WooPlugins – Woocommerce Coupon Code Links (Marketing)

Apply coupon codes automatically and add products to cart via links with this clean and simple premium plugin for WooCommerce.


  • Enable/Disable the coupon links
  • Support simple and variable products
  • Apply coupon codes automatically even if the cart is empty
  • Add automatically products to the cart on visit
  • Support short urls using tinyurl
  • Custom success and failure titles and messages


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liMarqueeWP – horizontal and vertical scrolling of text and image and html code (Miscellaneous)

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Plugin liMarquee WP allows you to display different html content in your page in a continuous ticker, and gives a lot of opportunities to manipulated this content.


  • Draggable
  • Touch
  • Responsive
  • Mobile Adaptation
  • Pouse and Play
  • Different directions of movement
  • Stop when hover
  • Pause when scroll
  • XML support
  • Adding content
  • Callback functions
  • Full content controls

Quick Start

To add a plug-in to the site you need to walk a only 3 steps:

  • 1. Install the plugin «liMarquee.zip» in WordPress administration panel.
  • 2. Add HTML code or add shortcode [limarquee] with a unique class name to the code of site page.
  • 3. Call the plug-in by specifying the class name on the plugin settings page or adding initialization code directly on the page of the site

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Teen Code – Ecommerce PSD Template (Retail)

Teencode – Fashion PSD Template is a perfect, modern, bright and memorable eCommerce template.It is designed in Photoshop with a modern look, friendly with users suitable for a fashion, high fashion, accessories shop…Surely customers will love your website because it gives them a unique user experience. This template has 3 options for homepage layout. It’s easy to edit and good choice for your business.

Core Template Features

  • – Responsive & Creative Design
  • – 3 Unique Homepage Layouts
  • – Well Organized Layers
  • – Intuitive and Material Style
  • – Awesome Clean Typography
  • – Google Free Fonts & Icons
  • – Clean & Trendy Design
  • – Easy to customize Photoshop files
  • – Pixel Perfect

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Code to Shortcode (WordPress)

Code to Shortcode is very easy to use and powerful wordpress plugin.

You can easily convert complete html / css / php / javascript code to a small shortcode to easily add it to your posts and pages.

If you have any questions or feedback, you can send us the message through our profile page and don’t forget to rate our plugin :-)

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SNIPR – Visual Code Manager for WordPress (Utilities)

wp sniper visual code editor

Visual Code Manager – Speed up your coding!

Coding has never been easier! The Visual Code Manager helps you create any kind of project with ease. Instead of wasting time creating default setup code for your project, Snipr now handles all basic elements for you! That way you just need to focus on what’s really important.

Another amazing Snipr feature is the option to share your code online, open source or private. Today teams need the ability to work together dynamically. They need a place to centralize all code, files, documents and keep everyone focused on what matters. Wherever you are located keep working together on the same files, help each other and See exactly what your team is working on any time of the day!

Work Faster! Use Templates

Snipr already includes multiple default project templates. Need a child theme for your website? 1 click and you have all the files you need. WordPress Plugin? 1 click and your up and running. No more setup delay time, Just focus on your own code and your own ideas!

Just Starting?

No Coding Experience is needed! Together with Snipr you can create any kind of project and learn coding along the way. Snipr already knows multiple coding languages and has predefined code available. So you only have to click, drag and drop it into place. If you have trouble you can easily share your code online and allow anyone to work on your project files from wherever they are.

Want More?

So does Snipr! Snipr is super passionate and wants to know more! Use his API and help him learn new languages, create extra add-ons, add more templates, … the sky is the limit, together we can make coding even easier and earn some coffees on the go!

Visual Composer Ready

Add code snippets to your website. Create documentation or API’s. It all get much easier together with the Vidual Composer. Snipr has its code integrated and allows you to use it with Visual Composer.
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WooCommerce Product QR Code (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce® Product QR Code is a plugin that enables you to add one or multiple QR codes through its own shortcode anywhere you want. You can choose from different image sizes and the content can be anything, from simple text to a code or an URL. Simply go into a product detail, access the general tab and configure the content of the QR code. Than, simple place the [qrcode] shortcut the product description. You can chose the options directly from the product general tab or add the properties ID, SIZE and CONTENT manually, like this: [qrcode id=”23” size=”200” content=”This is the content.”], being ID the product ID, size a value in pixels and content its content.

Features – add a QR code through a shortcode – choose from different image sizes or a custom size – add text, codes, URL or any piece of text you want


  1. Version 1.0 – first release

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Woocommerce Ultimate PDF Invoice with QR Code (Products)

Plugin Features

Super Easy to Use

  • Install the Plugin
  • Go to Dashboard->Woocommerce->Ultimate PDF Invoice
  • Fill out the necessary Information
  • That’s it!

with QR Code!

In this smart-phone era, everyone’s got the time to scan a QR (if reading a whole bunch of buying information isn’t your thing). So, we have packed the most important data in a QR just for everyone. It contains following information:

  • Purchase Date
  • Purchased From
  • Purchased Amount

Beautiful UI by Codestar

We’ve used the cool guys’ framework, the Codestar framework in our plugin instead of designing raw so that you already feel at home! It’s presented with three different options:

  • General Settings: For filling up company Information
  • Format Invoice: For giving the invoice a personal look (more coming on updates)
  • Ecommerce Settings: For being more businessy (a ton more coming on updates)

Fully Integrated into WooCommerce

Every single information is harnessed using WooCommerce internal hooks and calls. Don’t believe us? Buy and see the codes for yourself! For any query, contact us at support.

Guest User Download!

If you are a beginner businessperson with little business idea, here’s a free tip for you. Your sale will increase by a factor of 3 (that’s three times more!) if you allow your customers to buy without being logged in AKA as a Guest (Google it, Amazon did and earned a 300 million dollar profit!).
So just for the sake of your higher sale, our plugin allows Guest User Invoice generation. Period.


  Version 1.0.0, October 24 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [+] Initaial Release  

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Zip Code Checker (eCommerce)


Version 1.0 • August 28, 2014

+ First Release


  • Add,edit,delete: Add,edit zip codes and the status for delivery, COD along with custom message from admin panel
  • Bulk Import: Bulk import zip codes via CSV file
  • Widget: Add the widget to any location on your website for the user to search for Zip Codes


This is a WordPress plugin which gives functionality for the users on your website to search there zip codes and see if the delivery is possible in there area.

Options available

  • Check if delivery is possible in a particular zip/pin code
  • Check if Cash on delivery(COD) is possible in particular zip/pin code
  • Custom message can be set along with with the result. e.g Products ships in 2 business days
  • Zip code information needs to be upload by admin, can be done via WordPress admin panel or Bulk import via CSV file, CSV sample format file attached


We plan to add these features in upcoming releases, if you have suggestion, we would be happy to incorporate

  • Multi lingual supporting WPML
  • Search: option in plugin panel to search for particular pin/zip code
  • Bulk Delete: Delete all the data of the plugin in one shot
  • User icon: Admin can upload there own icons for delivery possible or not possible
  • CSV file: Support any kind of CSV file, currently system supports only MS DOS CSV file


Search for following items to test the plugin

  • 125201
  • 127026
  • 110042
  • 123
  • adgfb


Please feel free to get in touch with us through the form here for any questions.
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Fresh Custom Code (Utilities)


Add custom CSS, LESS and JS code to any WordPress page without rewriting your themes and therefore losing the ability to update the theme.

More detailed item description page is coming soon, in the meantime please see the Screenshots above and read the Main Features below.

Main Features

  • White Label Admin – no advertising or Fresh branding anywhere
  • Small Footprint – The interface is located directly in “WP-admin -> Settings -> Custom Code”
  • Create as many Custom Codes as you want, each with different rules, options and conditions
  • Professional Ace text editor with Emmet toolkit which lets you write your CSS code faster by expanding abbreviated CSS properties into their full form. More info can be found in their own cheatsheet (scroll down to CSS section). To quickly try Emmet type bgc into the editor and hit TAB key. It should expand to background-color
  • Supports CSS, LESS, JS and Tracking Codes (Google Analytics)
  • Conditional Logic – You can limit where will your Custom Code be used. For example you can only use your code on a single post that has a Post Format Video. Or you can limit your code to a specific theme, that’s useful if you switch themes a lot.
  • Placement – place your code in the Header or Footer to get maximum flexibility/performance.
  • Prioty – set Priority where the default value is 5, highest is 1 and lowest is 10. A code with a higher priority will be printed after the code with a lower priority.
  • Status – Publish your Custom Code now or at a set time. By using the Draft feature you can write your code but it will not yet be visible to public.
  • LESS – Automatically compiles and cache your LESS syntax, you just focus on writing. Already includes several pre-defined mixins (border-radius, gradients, etc.)
  • Is included in the native WordPress content migration (Import/Export) located at “WP-admin -> Tools -> Import/Export”
  • Native one-click updates to new versions from “WP-admin -> Dashboard -> Updates” – you do not need any purchase code, it just works
  • Great for ThemeForest authors to include in their WordPress themes for sale – requires Extended license
      Fresh Performance Cache
You can minify, combine and compress your .LESS/.SCSS files on the fly using our Fresh Performance Cache plugin for WordPress.
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