Woo Display Variations On Catalog Pages (Miscellaneous)

Woo Display Variations On Catalog Pages allow you to display variations of variable product on catalog listing pages (i.e category page,serach page, shop page etc..). You can manage variation display from admin panel.


  • Allow you to display individual variation in catalog listing pages
  • Option for display individual variation as product in specific listing pages as below
    • Normal catalog page
    • Search results page
    • Filter results page
  • Import option for display setting of variation so you can easily manage variation display settings
  • Easy to use, No coding require.

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WooCommerce PDF Catalog (Products)

Turn your WooCommerce Shop into a PDF-Catalog

You have a wonderful WooCommerce Shop and you want to show it to your offline customers? Then this plugin will fulfill your needs: Create a PDF Catalog from your whole Shop or just from a product category. Directly inside your shop, customizable as you want and simply beautiful! No need of HTML or CSS, create everything inside the admin panel!

PDF Catalog Demos

This Demos have been created using only the plugin. No manual work!

Catalog Features

  • More than 30 possible layouts
  • 5 Category Layouts
  • 6 Products Layouts
  • Full PDF Catalog
  • Category PDF Catalog
  • Add a QR-Code of your Products
  • Add extra texts before OR after your products
  • Add some special advanced settings
  • Show Subcategories
  • Exclude parent products when showing subcategories
  • Choose a container Padding
  • Choose a position of the Links
  • Create a custom header (1/2 or 1/2 + 1/2 or 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3)
  • Create a custom footer (1/2 or 1/2 + 1/2 or 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3)
  • Add background color
  • Add borders
  • Choose text size
  • Choose line height
  • Choose text alignment
  • Choose image size
  • Choose vertical aligment
  • Show or Hide Elements (Image, Title, Price, Description, SKU, Categories, Tags, QR-Code)
  • Shortcode-Support [pdf_catalog text=”text” category=”full OR Category-ID”]
  • Page numbers
  • Well Documentented


  • Tested with WordPress 3.8+
  • Tested with WooCommerce 2.0+


  • WooCommerce 2.0+
  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP 5.2+
  • Multilingual Support


 ====== 1.0.0 ====== - Inital release  # Future features ===== - Link to products inside PDF - Different Font-Types - Product variations 

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WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode (Products)

Convert your WooCommerce Shop into a catalog!

This Plugin remove prices, removes the add to cart button or replaces it with an enquiry form. Only if you want, because there are more settings than you could expect!
You have a product / category you still want to sell? Just put it inside the exclusion list!


  • enable / disable the catalog mode
  • remove the add to cart button
  • remove the price
  • hard remove for non WooCommerce compliant themes
  • redirect the cart / checkout pages
  • apply for all users / only logged in users / only NOT logged in users
  • exclude product categories
  • exclude products
  • replace the add to cart button on category / archive pages
  • own button text
  • 2 options: go to product page / go to a custom URL (with target option)
  • replace the add to cart button on single product pages
  • add an enquiry form which opens in a pop-up window
  • give your enquiry an own title
  • add any contact formular shortcode (e.g. Contact Form 7)
  • Select the size of your plugin
  • create custom CSS
  • create custom Javascript


WooCommerce 2.0+
WordPress 3.8.1+
Theme should be WooCommerce standards compliant. Multilingual Support
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Woocommerce Product Catalog with Category Selecti (WooCommerce)

CUSTOMERS LOVE TO BUY Woocommerce Product Catalog with Category Selection. LET THEM BUY!

For years, SoftProdigy has excelled in the domain of WordPress extensions offering fully functional add-ons for WordPress based websites. The add-ons have simplified the way people have been using the websites offering convenience to the end user as well as to the website owner. The add-ons created have catered to all sorts of technical demands that a user expects from a website. For every missing dot, SoftProdigy has created a plug-in as a solution to deliver a greater user experience. Once again SoftProdigy has created a buzz by launching a plugin for WooCommerce, WordPress’ popular ecommerce platform. With over 10 million downloads WooCommerce has already succeeded to become the first choice of ecommerce stores and claims about 30% of the online store shares. It’s thus the popularity of the platform that has fueled the demand for plug-ins in order to enhance a user’s WooCommerce experience.

WooCommerce Product Catalogue is a plugin that offers unparalleled flexibility in switching from WooCommerce shop mode to catalogue mode and vice-versa. The store owner wanted access to the products in a catalogue form, but what was missing from it until now was the category filter. It was thus the need of the hour that SoftProdigy developed the plugin introducing the category filter with which a user can lists the products across a category and can generate a pdf from that catalogue. Rest of the features are listed below.


Show/Hide Price Tag:Settings in the admin section have all the options like ‘Want to show/hide’ price tag for shop and individual product page as well.

Ask a Question/Inquiry by Email:Users can make an enquiry regarding the product.

Contact form 7 support:Support for contact form7 regarding Inquiry by Email form.

Ability to generate PDF for the Catalog:Can generate PDF for all catalog of shop.

Provides a PDF generation short-code:Can be used anywhere i.e. on page, post or widgets.

Customization:Ability to customize PDF Header and footer text from setting page in admin section.

PDF Display Options:Provides settings to enable/display PDF options

Inquiry Customization:Customers can select color, size and quantity after adding products to cart.

Email Id Setting:Provides settings in the admin section to set email id for enquiry email receiver.

Enable/Disable Catalogue Mode:allows to enable/disable catalog mode after a particular product category has been selected Since the plugin allows a store owner to convert their online WooCommerce store into an online catalogue, they can also do away with all shopping related features from their store. What more, the plugin is fully scalable and customizable, and SoftProdigy offers great aftersales supports throughout.

Enable/Disable Catalogue Mode:allows to enable/disable catalog mode after a particular product category has been selected

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WooCommerce Catalog Mode with Ajax Popup Inquiry (WooCommerce)

SW Product Catalog – WooCommerce Catalog Mode Complete Pack with Popup Ajax Inquiry Form, is WooCommerce add-on plugin. You can ready your catalog site with few clicks. Fully functional settings. You can customize your catalog page, product details page, Popup Ajax Inquiry Form button, Custom button from plugin settings page.

If you would like to WooCommerce catalog complete solution, this is for you.


Catalog Page
– Hide/Display Product Price
– Hide/Display Star Ratings
– Hide/Display Ajax Popup Inquiry button
– Hide/Display Custom button
– Hide/Display Product Ordering Filter
– Hide/Display Product Counts text
– Hide/Display Sale Badge

Product Details Page
– Hide/Display Product Price
– Hide/Display Star Ratings
– Hide/Display Add to cart
– Hide/Display Description Tab
– Hide/Display Reviews Tab
– Hide/Display Related Products
– Hide/Display Ajax Popup Inquiry button

Ajax Popup Inquiry or Request a Quote Form
– Custom Form email supported
– Cc, Bcc options supported
– WordPress Site Administrator email supported
– Ajax Submit with proper way
– Smooth and Clean Design
– Responsive Design
– html5, jQuery and WordPress php validation
– All modern browser supported

Custom Button and Inquiry Form button
– Custom button text
– Button Style Choosing options
– Preset CSS Class Supported
– Color Picker
– Custom Button supports Product details page or External link

Plugin Settings Page
– WordPress Settings API used
– Smooth, User friendly settings page
– WordPress native color picker used for load faster
– wp_mail used for Inquiry form
– Proper options in right way

– WordPress Hooks used in right way
– WordPress native jQuey used to load faster and avoid confliction
– Splitted large function into multiple small functions to load faster and easy customization


– WordPress
– WooCommerce Plugin
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PDF Product Catalog for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)


PDF Product Catalog for WooCommerce is a WordPress/WooCommerce plugin that lets users of your WooCommerce store download its complete product catalog in PDF (or per category) with a single click. PDF catalogs are generated based templates and can be customized extensively via the Admin panel allowing you to change templates, colors, text and visibility of elements (e.g. Price, SKUs, Variations etc). It comes with 5 PDF templates but you can create your own to suit your needs with simple HTML and CSS.


  • Widget for PDF Download Buttons
  • 5 PDF Catalog Templates included.
  • Create your own PDF templates in HTML.
  • Generate per Category PDF and/or Complete Store catalog.
  • 4 pages of admin options to fine tune your catalog content and design.
  • Tested with stores with more than 1000 products.
  • Pure PHP Solution (no need to install any plugins / does not use external services).
  • Hide / Show catalog elements (e.g. SKU, descriptions, prices).
  • Upload your own logo.
  • Customize catalog text.
  • Include product images in catalog.
  • Support for product variations.
  • Customize colors from Admin Panel.
  • Hyperlinks in PDF for each product
  • Caching for increased performance (catalogs are only generated once)
  • Automatic page numbering.
  • Header / Footer on each page.
  • Send PDF to browser or force download option.
  • Customise which categories appear in catalogs.
  • Full Documentation included.
  • Tested with WordPress 3.8, 3.8, 3.9 and WooCommerce 2.1.x

Sample PDF Output

The following are a few sample PDFs created using this plugin.

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