WooCommerce Pricing and Discount (WooCommerce)

CUSTOMERS LOVE TO BUY WooCommerce Pricing and Discount.LET THEM BUY!

For years, SoftProdigy has excelled in the domain of WordPress extensions offering fully functional add-ons for WordPress based websites. The add-ons have simplified the way people have been using the websites offering convenience to the end user as well as to the website owner. The add-ons created have catered to all sorts of technical demands that a user expects from a website. For every missing dot, SoftProdigy has created a plug-in as a solution to deliver a greater user experience. Once again SoftProdigy has created a buzz by launching a plugin for WooCommerce, WordPress’ popular ecommerce platform. With over 10 million downloads WooCommerce has already succeeded to become the first choice of ecommerce stores and claims about 30% of the online store shares. It’s thus the popularity of the platform that has fueled the demand for plug-ins in order to enhance a user’s WooCommerce experience.

Plugin Features:

1) Admin can set discount for particular product on cart page.

2) Rule can be applied to all products in store, specific categories or specific products

3) Admin has ability to set discount validity for particular time period.

4) Various types of discounts on the cart subtotal and on price of products as well on cart page can be set.

5) You can optionally set promotion start and end dates for various discounts.

6) Depending on configuration bulk discounts can or cannot be applied if a coupon code is used.

7) Set discount on cart subtotal on the basis of particular products in the cart.

8) Admin can set various types of setting for cart discounts and for quantity pricing table.

Pricing Rules:

Pricing rules are applied to price of products on cart page.

a) On quantities of each product individually and all selected products in the list.

b) On quantities of products of selected categories in the list.

c) Price rule applied to all products of store to set same price for all products on cart page.

d) Display Quantity Discount pricing table on single product pages.Cart Discounts:

Various conditions for cart discounts like on:

a) Discount on Cart subtotal depending upon min and max cart subtotal

Subtotal at least >=

Subtotal less than<=

b) Discount on Cart subtotal depending upon min and max quantity of items in cart Count of cart items at least>= Count of cart items less than

Show/Hide Price Tag:Settings in the admin section have all the options like ‘Want to show/hide’ price tag for shop and individual product page as well.

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WooCommerce First Purchase Discount (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce First Purchase Discount is a WooCommerce addon which allows you to offer discount to the customers who are making their first purchase on your store.

The plugin checks for combination of multiple fields such as address, zip code, name, phone number and email id to know if the user has already made a purchase in past.

The discount is automatically added as the user fills in the billing form on the checkout page.


  • Powerful admin backend to customize the plugin.
  • Categories: Just add those categories for which you want the customer atleast in their cart for getting discount at the time of checkout
  • Discount Value: This will be the discount amount
  • Discount Type: There are two types of discount. i. Flat Discount ii. Percent Discount
  • Minimum Purchase: This will be the minimum amount of purchase needs to get this offer. If you want any value then enter 0
  • Include Shipping: This will be the shipping price to be included
  • Apply Before Tax: This will be the discount amount to be add before adding tax
  • Discount Name: This will be the discount name that will be shown to the customer at the time of checkout.
  • Enable popup: Just make it checked if you want to show the popup
  • Popup cookie length(days): This will be the cookie length. Once user closes the popup, popup will not be shown to him for those set days
  • Exit intent: Display popup based on exit intent
  • Close popup on overlay click: Close the popup when people click outside the popup?
  • Popup Background Image: This will be the background image for the popup
  • Popup Background Color: This will be the Popup Background Color
  • Popup close button Color: This will be the Popup close button Color
  • Popup Overlay Color: This will be the Popup Overlay Color
  • Popup header text color: This will be the Popup header text color
  • Popup overlay opacity: This will be the Popup overlay opacity
  • Popup Height (px): This will be the Popup Height
  • Popup Width (px): This will be the Popup Width
  • Popup Content Top Position (px): Enter the amount of pixel from which the content will be shown from the top
  • Popup Content Left Position (px): Enter the amount of pixel from which the content will be shown from left
  • Popup Animation effect: Thses are the animation effects for the popup
  • Close hinge effect: This is an unique effect. Which will be shown at the time of close popup. To make it enable just check the checkbox
  • Display popup after(seconds): This will be the seconds after which the Popup will be shown
  • Popup header text: This will be the popup header text
  • Popup Text: Just enter the text in wysiwg editor, which you want to show in the popup

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Mailchimp Discount for Easy Digital Downloads (eCommerce)

EDD Mailchimp Discount is an addon for Easy Digital Downloads which allows you to setup discount for mailchimp newsletter signups on your site.

Whenever a new user signups for your newsletter the plugin automatically generates a coupon code based on the admin settings and email it to the registered email id.

The plugin internally uses the default EDD coupons so you can easily keep track of signups and the email ids.


  • Powerful admin backend to customize the plugin.
  • Easily setup discount for newsletter signups.
  • Double optin to have only valid users receive the coupon.
  • Automatically generates unique coupons for each signup.
  • Ability to set a coupon prefix so that you can easily recognise the coupon generated through the plugin.
  • Ability to define a custom length for the coupons that gets generated through the plugin.
  • Uses native EDD coupon system to generate the coupons.
  • Uses EDD native email template to send email for the coupon code.
  • Exit intent to display the popup.
  • Customizable shortcode support, which allows you to put add the form on any page/post or widget.
  • Ability to add multiple forms on same page and use shortcode alng with the popup feature.
  • Admin option to change the cookie length for popup display.
  • Admin option to disable popup and have the signups only as widgets.
  • Easily customize the look and feel of the popup to match your site’s design.
  • Allows you to show form fields as per your needs.
  • Creates a different unique coupon each time a user sign up for newsletter.
  • Easily select and setup coupon for specific products.
  • Easy to exclude specific products from the discount.
  • Allows you to define a coupon validity in number of days from the date of registration.
  • Ability to define a minimum purchase limit in order to be able to use the coupon.
  • Allows you to customize the coupon code email and subject¬†from the admin panel.
  • Allows you to use enter predefined variables on the email body and email subject.
  • Allows you to display a popup for the mailchimp signup form.

Shortcode Settings

You can use


shortcode to use the mailchimp discout form on your page/post/widget etc.
Please find the list of variables you can use with shortcode.

Variable Description
width Define a width for the signup form.
Possible values: 100px, 100%, 500px etc.

[edd_mailchimp_discount width="400px"]
align Set the alignment for the signup form.
Possible values: left,right and center.

[edd_mailchimp_discount align="center"]
layout Define the layout for the form.
Possible values are horizontal and vertical. The default value is vertical.

[edd_mailchimp_discount layout="horizontal"]
btn_width Set width for the subscribe button.
Possible values: 100px, 429px, 100%, 69% etc.

[edd_mailchimp_discount btn_width="300px"]
btn_align Set the alignment for the subscribe button.
Possible values: left,right and center.

[edd_mailchimp_discount btn_align="right"]

top_text Define a text that would appear on top of the form.

[edd_mailchimp_discount top_text="Subscribe to our newsletter and win discount"]
top_text_color Set a text color for the top text.

[edd_mailchimp_discount top_text_color="#ffcc00"]

You can combine any of the shortcode variables and create different type of forms. Check some examples below:
[edd_mailchimp_discount width="400px" align="center" btn_width="100%" texttop_text_top="Signup for newsletter" top_text_color="#333333"]


 Version 1.0     - Initial public release. 

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WP Coupon – Coupon, Discount & Deal Template (Miscellaneous)

\ \ \ \ \

WP Coupon is the most advanded coupon codes & deals website template on the market!

Tempate Features

  • HTML5 / CSS 3
  • Fully Responsive (Tested on Multiple Devices)
  • Sign In, Sign Up, Forgot password popup.
  • User dashboard design with saved coupon, favorite stores.
  • Ajax live search
  • Semantic UI CSS framework.
  • Three type of coupon: Coupon code, Deal, Printable
  • Coupon Features: Email share, voted up&down, Social share, comments…
  • Coupon Aff link open in previous browser tab.
  • Advertisement styled area.
  • Image jQuery Slider
  • jQuery carousel
  • Full Width Layout
  • jQuery Enhanced: Portfolio, Rooms, Gallery Filtering
  • HTML5 and CSS3 tableless design
  • Event List and upcomming events
  • Compatible Browsers: IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Included documentation.


V1.0 – February 23, 2013

- Initial Release


I would like to thank the following providers. This theme would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all of them.

Please note that none of the images in the demo are available in the theme package.

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ADF – Amazon Discount Finder for WordPress (Advertising)

As you might know, we have the first two best selling Amazon Affiliates Plugins here on Codecanyon. The Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates and the Amazon eStore Affiliates plugins.

The main goal for these products are to import amazon products into your own ecommerce website, and earn commissions from Amazon.

In time, we noticed that not all of our customers wish to have an ecommerce website and import products from amazon,or it seems to complicated for some of them.

This is the reason that made us develop a new plugin, called ADF – Amazon Discount Finder, in order to satisfy the needs of our other type of clients.

Using this plugin, you will easily earn commissions from Amazon without the need to have advanced knowledges of programming or anything of sorts.

You just need to install the plugin, to have / make an account on amazon associates, create a new banner (or unlimited banners, we have 5 types available!), display it somewhere on your website (or everywhere), and this banner will convert users that will be either redirected to amazon directly or using the add to cart button, they will already have the products in their cart. This means that you will earn more money as we speak.

What is Amazon Discount Finder?

Amazon Discount Finder is an affiliate advertising plugin designed to provide a means for any kind of websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest online store where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices, discounts, offers & coupons.

But because of Amazon’s hugeness it’s hard to browse trough all the endless pages. Also, Amazon has tons of hidden discounts & deals up to 90% off that are not so easy to discover.

If you’re an affiliate and want to earn extra money & commissions by promoting amazon’s offers & deals, don’t stop! Keep on reading!

Our newest project is called Discount Finder for Amazon. The name speaks for itself, but there’s much more beneath the surface.

The most important feature of our plugin is that it displays best discounts found on site, and external ones as well.

The plugin’s components are built to work as banners, that are of 5 types.

1. Pop’up box

2. Sliding Sidebar

3. Search Bar (top / bottom)

4. To be displayed into the website content – at the Top of the post / page

5. To be displayed into the website content – at the Bottom of the post / page

Why is our plugin of help?

Well, It basically narrows down the number of pages you’d have to sort through if you just went on Amazon and hunted for discounts, offers & so on. You will be able to offer your customers super deals and in the same time you will earn commissions just like magic!

Main features:

  • Makes money while you sleep! Thanks to the 90 days cookie, if a user purchases a product in 90 days, you will still get the commissions!
  • 5 types of banners with unique customizable design
  • pop’up box banner type – works as a pop’up on your website, wiith auto-open and auto-close options & much more
  • sliding sidebar banner type – works as a sliding sidebar, that can be added on the left / right side of your website
  • search bar banner type – works as a top / bottom search bar
  • top content banner type – it displays the discount finder box at the top of the post / page
  • bottom content banner type – it displays the discount finder box at the bottom of the post / page
  • Browse trough all Amazon’s categories
  • In Site Search (that means that the search results are displayed on your website)
  • Add to cart & View more options for products when using the In Site Search
  • External search (that means that users will be automatically redirected to amazon)
  • Select discounts when you search for products
  • Price – You can filter by minimum / maximum price
  • Filter by Brand & Manufacturer
  • Filter by Condition
  • Sort by : Best selling, On sale and so on
  • Supports all amazon associates programs (Worldwide, Amazon Germany, Amazon United Kingdom, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon Italy, Amazon China, Amazon Spain.)
  • Works as plugin on any WordPress Install – Version 3.9+

Banners Features / Options

How to display: 1. Design

  • – Choose if you wish to show icons or not
  • – Upload your own logo
  • – Write your own custom text

2. Custom CSS – write your own CSS

3. Limitations:

  • – Choose to enable the banner for : All / For IP list / Only me or Disable it
  • – Enable the banner for URL
  • – Make campaign for banner – Select Start Date /Time & End Date / Time
  • – Setup max limit for impressions
  • – See how many impressions the banner has
  • – Select on what countries to be displayed on
  • – Setup Priority (1 is the highest)
  • – Show the banner only to registered users
  • – Show the banner only to unregistered users
  • – Enable “don’t show me this banner again”
  • – Choose to display the banners only on mobile, desktop or both

4. Position

  • – Setup the banner size type
  • – Setup the banner size width

5. Various

  • – Search products opened – choose if you already wish to display a certain search offer to your customers when the banner is displayed.
  • – Products search type : Internal (in site – returns search results inline), External (returns search results on Amazon)

Where to display

  1. Pages
  2. Page Templates
  3. Post Types
  4. Taxonomy Archives
  5. Taxonomy Terms
  6. Template Hierarchy

What to display

Here you have all the amazon locations available, and you can choose to display them or not in a certain banner, and allow your users only to browse trough some of amazon’s categories, and filter products only by some of the fields.


Here you have some banner statistics.

  1. A graph with impressions, searches and redirects to amazon so you can monitorize your banner.
  2. Some chart pies to see your traffic from Mobile / desktop, Total searches made on the banner, Total redirects to Amazon and Total Impressions
  3. See top search per countries
  4. See top keywords / keyphrases

Amazon settings

Setup amazon key access & secret key and affiliate ID’s in order to be able to search for products & also get the commissions.

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Discount for Likes – WooCommerce plugin (WooCommerce)

The social discount plugin for WooCommerce

This plugin allows to decrease the price of a product if certain count of Facebook likes are reached. You can define the required count of likes for a certain discount for every product individually. This plugin will help you to increase the traffic in your woocommerce shop and to get more clicks and sales. You can enable a like button next to the product price and display a custom information how many Facebook likes need to be reached to decrease the price.

Your customers are forced to share the product on Facebook and ask their friends to like the product to decrease the product price together – the social network effect. An awesome marketing tool to make your site more popular.


  1. Enable ‚ÄěDiscount for Likes“ for every product separately
  2. Enable like button next to price
  3. Display a custom information how many likes need to be reached to decrease the price by a custom defined discount
  4. Works for simple and variable products

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WooCommerce Bulk Percentage Discount (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce Bulk Percentage Discount

An extension for WooCommerce which allows you to easily discount all product or individual categories by a percentage within one admin screen.

An options page will be added to WooCommerce which allows you to edit prices in bulk, all at once.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easily bulk update prices at once by a percentage


Username: demo

Password: demo123


 v1.0  - First stable release



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