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  • AIO Support Center – Envato Licensing Add-On (Add-ons)

    Keep track of your Envato products and make sure you are providing support only to users that actually bought your items. Features Require Purchase Code on ticket creation User Friendly – If user already submitted purchase code once, he wont be asked to do the same thing every time he creates new ticket in specific […]

  • Envato Coupon for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

    Envato Coupon will let your customers use their Envato Order Number as a Discount Coupon when buying from your WooCommerce Shop. The discount coupon will be generated automatically from their Envato Order Number, and you will be able to set everything about this coupon with Envato Coupon Setting Options. CodeCanyon new WordPress items Shortlink http://thesetemplates.info/codecanyon/envato-coupon-for-woocommerce-woocommerce/

  • Envato API – Products & Profile Envato API Plugin (WordPress)

    Envato API Creative Products Envato API Version 1.0 This product is exclusive only to http://codecanyon.net Demo1 : http://demo.megatpl.com/envato-api Demo1 : http://demo.megatpl.com/envato-api/?page_id=6 Video : http://youtu.be/ndudjAeuNZI Features: – Easy installation – Easy Control Panel – Cache Time – Profile Envato – Products Envato – Style Settings – Products Settings – Seller Settings – widget Profile Envato – […]

  • Leafping – Notifications for Envato Authors (Miscellaneous)

    NOTIFICATIONS Get notifications your own way. Sales and referrals? Just comments? You can even choose the sound that plays when you get notified. Please note that the Pushover app for Android or iOS is required for notifications. DASHBOARD Leafping also includes a desktop and mobile-friendly dashboard, giving you your current stats, today’s sales, this month’s […]

  • Documente – Help File Builder For Envato Authors (Utilities)

    Build awesome, responsive item help documentation. Store as many documentations as you want on one WordPress installation without any hassle. Store live previews of each documentation, once you are satisfied with how it looks, go ahead and export it as standalone ZIP version with HTML5/CSS3 (Bootstrap 3) inside, ready for sending like help file to […]

  • Sixthlife Search for Envato Affiliates (Utilities)

    Sixthlife Search WordPress Plugins is a Tool for Bloggers to promote Envato Products . It has been tested with (Themeforest.net, Codecanyon.net, Graphicriver.net, VideoHive) marketplaces. You can use this plugin to write Long Articles/ Blog Posts including 1-100 Envato Products. Sixthlife Search helps you search through the Envato Products retrieved from RSS feeds by Automatic Fetches(Crons) […]

  • SupportX – Envato API Enabled Support Forum (Miscellaneous)

    SupportX is a one stop support solution specially developed for Envato marketplace authors. SupportX comes with excellent purchase verification mechanism and designed to make it easier for both your buyers and seller himself to manage the tickets. Beside traditional email notification, SupportX features SMS notification, Notification feeds and Real Time popup notification to keep both […]