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  • Verify My Email for WordPress – verify users and auto-approve the comments (WordPress)

    NEW USER VERIFICATION Verify My Email adds simple verification process to user registration. It sends the Verification URL via email when user is registered on your website or new customer placed new order via WooCommerce. New user is unable to login until he visits the Verification URL. COMMENTS VERIFICATION AND AUTO-APPROVAL If a comment is […]

  • Protect Comments Pro – Protect comments with password (Utilities)

    Protect comments with password. In case of you want to hide comments of your blog posts and show them to only who knows the password; probably this is the only plugin that can help you achieve this! CodeCanyon new WordPress items Shortlink http://thesetemplates.info/codecanyon/protect-comments-pro-protect-comments-with-password-utilities/

  • Mask Comments Pro (Utilities)

    Hide comments of a specific post and show a predefined text instead. In case of you want to hide comments of your blog posts, or show them to registered members only; probably this is the only plugin that can help you achieve this. CodeCanyon new WordPress items Shortlink http://thesetemplates.info/codecanyon/mask-comments-pro-utilities/

  • Selected User’s Comments with archive and widget (Interface Elements)

    Selected User’s Comments (or Single User’s Comments) is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create 2 things: an archive page of comments of one selected user a widget for your sidebar, footer (or other zone) with latest comments or replies of one selected user Advantages You don’t have to mess with any shortcodes manually, […]

  • Comments Lightbox For WordPress (Miscellaneous)

    This plugin allows you to transform links to comments into a lightbox displaying comments without refreshing the page. The lightbox works out of the box and require no configuration. It also takes care of matching the style of the currently active WordPress theme on your site. Here is the requirement: Your theme must use the […]

  • Forum based on comments (Utilities)

    Forum based on comments convert your comments in a discussion forum. Put in a post type page (page) a shortcode, this will make the last comment of your site is displayed, the form is displayed in a forum type. This will make your comments otherwise see, possibly calling more attention of your readers to see […]

  • Facebook Recent Comments Widget for WordPress (Widgets)

    This widget allows you to display a list of latest facebook comments from your entire wordpress website on your frontpage – or anywhere else widget is used on the wordpress website. Features Shows all the latest comments from across your blog / wordpress site. Auto Approve Comments to display on widget or approve yourself . […]