3D Buttons Pack – Visual Composer Extension (Add-ons)


3D buttons is an very effective and useful addition to the VC extensions.It will allow users to add attractive buttons to their sites with 3D effects.User can also use plain buttons with a lot of customizable options. It is purely CSS3 based and contains unlimited icons. Included in the package there is also a set of buttons used by famous web services (google, twitter, facebook, wordpress) recreated in pure CSS3 .


  • 10+ Pre Made Styles
  • 5 Different Sizes
  • Unlimited Icons
  • 100% Responsive
  • Customizable Options
  • Unlimited Contrast
  • Easy and Fastest to Setup
  • All Major browser supported
  • 24/7 Support
  • Support within 12 hours

Quick Support

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Email: labib@najeebmediagroup.com

Write Us: http://webdevocean.com/contact-us/

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Change Log

v1.0 - 16 June, 2016 **Initial Release 

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WooCombinator for variable products – Turn your boring selects into buttons! (Products)

WooCombinator is a plugin for WooCommerce (an eCommerce solution for WordPress).
This plugin turns the boring select elements of variable products to buttons.

What is a variable product?
A variable product is a standard product type in WooCommerce. A variable product has multiple attributes and the customer select one from each attribute. For example a shoe has size and color attributes – the customer can select these parameters.

WooCombinator hides the select elements and renders buttons instead – but the controlling logic is still handled by WooCommerce.
You can set your own classes and/or select from the 7 pre-defined styles. Also you can write your own inline CSS styles (if there are no other option to inckude/edit a custom CSS file).

By default WooCombinator try to re-use the button element of your theme but maybe you will need some CSS tweaks.


  • WordPress Customizer is supported
  • 7 predefined styles
  • Set CSS classes for elements and states
  • Write your own inline CSS rules
  • Changes only the display logic – the control logic is still handled by WooCommerce
  • Documentation included
  • Minified CSS and JS files are included


  • some CSS/HTML knowledge maybe required
  • depending on your WooCommerce template maybe you will need to define the active and disabled states on your own
  • if you are using 3rd party plugins to change the behaviour of the select elements then WooCombinator maybe won’t work


  • WordPress 4.x
  • WooCommerce 2.5.5

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Self Hosted Short URLs – Add-on for Easy Social Share Buttons (Add-ons)


Self-Hosted Short URLs add-on for Easy Social Share Buttons generates short addresses by your own server. In this way we avoid all short URL services that requires tones of keys and APIs and works slow with a lot of limitations. Using Self-hosted Short URL your short addresses will be associated with your domain/domains, which has really much advantages than whatever external service.

Faster2-01Self-hosted Short URLs associate the short links with your domain(s). Each time the short address is executed there will be no call to external service. The whole process runs on your server. And you know the less calls the fast speed execution. In short – it is faster that external service.


Create short URLs closely appropriate to your needs. There are no limitations about the number or the type of the symbols. The only thing you should care about is your intention. Your imagination ensure the variety. Self-Hosted URL provides the rest.

SEO 4-01

 Self-Hosted URL follows the redirection code standard. It is fully compatible with Social Share Optimization meta tags. This will make your custom personalized short addresses search engine detectable.




Self-hosted Short URLs add-on supports integration with second domain, shorter than your basic domain. The mirror domain is used to make the domain name shorter, too. Combined with the Self-hosted Short URLs add-on main feature – to shorten the page/post address, the integration with that shorter second domain will give you the freedom to control both of the components of the links – the domain name and the page/post name.Automatic Feature1-01When Self-Hosted Short URL add-on is set to automatic mode of short links generation the address’ names will be prepared with random symbols. At the add-on’s settings menu you can choose the parameters of auto generation:

Customized Feature-01

Self-Hosted Short URL add-on can be used to prepare customized short links. Extremely easy to set. Just type the custom address and save.

Affiliate Connection-01

Self-Hosted Short URL add-on can be used to prepare short addresses not only for pages from your site, but also for external links that you use on your installation. That feature is helpful for affiliate links, because allows to name the affiliate address as you decide with no restrictions and limitations. So there will be no mark for the user if that link is with affiliate code.

On media feature-01

For on media sharing action it is impossible to use external short URL service. These services require user security authentication. But for  sharing on media because of the share technology that authentication can’t be done in secure way to protect all user’s keys.

For on media sharing option self-hosted short URL is the only way to shorten your share link. Self-hosted short URLs add-on automatically generates short address without no authentication keys needed and the user’s data remain safe.


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Advanced Analytics – Buttons X Add-on (Add-ons)

Note: This is an add-on that works only with Buttons X – Powerful Button Builder For WordPress.

Advanced Analytics for Buttons X provides you detailed information on each click made to a button. You get exact click time, Visitor I.P. Address, Button Outgoing/Outbound link, Service Provider, Visitor Country, Visitor State and Visitor Town.

Please note that click is recorded instantly but click count and IP related details are updated every hour.

Analytics report page


Analytics on button edit page

single-button You will also see side meta box showcasing the total number of clicks on that particular button.

Analytics on dashboard

On dashboard it shows 10 latest button clicks.



World Class Support!

We manage technical queries through the item page and are proud of our One Day Turnaround!


Initial Release.

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Morphing Buttons – Buttons X Add-on (Add-ons)

Note: This is an add-on that works only with Buttons X – Powerful Button Builder For WordPress.

Morphing Buttons is a premium add-on for Buttons X. Morph means to change smoothly from one image to another. The idea is to use a button, and morph it into a full screen overlay or modal window when clicked.


  1. Animations
    We support animations for modal window and for content in and content out.
  2. Embeds
    Out of the box support for embeds. All WordPress supported embeds can be included as morph content.
  3. Easy To Use
    It is super easy to configure. We even provide tutorials on how to create morphing buttons.
  4. Full Control
    We give you full control. Use percentage or pixel based values for modal window.
  5. Mobile Ready
    It works well on mobile devices as well.
  6. Shortcodes
    Use any short code as part of content.
  7. Page Builders
    Use any page builder like Visual Composer to format modal content.


World Class Support!

We manage technical queries through the item page and are proud of our One Day Turnaround!


Initial Release.

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Buttons X – Powerful Button Builder for WordPress (Buttons)

Build any kind of button imaginable right from your WordPress Dashboard with Buttons X!

Buttons X is a WordPress button builder plugin which comes with free extensions and free button packs. It is packed with functionality that allows countless button variations to be made easily without any coding.

Buttons are Fully Responsive and, of course are fully CSS3 Compliant.


Preview Buttons X Now! (Backend Demo)

Features Overview

  1. Analytics
    Easily track every button click, powered by Google Analytics.
  2. Animation
    50+ hover animations and 30+ reveal animations.
  3. Background
    Add background colour or use an image as a background.
  4. Border
    8 border styles and border radius with control over each corner.
  5. Cloning
    Clone buttons to save time when creating similar kinds of buttons.
  6. Demo Buttons
    One click import for demo buttons to get you started quickly.
  7. Export / Import
    Export individual button or bulk export. Import the exported buttons on another WordPress install.
  8. Gradient
    5 types of gradients and super easy to add multiple gradients.
  9. Instant Preview Get instant feedback while creating a button. Test button on any background colour.
  10. Icon
    585 Font Awesome icons and support for image as icon. Icon animations and icon divider are supported as well.
  11. Links
    22 link types which inlcudes all commonly used links in WordPress. Also inlcudes add to cart links for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  12. Menu
    It’s a part of links but a powerful feature in itself. Convert any button into a dropdown menu. Attach any WordPress menu to a button.
  13. Multiple Texts
    Beautify text with Google fonts and text shadows.
  14. Shadows
    It’s really easy to apply multiple shadows to a button.
  15. Social Buttons
    Not just the regualr buttons but Buttons X supports social buttons too. Expect a lot of social extensions soon!
  16. Tooltips
    Want to say more? Use the tooltip to convey more than just simple button text.

Easy to use and packed with powerful features that will blow your mind, including a seamless live preview while you work!

The easy-to-use button editor makes it a snap to generate awesome CSS3 buttons in no time at all!

No Coding Required!

Preview Buttons X Now! (Backend Demo)

Buttons X is a Marketers dream making any kind of Call To Action button as simple as editing some text.

The Buttons X Options Panel is a comprehensive and smart dashboard that allows you to create buttons on the fly with every kind of option available to modify. Select anything and everything from Font Weights to Shadow Colour, Position, Padding and Blur.

A full compliment of Icons awaits you, ready to customise your buttons to perfection.

Taking buttons to the Next Level!


Get the most out of your user experience using Tooltips to convey important alt text information.


Buttons X is fully loaded with over 50 animations and more than 60 reveal animations!


Choose from a wide variety of menus and convert your button into a Dropdown Menu easily!

Buttons X features a full list of possible link types. And even ‘Add To Cart’ links for popular e-commerce plugins.


Now you have your buttons setup, track your results with Google Analytics Button Tracking. Track Click events in Google Analytics so that you can fully understand exactly which buttons are converting and what design produces the best result.

A/B Test your Buttons simply to maximise your results!

Page Builders

Buttons X integrates with popular Page Builders Visual Composer and Live Composer, which means that when using those Page Builders, Buttons X will appear as a menu option within the Page Builder. This makes adding awesome buttons to your website a breeze.

For Developers

Buttons X is Developer friendly too, with lots of filters available to easily create extensions (Tooltip and Analytics are both separate extensions of Buttons X available for free).

Full Feature List

  • Analytics
    Track every button click using Google Analytics.
  • Animations
    Hover and reveal animations.
  • Background
    Add background colour and even an image as background.
  • Border
    Unlimted border sizes with full control over border radius.
  • Button Packs
    FREE button packs uploaded weekly.
  • Cloning
    Clone button and save time.
  • CSS
    Choose between external or inline CSS.
  • Customizer
    Widgets can also be used in WordPress customizer.
  • Demo Buttons
    Get started easily with one click demo buttons import.
  • E-commerce
    Add to cart buttons for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Export & Import
    One Click or Manual Import. Export individual button or in bulk.
  • Extensive Online Documentation
    comprehensive and easy to read.
  • Gradient
    Mutliple styles and multiple gradients support.
  • Icon Animations
    Stacks of cool animations.
  • Icons
    585 Font Awesome icons or use custom icon image.
  • Links
    Select any page as link from with in the options panel.
  • Live Preview
    Instant feedback.
  • Menu
    Use button as dropdown menu.
  • Multiple Text
    Primary and Secondary Text Support
  • Page Builders
    Compatible with Visual Composer and Live Composer.
  • Shadows
    Mutliple button shadows support.
  • Social Media Buttons
    Add social buttons to any post or page below, or above content.
  • Tooltip
    Say more with beautiful tooltips. Multiple positions and styles.
  • Unlimited Button Possibilities
    the sky’s the limit, unleash your imagination!
  • Widget
    Button widget to add buttons to your sidebars.
  • 24×7 support with fast turnaround.
  • Colour picker with transparency support.
  • Create buttons once and use them at multiple places on a single website or use on multiple websites by exporting buttons.
  • Developer friendly.
  • Easily clone buttons.
  • Easily create call to action buttons.
  • Easy to use button editor.
  • Fully Internationalised.
  • Google web fonts supported.
  • Latest Font Awesome Icons.
  • Live backend demo.
  • Multiple box shadows support.
  • Multiple gradients support.
  • No coding required.
  • Option to reset button.
  • Regular Updates.
  • Smart dashboard.


World Class Support!

We manage technical queries through the item page and are proud of our One Day Turnaround!


Initial Release.

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WordPress Button Builder (Buttons)


Create custom buttons for your site, content, and sidebar! Hundreds of style possibilities!


Integrated Shortcode Builder
Create buttons from either the WordPress editor or using the standalone shortcode builder located under Appearence > Button Builder.

Button Importer
Need to edit a button? The same editor used to build your button also accepts the same code for editing!

Multiple Code Types
You can use standard WordPress shortcodes, HTML, or PHP codes.

HTML5 / CSS3 Works on all the newest browsers, properly tagged and contains transitions.

Component Styles
Mix and match classes to create different button styles, effects, and animations.

Shortcut Links
Optional add-ins for link URL’s that when rendered through a shortcode or PHP function, automatically add in the WordPress link.

Font Awesome Ready
Button styles were developed using the Font Awesome icon set.

4 Button Sizes
X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large with the ability to override and set your own size.

12 Base Colors
Light, Tan, Dark, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Black, and White.

CSS3 Icon and Button Animations
We have effects ranging from rotations, flips, scaling, and skewing.

Hundreds of Combinations
This isn’t about using a subset of button styles, this is about making any type of button you need. Perfect for blogging, content creation, or general website building.


Installable plugin file.

HTML file with instructions on the installation, use, and configuration of the plugin.


Font Awesome – Font icons used in the plugin and demo.

Change Log

 VERSION 1.0.0 [8/21/2015] - Initial Release 

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vCast Button for WordPress (Buttons)

Versatile Chromecast button that lets you send video from your WordPress powered website to your Chromecast. Configure once and done! Works with many existing players. Scans your WordPress website for video at the specified HTML tag(s). Simple, clean interface to configure source video and display options

Adds optimized chromecast functionlity to your WordPress website in less than 5 minutes! Sends supported video found on the page to Chromecast in the background so there is no duplicate playback on your remote control device, just like when you visit youtube.com and cast a video. Minimize lag due to tab casting videos

A must if you want to send high definition video to the Chromecast from your webpage!

Integrates with your existing video player by simply placing and positioning an empty HTML element onto your existing player, then specifying this empty element as the container for the vCast button in the vCast plugin settings under the admin section in WordPress.

Frontend Features:

  • Pops open media controls for playback of selected video on the Chromecast. Play/Pause/Seek all supported
  • Video playlist for users to select a URL to cast from the list of detected media URLs
  • Several options for configuring button placement including:
    • Display button on WordPress posts containing detected media
    • Display button next to detected media
    • Display at specific location on the page specified via HTML
  • Change cast button image to whatever image you want
  • Change button background color to suit your existing player or website
  • Degrades gracefully in Firefox, IE, and whenever the Chromecast extension is not installed
  • Hardware-accelerated CSS3 transition effect for displaying media controls and playlist on devices

Backend Features:

Admin area is designed to be simple, yet powerful enough for developers

  • Easy to use admin area with default WordPress style
  • Media detection performed on client and will not slow down your website
  • Specify multiple source tags containing video you want to send to the Chromecast
  • Live vCast button preview when you preview your WordPress post before publishing
  • Configure multiple video file extensions for detection
  • Works with WordPress 3.3+ and PHP5

Requires Chrome browser with Chromecast extension on a PC or desktop computer. On Android smartphones and tablets, Chrome Beta for Android required. Chromecast functionality was only recently added to Chrome Beta for Android. See release of Chrome 35 for Android.

To cast your video from these mobile devices, you must press the cast icon that displays when the video is in fullscreen mode

Please note, vCast button plugin does not play video content that is not supported on Chromecast. For a list of supported video that will playback on the Chromecast, please see supported media for Chromecast.

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Reaction Buttons (WordPress)

The Reaction Button allow users to react your content but too lazy to type out an comment

Over time when only limited with 2 options original state monotonous: Like and Unlike, now you’ve got more options.

Once a user click on a reaction button, that’s means I can hear the complainers or cheer… Ex: OMG (Oh My God),LOL,WIN,SOCK,CUTE, WTF (Where The Funny or What the funny, etc…), This feature assumes that there are viewers, but are too lazy to type out an comment.

[+] Why choose?

1. Easy to install 2. Easy to use 2. Increased interest among viewers.

[+] Features: 1. React content with button. 2. List top reaction. 3. Show up any where with shortcode button. 4. Statistics react.

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