WordPress Category SILO Pages Pro

WordPress Category SILO, Your website can benefit massively by organizing your content through SILOS. Search engines will prefer your website over similar ones in the same market, because they’ll be able to clearly understand your content and the keywords you’re targeting. The linking between topics and pages will strengthen the website’s topic and keep your […]

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Easy Digital Downloads Category Accordion (eCommerce)

Easy Digital Downloads Category Accordion plugin will list “Easy Digital Downloads” categories and subcategories into a toggle accordion with expand /collapse option. our plugin highlight the current parent category, subcategory and It is fully customizable to display categories with 9+ color schemes.

You can you our plugin as a widget or anywhere on your post/page as a shortcode, this plugin provides an easy category navigation to your Easy Digital Downloads powered shop.

Easy Digital Downloads Category Accordion plugin will make an efficient list of the categories of your Downloads(products) and improve the user experience of your Easy Digital Downloads shop.


  1. Support Toggle and collapsed options.
  2. Support Click and Hover Event types.
  3. Highlight or Open a Category by Default.
  4. 14 fontawesome icons included.
  5. Option to choose from 9+ color schemes.
  6. Option to Disable Top level Parent links.
  7. Option to Disable all Parent categories links.
  8. Option to choose from 9+ color schemes.
  9. Sort by ID, Name, Slug options.
  10. Sort by Ascending, Descending options added.
  11. Widget Ready and Shortcode Option with tinymce.
  12. Enable / Disable Downloads count.
  13. Show / Hide Empty Categories option.
  14. Excludes category option.
  15. Support Unilimited Categories and sub categories.
  16. Control the Accordion Speed.
  17. Categories sort by and order option.
  18. Control Category Level/depth Option.
  19. Control the Accordion Speed.
  20. Category Level Option.
  21. Cross Browser compatible.
  22. Easy to Install and setup.
  23. Light weight.
  24. Translation Ready.
 Easy Digital Downloads Category Accordion V1.0 (01-06-2016)      *  Stable Initial Release. 

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WooCommerce Category Article Pro (SEO)

This Plugin Adds Advanced Category Article Field in WooCommerce Product Category Editor of WordPress, it also Support Custom Taxonomies for default post types (i.e. tags, terms)

Why add content to WooCommerce Product Category Pages

Without unique, useful content a category page is really just a list of posts, each with a small amount of content that is duplicated on the actual post page itself. All other things being equal, a category page with unique, useful content is going to out-rank one without it. Furthermore, the content at the top of the page can help user visitors through the conversion funnel, help answer common questions, and offer an opportunity to introduce your branding and voice.

What type of content to put on WooCommerce Product Category Pages

One word: Useful. What you want to do here is answer common questions and instruct the visitor on what to do next. Explain the difference between major brands, or call out the most popular models. Do not simply write filler copy for search engines. And, above all, do not just write a generic description that goes on all category pages, even if you dynamically change the category name.

Shortcode Support

Full HTML Editor


  • Boost your WooCommerce Product Category SEO
  • Full Text Editor
  • Use Images, links, Heading or Paragraphs
  • Display This field anywhere in your category page.
  • Support Shortcode.
  • Highly Customizable.
  • Support Documentation
  • After sales support
  • SEO Recommendations

    For Category Pagination use rel=”prev” and rel=”next” so that Search Engines can find out relation between category pages.


  • If your issue is General, use comments and i will try to respond within 24 hours.
  • If your issue is specific to your site or hosting then inbox me with your details i will provide support.
  • Then Place any review.
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    Magento Category Listing for WordPress (eCommerce)

    Magento Category Listing for WordPress allows you to use a simple shortcode to display a responsive, paginated category listing of Magento products within your WordPress content.

    The plugin comes with an easy-to-use shortcode generator, and allows you to modify a number of parameters, including columns, products-per-page, button colours, and much more; perfect for integrating seamlessly into your theme.

    Your Magento and WordPress websites should reside on the same server, but do not need to utilise the same domain name.

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    SEO Category and Tag Descriptions for WooCommerce (Marketing)

    Adds a WYSIWYG editor to WooCommerce product categories and product tags in the WordPress admin.

    This can be used to add SEO rich content to product category and product tag archive pages that appears below the list of products so they don’t get pushed below the fold.

    The standard product category and product tag description can still be used for shorter introductory text that appears above the list of products.

    The plugin uses ‘custom term meta’ introduced in WordPress 4.4 to ensure everything is stored in exactly the right place in your database (without requiring custom tables).

    It doesn’t rely on WP Options Table hacks.

    WordPress 4.4 or greater is required.

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    Multi Category Add-on for WordPress (Add-ons)

    This add-on is an extension for and requires Super Store Finder for WordPress

    Multi Category Add-on for WordPress

    This is an add-on for Super Store Finder for WordPress which allows your visitor to choose multiple categories filter on your store locator.

    Super Store Finder for WordPress is a fully-featured WordPress Plugin integrated with Google Maps API v3 that allows customers to locate your stores easily. Tailor-made with intuitive responsive design for smartphones, tablets and touch screen devices. It has powerful store locator admin that allows you to manage stores, tags/categories and customize styles, colors, labels, notifications, regions and map settings.

    Main Features

    • Allow Filters to have multi-select checkbox selection
    • Activate and Deactivate Add-on via user friendly admin interface
    • Extensible and able to be integrated with other add-ons

    Installation Instructions

    • Notice for Marker Clusterer Add-on for WordPress:

    a. You need to purchase Super Store Finder for WordPress at http://codecanyon.net/item/super-store-finder-for-wordpress/11334595 prior to using this Add-on

    1. At WordPress Admin, go to Add-ons Page

    2. Browse and choose the add-on zip file ssf-multi-category-wp and click on the Upload button

    3. If the Status of the add-on shows ‘ON’, you’re add-on is enabled

    4. Clear browser cache and you’re done!

    Documentation Guide | Video Guide

    Fast and Reliable Support

    We provide fast and reliable support to our customers, whether its an inquiry, troubleshooting, customization and special requests. If you need help with installation, just send us a message via our profile page here.

    For knowledge base and forums you can visit the following links:

    You can visit http://superstorefinder.net/support and also follow us on envato for new releases and products here

    What are buyers saying about Super Store Finder

    “First, I would like to say…Great Job! One of the better store locator systems I have come across.”

    “I just bought this and started using it on my site within minutes. I am not a programmer and this was still very easy!”

    “Just purchased the Super Store Finder and it’s fantastic, exactly what my client needed and just the right level of customisation, so thank you for your efforts! Great value script.”
    —Anna Trundle

    “Fantastic product & best support. thank you…”

    “This is the best store finder script on codecanyon! Keep up with a great job!”

    You can find more reviews from real buyers in comments page.

    Real world usage

    Please note that all store finder designs are copyrighted by their authors.

    If you wish (or don’t wish) your site to be listed here, please send me a message.

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    WooCommerce and WP Category Controller – AddOn (WooCommerce)


    WooCommerce and WordPress Category Controller – AddOn is a WordPress plugin for controlling WooCommerce and WordPress Categories. WooCommerce and WPress Category Controller requires RulesEngine Platform Plugin.

    A RulesEngine Platform Plugin: Is an unique platform which separates the Business conditions from Business use cases and RulesEngine platform will be used for future addons. Customer need to buy the RulesEngine Platform only once and in future releases they need to buy only AddOns such as Page Rule, Post Rule, Widget Rule, Theme Rule and Redirect Rules. Customers can save a lot and can do more using RulesEngine Platform. Click here to know more


    If you do not have RulesEngine platform plugin, please download full version of this plugin from here.

    Using category controller we can solve simple and complex use cases below are the few important use cases.

    Simple User Cases:

    • Show or Hide WooCommerce and WordPress Categories by User Profile (User Id, email, Registered Date).
    • Show or Hide WooCommerce and WordPress Categories by User Role.
    • Show or Hide WooCommerce and WordPress Categories by Geolocation (Contienent, Country, Region and City).
    • Show or Hide WooCommerce and WordPress Categories by Page.
    • Show or Hide WooCommerce and WordPress Categories by Request URL.
    • Show or Hide WooCommerce and WordPress Categories by Date, Time, Month and Day of the week.
    • Show or Hide WooCommerce and WordPress Categories by other categories. Very useful if you would like to hide unwanted categories based on the selected categories. i.e. If user selected Mobile Parent Categories using category rule we can hide all the irrelevant categories like Laptop, TV etc.
    • Show or Hide WooCommerce and WordPress Categories for Tablet device.
    • Show or Hide WooCommerce and WordPress Categories for Mobile phone.
    • Excludes the hidden category products from search.
    • Analytics help you to understand your site user base based on the requested country.
    • Requests by country

    Complex Use Cases :

    Define complex rule using logical “and” “or” and “brackets”

    • WooCommerce Categories by User Role and Date and Time
    • WooCommerce Categories by User Role and Geo location
    • WooCommerce Categories by User Role, Geo location and Date and Time
    • WooCommerce Categories by User Role, Geo location, Device and Date and Time
    • WooCommerce Categories by User Role, Geo location, Device or Request URL and Date and Time and More …

    General Features

    • Define a dynamic hook using Rules Engine platform which will be called by plugin once the rule is satisfied.
    • Access the status of the Logical Rule using the utility method from your code.
      RulesEngine::is_rule_valid("Rule Name");
    • User Friendly easy-to-use Ajax interface.
    • Reduces development effort and easy to maintain
    • Activate or Deactivate Parent Rule (Logical Rule) and Child rules (Page, Post, Theme Rules etc). If Parent Rule is deactivated all the corresponding child rules will become inactive.
    • Translation ready (Localization support)
    • Easy to upgrade.

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    Woocommerce Product Catalog with Category Selecti (WooCommerce)

    CUSTOMERS LOVE TO BUY Woocommerce Product Catalog with Category Selection. LET THEM BUY!

    For years, SoftProdigy has excelled in the domain of WordPress extensions offering fully functional add-ons for WordPress based websites. The add-ons have simplified the way people have been using the websites offering convenience to the end user as well as to the website owner. The add-ons created have catered to all sorts of technical demands that a user expects from a website. For every missing dot, SoftProdigy has created a plug-in as a solution to deliver a greater user experience. Once again SoftProdigy has created a buzz by launching a plugin for WooCommerce, WordPress’ popular ecommerce platform. With over 10 million downloads WooCommerce has already succeeded to become the first choice of ecommerce stores and claims about 30% of the online store shares. It’s thus the popularity of the platform that has fueled the demand for plug-ins in order to enhance a user’s WooCommerce experience.

    WooCommerce Product Catalogue is a plugin that offers unparalleled flexibility in switching from WooCommerce shop mode to catalogue mode and vice-versa. The store owner wanted access to the products in a catalogue form, but what was missing from it until now was the category filter. It was thus the need of the hour that SoftProdigy developed the plugin introducing the category filter with which a user can lists the products across a category and can generate a pdf from that catalogue. Rest of the features are listed below.


    Show/Hide Price Tag:Settings in the admin section have all the options like ‘Want to show/hide’ price tag for shop and individual product page as well.

    Ask a Question/Inquiry by Email:Users can make an enquiry regarding the product.

    Contact form 7 support:Support for contact form7 regarding Inquiry by Email form.

    Ability to generate PDF for the Catalog:Can generate PDF for all catalog of shop.

    Provides a PDF generation short-code:Can be used anywhere i.e. on page, post or widgets.

    Customization:Ability to customize PDF Header and footer text from setting page in admin section.

    PDF Display Options:Provides settings to enable/display PDF options

    Inquiry Customization:Customers can select color, size and quantity after adding products to cart.

    Email Id Setting:Provides settings in the admin section to set email id for enquiry email receiver.

    Enable/Disable Catalogue Mode:allows to enable/disable catalog mode after a particular product category has been selected Since the plugin allows a store owner to convert their online WooCommerce store into an online catalogue, they can also do away with all shopping related features from their store. What more, the plugin is fully scalable and customizable, and SoftProdigy offers great aftersales supports throughout.

    Enable/Disable Catalogue Mode:allows to enable/disable catalog mode after a particular product category has been selected

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    Category Based Mailchimp List For WooCoomerce (WooCommerce)


    Category Based Mailchimp List plugin for WooCommerce would help you to send targeted emails to your customer based on their purchase from specific category of products. Now you can easily run promotions on different category of product based on the purchase of specific customers. Using this plugin you can easily send update notices to your customer when you have something new in that category of product.


    • Powerful admin backend to customize the plugin.
    • Get all the mailing lists from mailchimp by using the mailchimp api key, so that you can set specific mailing list for specific categories
    • Ability to choose if user’s would be prompted to be registerd on mailing list or automatically add them to the list when they make a purchase.
    • Easily enable or disable double optin feature.
    • Ability to change the text on checkout page for the checkbox label.
    • Admin option to set the default checkbox state on the checkout page. It can be checked by default.
    • Option to send welcome message to the users who are subscribed to the mailing lists.

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    WooCommerce Category Payments (WooCommerce)

    Raw Description

    “Crack” the possibilities and limit certain payment gateways to certain categories

    Limit certain product categories to certain payment processors, in an easy and fashionable manner

    The WooCommerce panel is still enabled, and only payments enabled can be used.

    WooCommerce Category Payments will allow you to create rules for all the available payment systems in WooCommerce.

    The Payment Processors and Categories are automatically found.

    WooCommerce Category Payments has been crafted to work out of the box

    It comes with an administration system that will allow you to quickly provide results

    Easily limit payment gateways as per category

    WooCommerce Category Payments is the easiest way to limit products that are under a certain category to certain payment processors.

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