WooCommerce Advanced Email Customizer (Miscellaneous)

WooCommerce Advanced Email Customizer allows you to customize email subject & visually modify the look and style of woocommerce order emails like New Order, Processing Order, Completed Order, Cancelled Order, Failed Order & Refunded Order Emails.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Easily customization of woo-commerce all emails subjects
  • Woo-commerce Emails All things is editable
  • This plugin is Provided word-press post editor( Visual Editor ) for editing email
  • Easily Customizing of all email body like
    • Header Footer Text
    • Header Footer Background Color, Font Color, Font size, font style
    • Header Logo (only use 50×200 resolution)
    • Phone number & email on header
    • Header menu add OR remove & add links on header menu
    • Editable Social media on footer
    • Easily change footer social icons ( only use 30×30 resolution) & links
  • Add or remove email body content like billing details, shipping details, customer details, Order Details, Payment method etc.
  • Easily you have add dynamic content on email like next order coupon, specific user offer etc…
  • Add OR remove terms & condition, Privacy Policy links on footer menu

WooCommerce Advanced Email Customizer Email Screen-shot


A live demo of the plugin can be seen here: WooCommerce Next Order Offer
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DB Error Customizer – Manage Database Error Professionally (Utilities)

Database not responding is a very common issue in hosting a WordPress website. Instead of showing a blank page with a simple error message “Error establishing a database connection”, DB Error Customizer helps you to handle it professionally. Not only you can easily customize a beautifully designed database error page using our predefined templates, it tells your visitors that everything is under control.

Below are the features of DB Error Customizer: 1) Comes with 5 predefined templates: a) Basic (Customizable error message, background & font color) b) Pro (Customizable error message, logo and background image & font color) c) Mystery (Customizable error message, logo, background image & font color) d) Snow (Customizable error message, logo, background image & font color) e) Video (Customizable error message, logo, background video & font color) 2) Preview customized output before saving 3) Inform search engine that the error page is temporarily (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error header) and it should not cache it to retain your SEO credit 4) Auto send email alert to your admin when database not responding 5) Customizable email alert (Email target, subject, content) 6) Prevention feature to avoid receiving too many email alert

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Inventive woocommerce text customizer (WooCommerce)

Inventive woocommerce text customizer is the perfect tool for font designers who want to sell their fonts online and want to give buyers the possibility to try text before to buy.

It is also designed for shops who sell engraving works, stickers, lettering, because you can calculate price based on the dimensions of the writing or add up a quantity for every single character/letter added.

It also calculates automatically updated weight by its dimensions!

It differs from other woocommerce product customization plugins, because it focuses only on “text”, so it is very lightweight, and if you need only to work with customized text it will speed up your website, because of its tiny dimensions.

Let’s do some examples:

I am a font designer and I wanna sell my font family in my website.

When customer will look to your product, he will be able to write a custom text with your font face, so he can preview how the font will look like.

I own a sign shop and wanna sell simple stickers, custom lettering, custom text for engraving etc.

When customer will look to your product, he will be able to write a custom text with your available fonts, so he can preview how the font will look like.

You can also customize the css and the way your text is presented.

Plus if you put in the admin a price per square inch (or square cm) of (for example) $ 0.12 price will calculate its total by dimensions and it will also calculate WEIGHT for shipment purposes.

So if customer write “HELLO” and “HELLO” dimension is 25×10inches, total price would be $ 3



Otherwhise you can calculate price by every letter added. So if the base price is $ 3.00 and customer writes “HELLO”, product quantity would be 5 (the total hello lenght) * 3, giving a total of $ 15.00

Admin screenshots





Add to woocommerce products a textarea where user can pickup a font and write with that style

It calculates automatically updated price and show it LIVE.

You can automatically calculate product price by custom text dimensions

If calculate product price by custom text dimensions, weight will auto update to choose right shipment option.

It works with Wocoommerce product addons, gravity forms woocommerce product add on and variations

Compatible with Inventive woocommerce discounts

You can assign to each product from 1 to infinite font styles the user can choose from.

Very simple and effective to use

Multilingual ready

Look the demo!

Quickstart guide: learn how to create your first product with text customizer!

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WooCommerce Product Customizer (Products)

WooCommerce Product Customizer Plugin allows users to Customize the appearance of the WooCommerce product on product shop page, product details page, Cart page and Checkout page.

WooCommerce Product Customizer Plugin helps you to customize the WooCommerce shop page and product detail page looks without writing any code! You can completely customize the look of shop pages and product detail pages by changing the fonts, colors, sizes, borders, buttons, images, prices, titles, descriptions, category and more.

WooCommerce Product Customizer Plugin is providing Show and hide option for WooCommerce Product details.

WooCommerce Product Customizer Plugin is providing option for add Empty Cart Button on Cart page.

WooCommerce Product Customizer Plugin is providing option for Disable field and also make optional field on Checkout page.


  • Fully Dynamic Customize settings for the Product appearance
  • You can customize shop page and product page without writing any code
  • Easy to understand and user appearance
  • Product / Shop Page Functionality

  • Provide option for apply settings on All Products as well as only selected product also.
    • Disable / Enable Products Image
    • Disable / Enable Product Title
    • Disable / Enable Product Price
    • Disable / Enable Product Add To Cart Button
    • Disable / Enable product’s unset images
    • Set product default image(Display this image on unset product images)
    • Set and modify style appearance for Product Title
    • Set and modify style appearance for Product Price
    • Set and modify style appearance for Product Add to cart button
    • Set and modify style appearance for Product Image border
  • Product Details Page Functionality

  • Provide option for apply settings on All Products as well as only selected product also.
    • Disable / Enable Product Image
    • Disable / Enable Product Title
    • Disable / Enable Product Price
    • Disable / Enable Product Add To Cart Button
    • Disable / Enable Product Category
    • Disable / Enable Product Tab
    • Disable / Enable Related Product
    • Disable / Enable product unset images
    • Set product default image(Display this image on unset product images)
    • Set and modify style appearance for Product Title
    • Set and modify style appearance for Product Description
    • Set and modify style appearance for Product Price
    • Set and modify style appearance for Product Category
    • Set and modify style appearance for Product Add to cart button
    • Set and modify style appearance for Product Image border
  • Provide Option For only logged in user can seen price or add to cart button On prodduct shop and details page.
  • Cart Page Functionality

  • Provide Add Empty Cart button on cart page with full style appearance.
  • Checkout Page Functionality

  • Provide Settings for Disabled fields and make Optional or Required fields on checkout page.

Need help? or more infornation about product than Please be sure to read the Document. For read Document Click Here. You can also email us on support@indicaneinfotech.com for any pre-sale inquiry only.

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Urban – Responsive Admin Template + Customizer Access (Admin Templates)

Urban is a premium bootstrap 3 web application admin template. It comes packed with a myriad of different layouts, pre-built skins(Sidebar & Header), angularJS and HTML versions, Grunt and Bower build processes and a host of other options. Urban gives you what you need to get started with bulding your next web application, CRM, CMS, admin or dashboard based project.


 HTML and Angular versions
 Online Customizer for generating custom CSS and less
 Bower and grunt build process / non bower and grunt versions included
 Always up to date online documentation
 Responsive design
 Unlimited customization possibilities
 Clean design and commented code

Online Customizer

 Make the template your own. Style in any way you want
 Generate custom CSS and LESS files



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Madrid – Modern PrestaShop Theme with Customizer (PrestaShop)


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One year after our first theme – here it is, our most powerful theme ever.

Our new theme – Madrid – is a responsive, modern looking, based on Bootstrap PrestaShop theme, with built-in many amazing features, and the beautiful, detailed design.

The key feature in our theme is – flexibility – our Theme Options it is not only a few amazing predefined colors but also options where you can change Fonts, Colors, Layout and many other things, many possibilities give you a chance to create something unique on our new theme.

What can I do to make my Madrid theme unique?

  • 4 predefined colors (pink, yellow, blue, green) and…
    • You can create your own scheme – completely unique or based on existing, every element which is in Theme Options can be changed using default colors or your custom color
  • Change fonts, select from entire Google Fonts library with Live Preview
    • You can easily enable latin extended, cyrillic or greek fonts in Theme Options too
    • Thanks tou “Live Preview” you can see selected Font and see compatibility with additional subsets
  • Complete control over the theme columns and theme layout
    • Boxed and Wide version available
    • 1140px, 1400px and 100% width of site
    • Flexible product list grid – 2,3,4,6 products in line
    • Carousels, tabs, normal list…
    • Left/Right/No column on the homepage
    • Yes/No column on product page, cms page, category page, blog and all others
  • Create multiple sliders in many positions
    • Slider before the content
    • Slider on the homepage content
    • Full screen slider
    • Use slider in columns, product page and many other places thanks to Slider Revolution module
    • For this who doesn’t like Slider Revolution we have our unSlider
  • Create more SEO friendly content with our Blog for PrestaShop
    • Display Posts (recent, most viewed, most liked, from category) on the homepage or in column
    • Display Posts as a carousel after the content area
    • Create standard posts, galleries, video posts and external URL
    • Enable comments for non logged in users and use no robot captcha by Google
    • Almost 500 purchases on CodeCanyon with 5 star rating, this is the best recommendation

What else says that Madrid is a good choice for you?

  • Icon Boxes for more visible information to customers
    • Create icon boxes in one of the few predefined places
    • Icon boxes available in three predefinde styles
  • Better mobile experience
    • Enable/Disable each of the module on Mobile/Tablets.
    • Enable/Disable each of the link in navigation on Mobile/Tablet
    • Touch ready sliders, carousels, friendly selectboxes and forms
    • Carefully tested on Retina and Apple Devices
  • Our experience visible in code
    • Every from our modules is positively validated by PrestaShop Validator
    • Our modules are appreciated by the hundreds of customers here on CodeCanyon and on Addons Marketplace
  • Trully multi-store ready
    • You can easily create different store on our theme using multi-store in PrestaShop, every setting in Theme Options is saved “per store”, every image, every module can be edited for each of the stores
    • You can easily use settings from default store while creating a new one thanks to our Import/Export mechanism
  • Trully multi-lang ready
    • Easily translate your theme to as many languages as you want directly from Admin Panel, no files editing!
    • Multi-language slider, blog, icon boxes – everything
  • Auto-Update mechanism
    • No more FTP, no more files copying, easily update your theme to the newest version
    • Completely safe mechanism, your custom settings are totally safe
    • You can easily disable updates notifications and auto-update mechanism
  • Trully professional Support
    • Avg. speed of reply: 21.4 hours (stats provided by Ticksy)
    • Over the half of our positive ratings are related to Support Quality

General Theme Features

  • Bloat-Free Theme
  • Safely Auto-updates
  • Fully compatible with PrestaShop,, and newer versions
  • HTML5 and CSS3 construction
  • 4 predefined colors (pink, yellow, green, blue)
  • Translation ready
  • Multi-store ready
  • Multi-currency ready
  • Fully Responsive Design, Mobile Friendly
  • Touch Optimised Sliders And Slideshows
  • SEO Best Practice Coding
  • Full featured theme options panel
  • Fully Customizable Design
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Built-in fantastic, flexible Mega Menu module
  • Built-in the best available Blog module – our Blog for PrestaShop
  • Built-in PrestaHome Reviews Carousel
  • Two Sliders – unoSlider and Slider Revolution
  • Choose from all of the Google Fonts, latin, latin extended, greece? No problem.
  • Product Images, Icons, Sliders are Retina Ready
  • Retina Ready font icons thanks to FontAwesome
  • Sticky menu and Sticky header options
  • Boxed and full width versions
  • Carefully integrated Google Rich Snippets and SCHEMA.org tags
  • PSD included
  • …and much, much more…


We offer customer support through our ticket support service. In order to use this service you will need to register with your Item Purchase Code. This is available from your downloads section on Envato.

Be sure to check out our faq’s section we may already have an answer for your question.

Please note: We do NOT provide support in the comments section of ThemeForest


Preview images are not included in the files package. They’re for demo purposes only.


Version 1.0.3 - 31.03.2015 [+] NEW: Grey color scheme  [-] BUGFIX: Solved few issues with products with reduction [-] BUGFIX: Few bugfixes related to PrestaShop
Version 1.0.2 - 09.03.2015 [+] NEW: Tabs with products on the homepage [+] NEW: Possibility to choose nb of items per line [+] NEW: Possibility to choose between 1140px, 1400px and 100% width layout  [*] IMPROVEMENT: Improved mobile/tablet version
Version 1.0.1 - 07.03.2015 [*] IMPROVEMENT: Better auto-update
Version 1.0.0 - 06.03.2015 [*] First release

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Exchange Product Image Customizer (Exchange)

WooCommerce Add To Cart Popup giving you avaibility, display popup window, with currently added product, with some extra informations for customer.

Exchange Product Image Customizer plugin allows you to add some elements into the product image :

  • add and view other product image using the hover effect (flip image)
  • view “Badge” on the product image
  • adjust the position of “Badge” in the picture
  • resize “Badge”
  • rotate “Badge”
  • selection of more than 140 “Badges”
  • the ability to upload your own “Badge”
  • settings for each product

For each product is possible define own badge and flip image and display them.

flip image setting
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Widget Customizer for WordPress (Widgets)

Widget Customizer is a simple WordPress plugin which will enables you to style your own widgets in seconds! Colorize your widgets, set their background color, title color, text and links, with or without borders. Create awesome looking widgets is very simple! Just drag the Widget Customizer before the desired widget you wish to style and just setup the basic colors. Save your preferences and see the results. That simple and effective!

Widget Customizer Screenshot Widget Customizer in action. Setup these basic settings and voilà!

Everybody needs a Widget Customizer!

Improve your site in seconds! Get that important stuff to stick out. Users visiting your site will notice the unique styled sections.

Widget Customizer is awesome!

Compatible with all WordPress themes! Simple controls, but very effective results. Highlight that newsletter signup form that sits unnoticed in your sidebar.

Grab your copy today!

Don’t hesitate, you’ll love the Widget Customizer plugin for WordPress. Colorize your footer elements and get creative results.

Widget Customizer Support

Support is provided via Item comments. Thank you for using Widget Customizer!

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Visual Composer Customizer Add-on (Add-ons)

Our new plugin takes Visual Composer plugin to the next level, adding customizer capabilities and amazing extra modules that will enable you create professional looking website without troubles!

Smart options were added to increase the options level to max without bloat the plugin.

You can try it before buy in our demo – Try Now

We also offer our premium one-to-one support and fast bug process to ensure a fantastic experience with our products!

To bug reports, troubles or feedback about our tool, just send an e-mail to support [at] code9rs.com and our team will get in touch!

Note: This is an add-on of Visual Composer plugin, you must have it installed before using this plugin!


The following modules are added by our plugin and have customizer options!

  • Buttons
  • Info Box
  • Latest Tweet
  • Forms
  • Carousel
  • Product Showcase
  • Row Styles – Parallax Background, Cut Effects
  • Orgaziner – Tabs, Accordion, Tour, Toggle
  • Testimonials
  • Image Blocks
  • Posts
  • Separators
  • Call to Action
  • Pricing Table
  • Title Wrapper
  • Staff
  • Portfolio Grid, Mansory, Special Sizes, Wide and much more.


We would like to special thank you the following websites to provide material that was used in the website:

Unsplash – ( unsplash.com ) Using Tablet Video – ( http://videohive.net/item/woman-using-touchpad-in-the-underground/6708178 )

Kind Regards, CODE9RS Team

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