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  • backDetect : jQuery Plugin to detect Click on Back Button

    jQuery backDetect is a jQuery plugin that is used to determine when a user clicks the back button and fire a callback function. Read More Demo Download Download backDetect : jQuery Plugin to detect Click on Back Button from Webostock Marketplace. Webostock Marketplace Shortlink http://thesetemplates.info/webostock/backdetect-jquery-plugin-to-detect-click-on-back-button/

  • WooCommerce – Cart reminder for returning visitors – Welcome Back Buyer (WooCommerce)

    Features When a buyer or customer comes back to your store… .. the customer will never forget his cart of his last visit. The cart is full of wonderful stuff and he will checkout as soon as possible. Otherwise, he can close the dialog and go on with his shopping tour. After how many hours […]

  • WooCommerce Back In Stock Notifier (WooCommerce)

    Back In Stock Notifier Plugin is an extension of WooCommerce Plugin used to notify by email the users who subscribed for Back In Stock Notification, when the product comes Back In Stock. Features Automatically notify by email when product comes Back In Stock. Turn the interested visitors into customers using the Back In Stock Notifier. […]