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  • backDetect : jQuery Plugin to detect Click on Back Button

    jQuery backDetect is a jQuery plugin that is used to determine when a user clicks the back button and fire a callback function. Read More Demo Download Download backDetect : jQuery Plugin to detect Click on Back Button from Webostock Marketplace. Webostock Marketplace Shortlink http://thesetemplates.info/webostock/backdetect-jquery-plugin-to-detect-click-on-back-button/

  • KillAdBlock – Detect Browser Nasty Ad Blockers Addons (Advertising)

    KillAdBlock can detect nasty ad blockers and display custom message to user , and you can lock your content until they disable ad block addons . All you need to do is enable this plugin . If people want to view the content they must disable ad block addons . After disable ad block addons […]

  • Video Link Checker – Detect broken YouTube urls (WordPress)

    Detect broken urls from YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, MixCloud, SoundCloud and Vimeo! Video Link Checker is a WordPress plugin that will automatically validate video links on your site whether they are embedded or not. It does this by extracting video IDs from each post and querying the video site APIs to ensure those IDs are still […]

  • [WP] Verifile – Detect New & Edited Files (Utilities)

    Database driven websites (such as WordPress, Drupal etc. sites) rarely change their files, as all of your data is stored in a database. Hackers and cyber criminals on the other hand like to place little bits of extra code near your login functions in order to steal credentials, or even upload entirely new files to […]