WooCommerce Ultimate Banner And Background (Miscellaneous)

WooCommerce Ultimate Banner And Background is allow you to set banner and background for each category. Also using this plugin, you can set background for each product,shop page, cart page,checkout page. This plugin is fully responsive and it will work with any woocommerce themes. Also you can set default background for each product and default banner for each category.


  • No configuration needed, just install and start using
  • Supports a background image for each product.
  • Option for set product background for each category.
  • Option for set post and page background.
  • Option for set shop page,cart page, checkout page background.
  • Option for assign banner/background for child category.
  • Easy to use, no coding require.
  • Supports a banner/background image for each category and you can set default banner/background option on setting page.

Getting Started

For Category Banner/Background

  • From the sidebar click ‘Products’ -> ‘Categories’
  • Select an individual category from your list
  • Upload banner/background image.
  • You can set default background/banner for all category from plugin setting page.

For Product Background

  • For set all product background of category,go to ‘Products’ -> ‘Categories’. Select an individual category from your list and upload product background image.
  • For individual product, Go to products and select an individual product from your product list and upload product background image.
  • You can set default background for all product from plugin setting page.

For Other

  • You can set shop page,cart page, checkout page background from plugin setting page.

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Layer – Banner Hover Effect Extension (Add-ons)

Layer – Banner Hover Effect Extension

Banner Hover Effect is a responsive image showcase element for layerwp theme. Inspired the experimental design in Subtle Hover Effects article, we create many more effect with gradient support and masonry grid style to build better banner hover effects

Full Feature

  • 29 Hover effect
  • background gradient support
  • Very easy to use
  • smooth CSS animations
  • Support Grid and masonry style
  • 70+ animation style support
  • 8 loading animation support

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WP PRO Banner Creator (Advertising)

WordPress Photoshop style banner creator!

The wp pro banner creator allows you to edit/create banners directly on your website. You can add extra images, shapes and text to existing/uploaded banners on your website!

– Ready to use with the “WP Pro Advertising System”!

List of Features

  • Load/Upload banners: Simply use existing or upload new banners from your website.
  • Add images: Add multiple images on top of each other.
  • Add shapes: create circle or rectangle shapes to add on top of your banners. you can also change the colors of the shapes.
  • Add Text: Add text on top of your banners. You can change the color and border color of the text. You can also change the font famaly include all available Google Fonts!
  • Change Opacity: Change the opacity level for each individual layer.
  • Position items by Drag and Drop: Simply position the items on your banner by dragging them to the right place.
  • Save banner: Save your updated banner as .png files and link them to your WordPress Media so they can be used anywhere on your website.

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Image Banner Effects (Media)

Highlight the images of your products or services with layered, multi-state animations.
Mobile friendly css3 animations and responsive layers. The user interface is very intuitive
to work with and will get you started in minutes.


– Fully responsive css3 animations.
– Default to pure jQuery animations in older browsers /IE8-IE9/.
– Html states support – embed links and format text.
– Support of the familiar WordPress editor.
– Full control of state display time and animation effect duration.
– Stop and optionally apply static animations on the last state.
– Sortable states.
– Handy style editor with live preview.
– Save and easily manage different styles.
– Choose between 24 animations.
– Handy layer preview accessible with a single click.

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