OmniPay for Easy Digital Downloads – Stripe, PayPal, WePay, Braintree, Authorize.Net (eCommerce)

OmniPay for Easy Digital Downloads is a payment extension that bundles several payment gateways together with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for the gateways set up and management.

When you buy OmniPay for EDD, you get over six (6) payment gateway for the price of one, providing your store to accept payment via over six(6) payment processors such as Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, WePay, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout.

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  • Accept payments via PayPal Express and PayPal PRO
  • Accept payments via 2Checkout
  • Accept payments via Stripe
  • Accept payments via Authorize.Net
  • Accept payments via WePay
  • Accept payments via Braintree
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Quick and easy to get up-and-running.
  • Saves you money.
  • No technical skills needed.
  • Lots of Actions and Filter hooks for easy tweaking and customization.

CodeCanyon new WordPress items for Arforms (Forms)

ARForms has new extension which accept payment via Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. ARForms Authorize.Net plugin integrates your form entries and payment in a single process. You can charge customers with Dynamic amount instantly after form submission from ARForms.

You need to just create a form with ARForms, Configure it with Authorize.Net and its all done. You can setup Authorize.Net payment within no time!

Plugin Features:

  • Easiest and fastest Authorize.Net setup
  • Authorize.Net Subscription Method supported
  • Conditional Payment – Accept payment only after defined condition becomes true
  • Transaction Notifications after successfull payment
  • View Complete Transaction and filtering facility
  • Ability to collect customer information for shipping and billing
  • Premium support available
  • Dynamic Pricing

CodeCanyon new WordPress items

WP Online Contract Payments (Add-ons)

NOTE: This addon requires our WP Online Contract plugin to function. This addon only allows payments to be processed using when used along side our plugin.

WordPress Online Contract is the original plugin that allows you to create, manage, and save contracts online through WordPress. You can customize contracts using flat text files and short codes and view revisions of your existing contracts. Give your clients a way to view and sign your contracts online in one place.

In conjunction with our WP Onine Contract, our addon plugin allows you to not only create contracts and have them viewed and signed online but allows your clients to make payments through payments gives you an alternative way to collect payment on your contracts instantly as soon as your clients sign. Get paid and secured quicker with payments.

Change Log

Current Version: Version 1.0

Authorize.Net Payment Terminal WordPress (eCommerce)

Authorize.Net Payment Terminal WordPress is a wordpress plugin designed to make it easy for you to accept payments and subscriptions on your wordpress site. You can create services (one-time or recurring, with trial periods) and assign them to payment buttons which then can be placed anywhere on your site. There are 42 pre-set button designs for you to choose from, or you can use our button generator and create your unique personal button. We’ve also added 369 FontAwesome icons which can be placed on the buttons.

Another great feature which we’ve added is “Sync from Authorize.Net” option. Let’s say you subscribed a customer to monthly payments through our plugin. Usually, the next customer charge (in a month or etc) would not appear in your application, however, by adding “sync from Authorize.Net” functionality – you can easily load transactions, which are not recorded in your database. So, by syncing – you will have all customers recurring charges in one place. This will allow to add proper reporting tools a bit later to this product. Please keep in mind that this is first version. We will be happy to hear your suggestions and ideas for improvements.


+ securely accept credit cards information without storing it on your server
+ accept payments on any page / post
+ one time payments
+ recurring payments
+ trial periods
+ unlimited services addition
+ super easy installation
+ transactions viewer with filters.
+ filter transactions by date period
+ sort and search transaction list
+ sync transactions from Authorize.Net (recurring transactions will appear in wp admin if synced)
+ 42 pre-set button designs
+ very customizable button generator (adjust colors, select button corners, edit text, add icon, icon color)
+ 369 button icons (by
+ create services (one-time payments, recurring payments)
+ assign services to buttons or
+ pre-set button payment amount or
+ let your customers enter their own amount on checkout
+ optional comments field (turn on/off per button)
+ optional lightbox popup (tunr on/off per button)
+ user buttons as shortcodes OR as a widget (Widget allows to display generated button)
+ option to cancel recurring subscription from within wordpress admin (with notification to client/customer)
+ credit card type guesser
+ javascript credit card validations
+ php credit card validations (for no-js fallback)
+ new payment confirmation email for administrator with full customer information (except sensitive card information of course)
+ “payment received” confirmation email for customer
+ easy switch between Test environment and Live environment

+ much more to come (we have several ideas for this product, and we’re always open for suggestions from you guys!)


27 June 2014
Initial release

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CodeCanyon new WordPress items SIM Payment Form for WordPress (WP e-Commerce)

The Authorize.Net Server Integration Method (SIM) provides a secure payment form to make integration easy for WordPress merchants that do not have an SSL certificate. You need to have Authorize.Net merchant account. You do NOT need to have an SSL (secured certificate) with this plugin. This plugin will give your WordPress website the ability to accept payments without the need of a shopping cart.

CodeCanyon new WordPress items