Elegant Tabs for Cornerstone (Add-ons)

This plugin is an addon for Visual Composer WordPress plugin. It works great with the WordPress 4.0 and Cornerstone 1.2 and above. To get Cornerstone plugin, click here.

It lets you add any shortcode in multiple tabs so that users get to choose the data they want to see. We have also added numerous possibilities of customization where you can select different colors, icons, backgrounds for different sections/tabs. The content area can be filled up with TinyMCE editor; which means you can implement WYSIWYG.


Tab Icon:

You can choose the icon for each tab from the available fonts library in cornerstone.

Tabs Alignment:

Most of our users have asked for this feature. We have added an option for alignment. You can now align your tabs left, right or center.

Currently, Elegant Tabs for Cornerstone offers around 10 different styles of tabs and unlimited variations to make sure no two websites have similar looking tabs. This also lets you choose from a wide variety of options. Following are the style we provide –

– Bar Style

– Icon Box Style

– Underline Style

– Top line Style

– Fallig Icon Style

– Line Style

– Line Box Style

– Flip Style

– Trapezoid Style

– Fillup Style

For Theme Authors –

We offer theme authors an easy way to include this plugin in their themes on Themeforest. If you wish to include this plugin in your theme to be sold exclusively on Themeforest, just purchase an Extended License for each of your themes and send the purchase code and Theme name via contact form on our profile page. We will provide you with the stock license for that particular purchase code.

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Facebook Elements for Cornerstone (Add-ons)


Facebook Elements for Cornerstone lets you to add Facebook Social Plugins to your pages easily.
Browse to F.A.Q. section

  1. Embed Facebook Posts and Videos to your pages
  2. Put Facebook Comments to your page

It’s a Cornerstone plugin, so you can put these widgets to your pages by dragging and dropping.

Facebook Embedded Post

Facebook Embedded Video

Facebook Comments


You need Cornerstone to use this add-on.

Visual Composer version of this add-on

Did you like it?

So check out my other add-ons,


– Do I need any programming / coding knowledge?

Absolutely no! Just drag any element and drop to your WordPress page. Some of the elements will ask Facebook URL of your Facebook page or any Facebook post.

– Are there any restriction about size?

Well, actually there some restrictions but they are defined by Facebook and I have nothing to do about it.

  1. Embedded Posts element width must be between 350px and 750px.
  2. Embedded Videos element width must be greater than 220px.
  3. Page element width must be between 180px and 500px.
  4. Page element height must be greater than 70px.

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Cornerstone | The WordPress Page Builder (Utilities)

Version: 1.2.0 | Changelog – Select icon in upper right to view only Cornerstone.

Overview – Learn about all the incredible Cornerstone features and functionality.
Elements Demo – See just a sample of the Cornerstone Elements in action.
Changelog – Detailed notes for each update and version so you can stay updated.
Support Forums – First time Themeco customer? Register. Returning? Login.
Knowledge Base – Cornerstone walkthroughs, video tutorials, articles, and more.
Launch Party Thread – Join the discussion! Share bug reports and feature requests.

Once purchased, all support is provided in our community forums, and you can register here for access. Our team spans the globe and is ready to assist 24/7/365! We look forward to working with you, and if you have any trouble registering or need to get in touch, feel free to contact us.

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Wedding Suite Cornerstone Add-on (Add-ons)


Wedding Suite Cornerstone Add-on – Overview

Wedding Suite Cornerstone Add-on is an add-on for cornerstone page builder which allows you to build a professional and beautiful wedding website.
This add-on has been created and based on popular theme of Wedding Suite and you will find this theme via following address:
Wedding Suite WordPress Theme

Main Features

  • Bride in 3 Unique Styles
  • Groom in 3 Unique Styles
  • Bridesmaids in 4 Unique Styles
  • Groomsmen in 4 Unique Styles
  • Wedding boxes in 3 Unique Styles
  • Wedding Countdown in 3 Unique Styles
  • Vintage Titles in 3 Unique Styles
  • Testimonial Slider
  • Wedding Quote



Any media – Photo, video used in preview are not included in this item and you need to contact authors to get permission in case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects.



We give full support for purchased templates.
Please create a support ticket at webnus.ticksy.com
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ADS PRO – Ad Templates, Cornerstone Extension (Add-ons)

20+ Ad Templates – Cornerstone Extension

This Extension for Cornerstone Page Builder allows you to use 20+ different Ad Templates on your WordPress site. It’s really easy way to display pretty and matched advertising on your site.

Are you use Ads Pro manager? You will be able to use Ad Spaces in the fastest way, directly from the Elements List.

Ads Pro - Ad Manager
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Image Showcase for Cornerstone (Add-ons)

Image Showcase For Cornerstone is an addon for cornerstone page builder which allows you to showcase images using different hover animation effects.

This plugin adds a new element named as Image Showcase to the cornerstone’s list of elements and allows you to have 30 different types of hover effects and stles for the Images.

The plugin also allows you to choose the number of images you would like to displayed on each row with a maximum option of 4 images in one row.


  • 30 Different image hover effects.
  • Fully customizable using the cornerstone page builder.
  • Allows you the change colors of the texts, overlay background and hover background.
  • Allows you to choose number of images you would like to display on each row.
  • Allows you to put different types of styles and layouts on the same page.
  • 100% responsive and works great on mobiles.
  • Works with all modern browsers and across all platforms.

Support & Queries

You can contact us directly via the comments section of the plugin or mail us on support@magnigenie.com
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Modal Box/Popup for Cornerstone (Add-ons)

Modal Box For Cornerstone is an addon for cornerstone page builder which allows you to easily display any type of content using a modal box or a pop on your cornerstone powered website.

This plugin adds a new element named as ModalBox to the cornerstone’s list of elements and allows you to have 4 different types of contents to be displayed on the modal box.

The plugin allows you to have 4 different methods such as button, image, automatic and exit intent to trigger the modal box/popup on a page. You can also put multiple modal box/popups on a single page without having and issues.


  • Allows to use any custom html or shortcode for the modal content.
  • Easily transforms wordpress Image gallery to modal image gallery.
  • Allows you to use any external website(iframe) inside modal box.
  • Works perfectly with Youtube/Vimeo videos and google maps..
  • Easily customize the look and feel of the modal box with just few clicks.
  • Allows you to have different methods to trigger the modal box.
  • Supports exit intent, automatic popup display, button and image click to open modal box.
  • Allows you to completely customize the buttons which trigger the modal box.
  • 100% responsive and works across all major browsers.
  • Works with all modern browsers and across all platforms.

Support & Queries

You can contact us directly via the comments section of the plugin or mail us on support@magnigenie.com
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Sapore – Cornerstone Restaurant menu element (Add-ons)

Sapore is an addon for cornerstone page builder which allows you to showcase a restaurant menu on your cornerstone powered website.

This plugin adds a new element named as Restaurant Menu to the cornerstone’s list of elements and allows you to have 3 different types of styles for the restaurant menu section. Easy to install, easy to use. Just drag and drop the element and done!

You can choose one of three styles, customize the background and text colors, use one or two images per item, turn on or off the hover animations and add as many elements and items as you want.


  • 3 different menu styles
  • Interactive CSS3 hover animations
  • Use 1 or 2 images per item
  • Full Responsive
  • Easy to customize
  • Awesome Support
  • and much more!


You can contact us 24 hours via dotrex@dotrex.co – It’s aways a pleasure to help our customers

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Attic Gallery – Cornerstone element (Add-ons)

A premium Cornerstone element, which brings new possibilities of thumbnail gallery building to your Cornerstone front-end page editor.

Attic Gallery is built for those who is in search of original ways to display thumbnail galleries and is no more contented with just traditional grid or masonry layouts.

Key features

  • Versatile layout types
    • Tile grid layout – based on the responsive grid. Thumbnails are arranged to this grid (being cropped when necessary) and also can span several rows/columns
    • Vertical masonry layout – based on responsive columns. Thumbnails are stacked into columns and retain their original aspect ratio. Opposed to the traditional masonry layout, thumbnails can occupy multiple columns.
  • Control over responsiveness – every gallery layout type is responsive (adapting to the viewport width). Moreover, you can set the exact column count individually for each viewport size.
  • Thumbnail styling and hover effects – 10 style templates are included and each can be easily customized to match your theme.
  • Loads fast, saves bandwidth, improves your SE page rankings – The Attic Gallery features built-in thumbnail lazy-loading. The size of image that gets transferred to visitor’s browser depends on the actual demand (thumbnail’s size on a visitor’s page). This feature utilises native WordPress intermediate image sizes, so you can easily set up the image size range optimized for your case.

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