Extended Widget Options for WordPress (Widgets)

Extended Widget Options is a must-have plugin if you want better control over your WordPress widgets. Elegant and feature-packed tabs are implemented below each widget for easier option changes. By activating this plugin you will open a lot of possibilities you’ll definitely love.

Responsive Column Widgets

Assign column display on each widget for every device! You can set up to four columns which is available for desktop, tablet and/or mobile devices.


Set Custom Widget Alignment

Change your widget content alignment to right, left or center for desktop, tablet and/or mobile devices.

Show or Hide Widget Per User Role

Set the user roles you want your widget to show! Assign widget for guest, customers, users, and any logged in user roles.


Show or Hide Widgets on Specific WordPress Pages

Change your sidebar content for different pages, post types, categories, and custom taxonomies.

Show or Hide Widgets on Specific Device Sizes

Assign sidebar widgets for desktop, tablet and/or mobile devices. Time to remove unnecessary long sidebar widgets on mobile!


Show or Hide Widgets on Specific Date Range

Best option if you are running deals and promotion. Make the widget visible for certain time frames.

Show or Hide Widgets on Specific Days

Take leverage of the per-day widget visibility. Now you can display separate widgets on weekdays and/or weekends. Also the best way to give notice for closed or non-business days for your visitors. This option is awesomely available. The rest is up to you!


and more…

This plugin was built with flexibility on mind. It will give you more options that you can imagine, if you have an idea you can share it with me and I’ll be very happy to hear it.

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WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features (WooCommerce)

“WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features” adds functionality to the WooCommerce coupons.

  • Auto coupons: Allow coupons to be automatically added to the user’s cart if it’s restrictions are met,
  • Apply coupon via an url,
  • Add free products to the customer’s cart based on coupon rules
  • Restrict coupon by shipping method
  • Restrict coupon by payment method
  • Restrict coupon by a combination of products
  • Allow a cart discount to be applied based on quantity / subtotal of matching products

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WooCommerce Extended External Products (WooCommerce)

About the Extension

WooCommerce Extended External Productsis a plugin for WooCommerce which allows you to create an extra buy now button on your external products’ pages. The extra button can be created using your own artwork, such as a logo to the site where the product is located. This helps communicate to the customer that the product is located on another website.

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  1. Connect to your server’s FTP

  2. Copy the “optart-woocommerce-extended-external-products” folder from the zip into the “wp-content/plugins” directory

  3. Login to your WordPress administrator panel

  4. Click the “Plugins” tab and you’ll see your newly installed plugin – activate it.


  1. Navigate to your website’s WordPress Admin panel.

  2. Make sure WooCommerce and the Extended External Products plug-in are installed and activated.

  3. In the left panel of the admin page, hover over the “products” button, and then select “External Sources”.

  4. Here is the page where you add your custom “buy now” buttons. To create one, enter a name, slug, description, and the image/logo you want to be displayed as your button. Then select the “Add New Tag” button.

  5. You should see that a new tag was generated. Now, navigate to “products” and select the external product you would like to add the button to.

  6. Once on the “Edit Product” page, on the right sidebar, you should see a box labeled “External Sources”. Type in the name of the source you created and select “Add”.

  7. Update the product page, and you will now see the button artwork you uploaded on the page. When selected by a customer, it will link to the product URL.

Change log

  • v1.0 – initial release

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