Easy Video Background WP (WordPress)

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Easy Video Background gives you the possibility to add video across your website with no effort. The script automatically picks the most optimal video format taking the browser where it is being run in, and has a built in image fallback for mobile devices where it is not possible to have video. Furthermore, if the user’s system does not support the HTML5 video tag, a Flash fallback will become active.

  • “Plug and play” wordpress plugin
  • Youtube and native video support
  • Mobile image fallback
  • HTML5 with Flash fallback or other way around by option
  • Fixed positioning (follows page scrolling)
  • Absolute positioning (inside a div)
  • Maintains aspect ratio and centers video
  • Control functions such as pause, play, mute toggle, and more
  • Works in every major browser

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Vc_Row Background Pro for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

Vc_Row Background Pro is a premium multi-purpose plugin for creating amazing ang beautiful backgrounds. Use images, videos and included overlays and separators.


– Minified Production + Source Code – Comprehensive and Interactive Documentation – WordPress Plugin – Excellent Customer Support

Main Features

– Easy integration to any site – Different separators with shadows – Background image modes: cover, contain, fixed, repeat. – Background video modes: speed, loop, muted. – Parallax: horizontal and vertical. – 15 overlay images – Unlimited styles and colors – IE9+ support(IE8 particle support) – Fully Responsive – Highly optimized code – Retina screens support – Simple Settings to design any style – Mobile and Touch Support – Extremely Comprehensive Documentation – No Complicated HTML Structures – Rigorously Tested on Actual Devices for Real World Performance Metrics – Excellent Authors Experience over 10 years

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WP Background Takeover Advertisements (Advertising)

The WP Background Takeover plugin for WordPress makes it easy to enable wallpaper advertisements on your site.

Run wallpaper advertisements / homepage skins on your site just like the big fashion, gaming, tech, and gossip websites.

MORE INFORMATION: http://www.wpsite.net/wp-background-takeover

Why You Need WP Background Takeover Plugin

  1. Advertising – Display homepage takeovers or wallpaper advertisements on your website. Schedule them for as long as your advertisers request with automatic expiration. Make money!
  2. Promote Products – Use the high click-through rate (CTR) and visibility of homepage takeovers / background ads to drive traffic to specific products you want to promote.
  3. Get More Followers – Drive more traffic to your social media profiles to increase followers and likes. Guaranteed to boost your social engagement!
  4. Landing Pages – Test your landing pages by getting more traffic directly to internal pages. Get more leads by driving traffic to your contact page, or get more subscribers by leading visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

WP Background Takeover Plugin

The WP Background Takeover plugin allows you to manage multiple background images that can be used for many various purposes (you can get very creative with this plugin!). We have included all of the necessary features to make sure that your website can become a marketing and ad revenue-generating machine. From scheduling, to style options, to assigning ads to custom post-types, you can manage multiple background takeover spots at once.

Schedule Ads / Automatic Expiration

You can schedule your ads as well as rate their priority from Low to High (in case multiple ad spots are competing for the background takeover at the same time). To schedule ads, simply provide the start and end dates.

Display Ads on Any Post, Category, Page, or Site-wide

Want custom advertisements based on a specific post or category? What about custom ads only for a specific tag or post type? Don’t fret because this plugin lets you select exactly where to display which background takeover advertisement. It also takes into account competing ads through a priority setting.

This is the only background takeover plugin that allows you to link the left and right rails to distinct URLs. That’s right – click the left side and visitor is sent to URL-1, and click the right side and visitor is sent to URL-2. We’ve thought of everything to make your wallpaper ads super powerful!

Control Background Styles

You can set the background color displayed behind your advertisement, decide whether to have the image scroll with the page or remain fixed, and select background repeat options.

BONUS: PSD Template to Create Your Own Background Takeover Ad

You’ll be itching to create your own takeover ads once you see the power of this advertising plugin, so we created a simple PSD Template to make it easier. It’s FREE and included in the plugin zip file.

Created by Experienced Webmasters

We work frequently with large, high-traffic fashion, tech, and gaming blogs and some are running this very plugin. It simply works!

We plan on adding more features to make Background Takeover advertising easy so don’t hesitate to purchase this premium plugin. If you have any issues, simply ask us on our support forum and we’ll handle it. Buy from trusted developers who stand behind their products.

SUPPORT: http://www.wpsite.net/forums/forum/wp-background-takeover

If you want to see what else we’re up to, check out http://www.wpsite.net – And don’t forget to rate this item the 5-stars that it deserves.

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Responsive Full Width Background Slider (WordPress)

About this plugin

Thinking for a plugin which enable you to enclose your image collection or showcase your images in a very clean way to demonstrate it with a great effect. This plugin is very useful at various places like, if you want to showcase your any portfolio, any type of cool photography etc. with a your own WordPress site, want to show a different type of awesome slider with cool effect with different overlay on different page like for contact us , about us and many more, this all can be achieved with a great plugin which we have developed.

This plugin can also helpful in other way, like if you want to show your category post in slider form, or to play any songs simultaneously with your slider to add some extra features in your site with great music in background, or if you want to create a coming soon template (which will will be show to user on visiting your site) with the awesome slider we have created, or if you want to create a attractive image gallery for your site, these all can also be achieved with this awesome plugin.

We have developed this plugin with easy admin panel so that user who don’t have a knowledge of coding or WordPress can easily setup a slider to present their images to the users. The RFWBS is developed which is enclosed with all the above feature which we have discussed, having a many more features to make your WordPress site beyond your thinking and imagination.You can browse the features below.



Can use a different Variations for slider:

General Features

  • Coming soon Template
  • Front-end Gallery
  • Category Post Slider
  • Awesome Background Music
  • Multiple Instances of Slider with unlimited slides
  • Import/Export slider settings
  • Social sharing to share page/post
  • Upload your own custom overlay
  • Great feature of touch sense for mobile & Ipad devices
  • Google Font-Family
  • Having full control over slider controls
  • Easily Drag & Drop slides to reorder
  • Fully responsive & multiple layouts support
  • Live Preview of slider’s
  • High compatibility for old browsers
  • Very detailed documentation with examples
  • Free updates & support

Slider Layout & Appearance

  • Responsive, full-width, full size or fixed dimensions layout
  • 30 standard overlay included
  • Upload our own custom overlay
  • Option for specifying a slider background color
  • Option for specifying a color in place of overlay
  • Option for specifying a control bar background & font color with all controls are manageable
  • Option for specifying a navigation bar background & font color with their border radius
  • Option for specifying a color for progress bar with opacity
  • Set social icons background color and font color by your choice
  • Manage opacity for overlay and control bar
  • Option enable/disable control bar to show
  • Option to change music icons color & border radius
  • Option to change Home Button Color for coming soon template
  • Option to change font family for coming soon template content & caption title

Slide Options

  • 5+ Slide transitions effect
  • Option to set a awesome overlay over the image
  • 3 different bullets design to set that is square/circle/numbered
  • Option to manage slide duration & transition speed of slider
  • Option to enable/disable slides thumbnail
  • Toggle slider to see its full view over the site
  • Option to set slides caption over each slide
  • Set a specific position to show a slider and enable/disable slide for specific post/page


  • Random slides to show a slider slides in random order
  • Auto-start slideshow (can be disabled)
  • Option for backwards-slideshow (Two way slideshow)
  • Show images thumbnail on single click on front-end


  • 3 different position to set navigation icon
  • Touch navigation on mobile browsers
  • Keyboard navigation of slider
  • Option for disabling prev / next buttons or bullets
  • Option for enable/disable Touch navigation
  • Option to set border radius and color of navigation link
  • Option to enable/disable bullets

Audio Controls

  • Can enable/disable auto play
  • Can enable/disable loop for audio
  • Can change its font color
  • Can change its border radius


  • Working in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9-11, Opera
  • Working in mobile browsers

Important: Please note that the plugin does not include images in the source zip file.


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Background Music Player (Media)

Background Music Player WordPress Plugin allows you to play tracks and radio streams right on your WordPress website. This plugin has lots of useful options and can be fully customized.


Continuous playback Music is played without interruptions even if user navigates through the website

Unlimited color schemes Choose color for player background and buttons

4 built-in styles Choose one of 4 built-in styles

Supports radio streams Broadcast your favorite radio through your website

Custom playlists for pages and posts Define specific tracks for each page or post

Auto-play and playlist repeat options Automatically play music when page loads

Shuffle and tracks sort order option Sort tracks as you wish

Cross-browser and mobile friendly Compatible with all major browsers (even IE 7) and mobile devices (iPhone 4/5 , Windows Phone and Android)

Auto-include and shortcode options Include player automatically or use shortcode

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Parallax Background Image For Visual Composer Rows (Add-ons)

Easily Transform Your Boring Background Images into Awesome Parallax Background Images in Visual Composer

Just activate the Parallax Background plugin or embed the code into your WordPress theme and parallax background images will become available for Visual Composer rows.

Works in any theme as long as it is integrated with Visual Composer.

When you click on the edit button on your rows, you will see these new parameters added (the last two: Enable Background Image Parallax and Parallax Speed):

Just add a large background image to your row using the normal method, then check the Enable Background Image Parallax and you’re good to go.


  • Plug and play, just activate the plugin along with Visual Composer,
  • Can be embedded in your theme code, just add the files, plus 1 line of code to enable it,
  • Translation files included: English .mo and .po files,
  • Integrates well in the Visual Composer interface

Want to Include Parallax Background Images in Your ThemeForest Theme?

The code can also be embedded into your project. All you have to do is copy the files, then include the script in your code and it’ll work without any hassle. Instructions are included in the download package.

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