Data Browser (Miscellaneous)

Data Browser – current version 1.0.2 available for download!

Advanced Analyzer for Site Data

  • DataBrowser is a premium multi-purpose system for creating charts , and analyzing/browsing data, based on the real existing data on your site.
  • This is a system to create interactive charts and tables automatically
  • This is a system to anaylse and find data in simple way
  • This system supports all custom post types and all taxonomies and custom fields

DataBrowser features

  • General Features
    • Fully customizable
    • Unlimited colors
    • Multi-purpose system
    • Full control on height and width
    • Powerful admin panel
    • Fully ajaxed
    • No need to fill chart data
    • You can create unlimited “DataBrowser” instance
    • You can view “DataBrowser” anywhere using shortcode
    • Free updates & support
  • Navigation Path Section
    • With the “Navigation Path Section” you have full control on the browsing process
    • You can delete a query
    • You can choose one query and delete all other queries just by one click
    • You can return to one of the previous queries
    • You can reset queries
    • You can customize each element in Navigation Path specifically with a lot of settings
  • Chart Section
    • With the “Chart Section” you can see “auto generated charts” in customizable view
    • 8 type of chart ready to use : ScatterChart, LineChart, AreaChart, BarChart, ColumnChart ,StepedChart , DonutChart and PieChart
    • You can build charts based on taxonomies , custom fields and other post data
    • You can sort charts
    • All charts are interactive and clickable so you can click on a value of a chart and see the results
    • Each type of charts has its own settings
    • Animation ready for ScatterChart, LineChart, AreaChart, BarChart, and ColumnChart
  • Post List Section
    • With the “Post List Section” you can see analysed post in a customizable list
    • You can use taxonomies , custom fields and other post data in this section
    • You can sort post list contents
    • You can customize each element in “Post List Section” specifically with a lot of settings
    • You can customize post list pagination
  • Single Post Section
    • With the “Single Post Section” you can see a post with the full details in fully customizable lightbox
    • You can use taxonomies , custom fields and other post data in this section
    • You can sort single post contents
    • You can customize each element in “Single Post Section” specifically with a lot of settings
  • Available setting for each element
    • Background color
    • Font size
    • Font Color
    • Font name
    • Font weight
    • Font style
    • Width
    • Min width
    • max width
    • Height
    • Min height
    • Max height
    • Text align
    • Float Property
    • Direction Property
    • Display Property
    • Overflow-x Property
    • Overflow-y Property
    • Word-wrap property
    • Word break
    • Letter spacing
    • Word spacing
    • Margins
    • Padding
    • Border
    • Border type
    • Border width
    • Border color
    • Border top setting specifically
    • Border bottom setting specifically
    • Border left setting specifically
    • Border right setting specifically
    • Border radius
    • Text shadow enable/disable
    • Text shadow H-shadow
    • Text shadow V-shadow
    • Text shadow Blur
    • Text shadow Color
    • Box shadow enable/disable
    • Box shadow H-shadow
    • Box shadow V-shadow
    • Box shadow Blur
    • Box shadow Spread
    • Box shadow Color
    • Box shadow Direction
    • Z-index
    • Vertical align
  • Available settings for charts
    • Pie Hole
    • Is 3D
    • Connect Steps
    • Area Opacity
    • Line Width
    • Slice text style
    • Slice Text color
    • Slice Font name
    • Slice Font size
    • Pie Slice Text
    • Pie Start Angle
    • Pie Residue Slice Color
    • Pie Residue Slice Label
    • Curve type
    • Orientation
    • Point shape
    • Point size
    • Points visible
    • Crosshair enable/disable
    • Crosshair Color Focused
    • Crosshair Opacity Focused
    • Crosshair Orientation Focused
    • Crosshair Color Selected
    • Crosshair Opacity Selected
    • Crosshair Orientation Selected
    • Trendlines enable/disable
    • Trendlines type
    • Trendlines Color
    • Trendlines Line Width
    • Trendlines Opacity
    • Trendlines Show R2
    • Trendlines Visible in legend
    • Trendlines Degree
    • Trendlines Point size
    • Trendlines Points visible
    • Data opacity
    • Animation Startup
    • Animation Duration
    • Animation Easing
    • Annotations enable/disable
    • Annotations content
    • Annotations hover content
    • Annotations both mode separator
    • Annotations content manual
    • Annotations hover content manual
    • Annotations Always outside
    • Annotations High contrast
    • Annotation type
    • Annotations text Style
    • Annotations text Color
    • Annotations text Font name
    • Annotations text Bold
    • Annotations text Italic
    • Annotations text Font size
    • Annotations text Aura color
    • Annotations text Opacity
    • Axis titles position
    • Title position
    • Font size
    • Font name
    • Force iframe
    • Enable interactivity
    • Reverse Categories
    • Title text style
    • Title Text color
    • Title text Font name
    • Title text Font size
    • Title text Bold
    • Title text Italic
    • Background color
    • Border color
    • Border width
    • Chart area width
    • Chart area height
    • Chart width
    • Chart height
    • Legend Legend max lines
    • Legend Position
    • Legend Alignment
    • Legend text style
    • Legend Text color
    • Legend text Font name
    • Legend text Font size
    • Legend text Bold
    • Legend text Italic
    • Tooltip Ignore bounds
    • Tooltip show color Code
    • Tooltip trigger
    • Tooltip text style
    • Tooltip Text color
    • Tooltip text Font name
    • Tooltip text Font size
    • Tooltip text Bold
    • Tooltip text Italic


  01.04.2016 - ver 1.0.2      - major user interface improvement     - Fixed some css bogs     - improved documention file  27.03.2016 - ver 1.0.1      - Changed setting interface .     - Changed defult setting for table     - Changed defult setting for chart box     - Changed defult setting for DataBrowser section     - Fixed some css bogs     - improved documention file  20.03.2016 - ver 1.0.0      - first release . 

CodeCanyon new WordPress items

DYNAMO – WordPress Data Generation Utility (Utilities)

Dynamo is a powerful and accurate content generation utility for WordPress blogs. You can turn your Excel, CSV, or XML data sources into WordPress database instantly. High speed, multi-threaded, and accurate data generation – directly saves data to WordPress WXR file. A must have tool for developers and freelancers to build WordPress database in no-time.

With Dynamo, you can manage multiple WordPress projects (WXRs), import data from several data sources, support for custom posts/fields, preview data before uploading into WordPress, source to target(WP) fields mapping, Split large WXR file into smaller pieces to avoid timeout issues while importing and much more.


You can turn your Excel, CSV, or XML data sources into WordPress database instantly. Using Dynamo you can,

  1. Turn Excel/CSV/XML into WordPress Database
  2. Generate Blog Content Quickly and Easily
  3. Work in Isolated Mode (No connectivity required)
  4. Build Demo Data for WordPress themes
  5. Generate Test Data for Blog Testing
  6. Split Large Data file into smaller chunks (WXR) for Easy Import – Avoid Timeout Issues
  7. Quickly Import Demo/Test Data into WordPress
  8. Clean Dashboard & Multilingual Support
  9. Copy entire or partial content to another site
  10. Support for Post, Page, Category, Tags and Feature Image


Below are some of the main features of the Dynamo.

  • Work Offline – No Internet Needed for Dynamo. Generate content offline and import data into WordPress later on.
  • Easy-to-Use – Engage with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to generate content with just one click.
  • Comprehensive – Turn your data sources (Excel, CSV, or XML) into WordPress database instantly using a powerful and accurate WordPress content generation utility.
  • WXR Splitter – Split Large Data file into smaller chunks (WXRs) for Easy Import of blog content.


In order to run this tool, you should meet the following requirements.

  1. .NET Framework 4.0 or above (Download here:

Note: Dynamo runs on Windows Platforms only but we are working hard to make Linux release soon. Stay tuned for update!


Download 15-day free trial here to evaluate this product. Please note that the trial version will stop working after 15 days, but full functionality will return when you purchase and register the product with a valid license file.

The license key will be sent separately once you buy the product or request for the trial.


Installing Dynamo in Windows is quite easy and you don’t need any additional software for running Dynamo. Simply run the setup and start working with Dynamo.

We recommend you to try our awesome product.

Thank you!


Getting Started:

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Export WordPress Data to EXCEL or CSV file (Utilities)

This plugin will help you to export (download) WordPress data to Excel or CSV file. User friendly interface allows to do export with the least effort.

This plugin can export all data Using WordPress Users, Usermeta, Posts, Pages and Comments The main features of this export plugin are:

Quick installation and setup. You can backup users, posts and comments from roles. You can export encrypted user’s password if you need. Ability to specify the order of columns for Excel or CSV file. Download Profiles is available, so you can export data in 1 click. In addition, the plugin looks great on all devices without custom coding needed for each device or screen size.

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WordPress Meta Data Filter (WP e-Commerce)

The main purpose of the plugin – indexing site pages by metafields values and as result create convenient and logical search of information or products with the plugin search widget. Plugin works with posts and with the custom types. Also you can use the plugin with woocommerce to create smart product filters.

CodeCanyon new WordPress items

WordPress Database data Administrator (Utilities)

WPDB dt Admin allows you to administrate the data in your WordPress database. You can consult, edit, insert and delete the data saved in your WordPress database tables in an easy way and make customized searches on it with the capacity of export it in CSV and Excel (XLSX) formats for use it later or in another application. You can also import information from CSV and Excel (XLS, XSLX) files directly in the table that you choose. Furthermore you can create backup of the structure and data of your WordPress database and also you can schedule backups to be executed and saved automatically. This application it’s useful also as a learning tool if you aren’t used to how WordPress administer the information of your website in a database.


  1. Easy Installation and don’t require any extra configuration to start to use it.
  2. It gives you the ability to consult, and edit the data saved by WordPress directly with an intuitive interface.
  3. Export and Import data in CSV and Excel (XLSX) formats.
  4. Create backups of the information in your WordPress database.
  5. Schedule backups to be executed and saved automatically.
  6. Save and download the backups in a compressed file (zip) to save space.


  1. WordPress 3.4 +
  2. ZIP extension for PHP enabled
  3. Permissions (0775 or 0777) on folders uploads, downloads and backups in the plugin folder

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Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight Reviews

Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight

Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight

Data Science gets thrown around in the press like it’s magic. Major retailers are predicting everything from when their customers are pregnant to when they want a new pair of Chuck Taylors. It’s a brave new world where seemingly meaningless data can be transformed into valuable insight to drive smart business decisions.

But how does one exactly do data science? Do you have to hire one of these priests of the dark arts, the “data scientist,” to extract this gold from your data? Nope.

List Price: $ 45.00

Price: $ 24.30

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