desktop and Load More Button in Mobile device).
  • Break Point pixel settings available to convert pagination type in small devices.
  • Lazy Load option available for WooCommerce thumbnails.
  • Convert default pagination to Infinite Scroll
  • Infinite Scroll with Load More Button
  • Simple Ajax Pagination available
  • Works with WooCommerce. Just install and enjoy.
  • Products per page option available
  • Option to change product placeholder image
  • 130 Different Animation styles available and counting…
  • Import / Export function available
  • Works with masonry and isotope grid layout
  • Custom selector for custom themes
  • Option to change loader image
  • Option to add custom class
  • Fully customizable option
  • Callback functions available from admin side
  • For Simple Ajax Pagination Scroll Top option available
  • Browser history management for Ajax Pagination
  • Cross Browser compatibility

Admin Screens

Admin Screen

Import/Export Screen


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Email: or

Write Us:


Codecanyon | Facebook | Twitter | Google +

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Magic Grid: Product Display+Custom Ajax Filtering (Exchange)

Key Features

  • Clean Design
  • Responsive Layout
  • Multi Language Support
  • Advanced Product Grid
  • Advanced Product Archive
  • Advanced Ajax Search
  • Advanced Build Query
  • Advanced Search Form with Custom Fields
  • Fetch Product Based on Categories/Custom Taxonomies and Individual Ids.
  • Display Customize fields in items.
  • Display Customize fields in items.
  • Unlimited Preset Layout.
  • Use Grid/Search in Widget Area
  • Some Fetch Product Options
    • Fetch All Products
    • Fetch via Custom Query
    • Hidden Recent Product(s)
    • Include/Exclude some Categories/Custom Taxonomies or Individual Ids in Query
  • 5 Different Search Position
    • Top of Page (Enable/Disable toggle for this type)
    • Left Side Sticky
    • Right Side Sticky
    • Popup Search
    • In Sidebar as Widget
  • 4 Different Pagination
    • Horizontal Page Number (Display in Top/Bottom of items)
    • Vertical Page Number (Display in Right/Left of items)
    • “Show More” Button
    • Infinite Scroll
    • Pagination Options
      • Display Horizontal Pagination in Top/Bottom of items
      • Display Vertical Pagination in Right/Left of items
      • Multi Preset for Pagination
      • Set Customize Color
  • 4 Different Layout
    • General Grid
      • Fit Row/Column Grid
      • Different Size Grid
      • Different Pattern Size
      • Boxed Grid with Multi Overlay Effect & SVG
      • Outer Description Grid with Multi Overlay Effect & SVG
    • List View
    • Colorize Grid
    • Table View
    • Pagination Options
      • Display Horizontal Pagination in Top/Bottom of items
      • Display Vertical Pagination in Right/Left of items
      • Multi Preset for Pagination
      • Set Customize Color
  • Layout Options
      Show/Hide item’s fields such as : View Details, Title, Star, Meta Data, Excerpt and Etc.
  • Show/Hide “Add to Favorite” Icon and Button
  • Show/Hide “Share Icon”
  • Show/Hide “Send To” icon
  • Thumbnail Size & Excerpt Length
  • Box Effect
  • Image Effect
    • Second Product Image
    • Zoom In
    • Zoom Out
    • Gray Scale
  • Box Shadow, Item Background, Background Overlay
  • Button Options
  • Font Options : General Fonts, Price font, Meta Data Font and Etc.
  • Other Options
    • Custom Loading Settings
    • Favorite Box Settings
    • Search Box Settings
  • And More ….
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    WooCommerce Catalog Mode with Ajax Popup Inquiry (WooCommerce)

    SW Product Catalog – WooCommerce Catalog Mode Complete Pack with Popup Ajax Inquiry Form, is WooCommerce add-on plugin. You can ready your catalog site with few clicks. Fully functional settings. You can customize your catalog page, product details page, Popup Ajax Inquiry Form button, Custom button from plugin settings page.

    If you would like to WooCommerce catalog complete solution, this is for you.


    Catalog Page
    – Hide/Display Product Price
    – Hide/Display Star Ratings
    – Hide/Display Ajax Popup Inquiry button
    – Hide/Display Custom button
    – Hide/Display Product Ordering Filter
    – Hide/Display Product Counts text
    – Hide/Display Sale Badge

    Product Details Page
    – Hide/Display Product Price
    – Hide/Display Star Ratings
    – Hide/Display Add to cart
    – Hide/Display Description Tab
    – Hide/Display Reviews Tab
    – Hide/Display Related Products
    – Hide/Display Ajax Popup Inquiry button

    Ajax Popup Inquiry or Request a Quote Form
    – Custom Form email supported
    – Cc, Bcc options supported
    – WordPress Site Administrator email supported
    – Ajax Submit with proper way
    – Smooth and Clean Design
    – Responsive Design
    – html5, jQuery and WordPress php validation
    – All modern browser supported

    Custom Button and Inquiry Form button
    – Custom button text
    – Button Style Choosing options
    – Preset CSS Class Supported
    – Color Picker
    – Custom Button supports Product details page or External link

    Plugin Settings Page
    – WordPress Settings API used
    – Smooth, User friendly settings page
    – WordPress native color picker used for load faster
    – wp_mail used for Inquiry form
    – Proper options in right way

    – WordPress Hooks used in right way
    – WordPress native jQuey used to load faster and avoid confliction
    – Splitted large function into multiple small functions to load faster and easy customization


    – WordPress
    – WooCommerce Plugin
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    WP Ajax Messages System (Utilities)

    WP Ajax Messages System is a private messages system plugin for wordpress that allows you to interact with your wordpress users and according to those yours roles

    • Contacts based on users roles
    • Instant Filter Contacts
    • Instant Read Messages
    • Instant Send Messages
    • Instant Delete Messages
    • Built Using Bootstrap 3.X
    • Responsive

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    Delighted Flat Ajax Bootstrap 3 Dashboard (Admin Templates)


    1. Built on AJAX.
    2. Built on LESS for faster and more efficient coding.
    3. Built on Twitter Bootstrap 3.0
    4. Layered PSD available for entire theme
    5. Flexible Layouts and more user friendly
    6. Draggable Portlets
    7. Unlimited Colorful Themes
    8. Menu available on leftside bar and top navbar
    9. Handful of Widgets and Animations/li>
    10. Flat , Clean and Responsive Admin Template
    11. Working chat Box
    12. 900+ Icons
    13. User friendly navigation through search box
    14. Retina Ready
    15. Unlimited hierarchy menu
    16. Fully Documented
    17. Profiles with User activity and posts
    18. Enhanced Invoice, Mailbox and Profile pages
    19. Bunch of jquery plugins
    20. Profile with Timeline, two types of recent feeds
    21. Data Tables with sorting and filtering
    22. Login,Signup,Lockscreens provided with full screen background
    23. Info Boxes with “color change ” flexibility
    24. Calendar with drag, drop, click , selectable events
    25. Five different plugins for charts
    26. Live charts
    27. Form Wizard and Validations
    28. Multiple Form upload with drag & drop and upload progress
    29. Bunch of variations in bootstrap progressbars
    30. Notifications with two types of jquery plugins ( noty & gritter)
    31. Drag and drop, markable todo list widget
    32. Virtual OnScreen Keyboard


    • Dashboard
    • Portlets
    • Delighted Gold
      • Tasks
      • Inbox
      • Profile
      • Invoice
      • Timeline
      • Animations
      • Notifications
      • Delighted Wiki
    • Typography
    • UI Kits
      • General Elements
      • Buttons
      • Tree View
      • Jquery UI
      • Nestable Lists
      • Extended Zoom
    • Components
      • Form Elements
      • Form Layouts
      • Form Validations
      • Form Wizards
      • Dropzone
      • Image Crop
      • File Manager
      • Grid
      • Tables
      • Calendar
      • Gallery
      • WYSIWYG Editor
    • Delighted Pages
      • Login (2)
      • Register (2)
      • Forgot Password (2)
      • Lock Screen (2)
      • 404
      • 505
    • Graphs
      • Flot Charts
      • Morris charts
      • Chart JS
      • NVD3 Charts
    • Icons
      • Glyph Icons
      • Ion Icons
      • Font Awesome
    • Unlimited Menu
    • Icons


    Version 1.1 (CURRENT)

    Version 1.0

    • Initial Release


    Images included in the live site are only for demo purpose and are not included in the downloadable files. The ownership remains with the respective image owners.
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