WordPress Google Docs (WordPress)

WordPress Google Docs is a simple plugin which allows you to import Google Docs documents as WordPress pages or posts.

Imported content is HTML formatted with option to remove Google generated inline style from imported HTML.

To use WordPress Google Docs you must first configure Google API OAuth client (instructions on OAuth client configuration are part of included documentation).

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Wiki API Docs – Online Documentation Manager (Utilities)

Wiki API Docs is a documentation manager WordPress plugin. It allows you to create clean, orderly and user-friendly online documentation for anything!

Wiki API Docs looks like a complete responsive WordPress theme but because it’s a plugin it can be added to any available WordPress theme. That way you can keep using your amazing looking website with your theme of choice and still easily manage your documentation files without ever having to modify anything to keep your documentation good looking and adapt to your current theme style.

Documentation needs to be clear, searchable and very easy to use and that’s exactly how we created Wiki API Docs. It will save you and your users lots of time! Either way, creating or using your documentation/API.

five star rating

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Want more?

Wiki API Docs is created to make your life easier! Just like some other very useful time-saving plugins. We made sure Wiki API Docs is compatible with all of them!

Create Clean Documentation

Responsive Layout

Visual Composer and Snipr ready

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Fluent Docs (WordPress)

Easy documentation generation for WordPress plugins & themes

Fluent Docs

Fluent Docs is a documentation generation plugin for WordPress. No longer do you need to generate and compile documentation in web and print form for your themes & plugins. Create your documentation using the WordPress custom post type editor, then let the plugin serve web accessible, print and PDF generated documentation for you.

Need to provide documentation in the theme/plugin folder? simply download the PDF version from your site and use that.

Changed part of your documentation? simply update once online and redownload the PDF to include in your product.

Fluent Docs makes documentation easy, and provides 3 outlets that the documentation can be viewed. Provide the documentation online, have the option to view a printable version, and have PDFs will fully linked table of contents generated on the fly.

Simply use the documentation heirachy through WordPress post attributes to order and compile the table of contents and content.

Amazing Feature Set

Responsive Default Styling

The web version provides a default responsive look and feel that will look great in any template.

Print View

Some users enjoy printing documentation (even though we should be saving the trees). Fluent Docs has that covered

PDF Generation

No need to rewrite the same documentation for inclusion with files, and online. PDF’s can be generated for you.

Bootstrap Intergration

Print and PDF docs are generated with Twitter Bootstrap styling. A nice clean way to supply documentation.


Fluent Docs only generates new PDF’s when things change in your docs. If nothings changed it serves a previously generated file.

Likes & Dislikes

Need feedback on your content? Fluent Docs has that covered.

Fluent Docs uses the MPDF library so inherits the requirements for that system, which are:

  • PHP must include the mb_string module installed (usually default on most platforms)
  • PHP must have the zlib module for compression.

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