Codify – WordPress IDE & File Manager (Utilities)

Codify is a WordPress file manager and code editor which provides an ideal environment for building or customizing WordPress themes and plugins with great features such as editing multiple files with code auto-completion, syntax highlighting, a WordPress reference, and many more features.

Codify file-tree features:

  • Creating new folders & files
  • Modifying existing folders & files ( cut / copy / paste / rename / delete) compress (zip )
  • Uploading files to any folder
  • Reading folder or file details ( owner , group ,size and permissions)
  • Changing folders & files permissions
  • drag & drop support
  • keyboard navigation
  • filtering content
  • decompress (unzip) files

Codify editor features:

  • PHP & WordPress functions auto completion
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Syntax error detection
  • Unsaved changes notification
  • Over 20 themes
  • Automatic indent and out dent
  • Handles huge documents (four million lines seems to be the limit!)
  • Search and replace with regular expressions
  • Highlight matching parentheses
  • Toggle between soft tabs and real tabs
  • Displays hidden characters
  • Drag and drop text using the mouse
  • Line wrapping
  • Code folding
  • Multiple cursors and selections
  • Cut, copy, and paste functionality
  • Color picker

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WordPress Frontend File Manager (Forms)

This wordpress plugin renders nice, secure and responsive upload form. User select files from computer of any type (set by admin) and can manage these files like download, edit and even share with other users with email. Users can also create directories to manage files. All user files are displayed on same  upload form. There are two templates which can be used to list all uploaded file by users. All files can be downloaded, deleted by admin using plugin admin pages.

How it works?

  • Install plugin from zip file and activate plugin
  • Once plugin is activated you can access options from Admin -> FileManager
  • This option panel have five tabs. Each option is explained in detail against their titles
  • Once you ready with options, now time to create Front page. Just create new page.
  • And paste this shortcode: [nm-wp-file-uploader]
  • Recommendation: use Full width page template
  • Free and fast support via email, skype or comments.

In Latest Release 1.3

  • Download file counter
  • Make download area for public users

Plugin Features

  • Download file counter
  • Make download area for public users
  • File meta in 7 different types of input
  • BuddyPress ready for group file sharing
  • File sharing via email
  • Thumbs support for images
  • File Quota against each WP Roles
  • Responsive design
  • Secure upload script (approved by


This plugin gives admin bunch of options to control this plugin like:

  1. Set file types, limit and size
  2. File Meta (7 types of inputs)
  3. Disable/Enable file listing area
  4. Disable/Enable file upload area
  5. Allow non-registered users to upload files without login.
  6. Create download area (users can download files only)
  7. Customize upload button text, color, BG color, label etc
  8. Disable directories, turn off directory creation
  9. Change templates (two template provided for listing files)
  10. Add more recipients to get alert on each upload
  11. Set messages like: on file save, on error, Non-logged user etc
  12. Can access all files from admin panel.

Latest Feedback

5 stars for plugin and service for sure!

29 Apr, 2015 – Steve

I tried the free version and it was almost perfect for my special request. Then I paid for the pro and it was great accept for one small detail. Ater a very fast email response, the developer offered to customize it for my particular needs for a very reasonable price. I have added N-Media to the top of my list of tools. Thank you !!!

Great for my needs

24 Feb, 2015 – Abigailm

Thank you for this great plugin—I wanted to have a no-hassle page on my site for users to easily upload files and this does the trick.

Just a minor note—there is grammatical error on the display page.

The words above the table showing the uploaded files should be:

Files uploaded

You have: File’s uploaded

The apostrophe is incorrect- so you might make a note to correct that whenever you update the plugin—or better yet, make that text something the user can customize. I’m guessing that would be easy as you already allow for the user to control the text on the upload button, messages, etc.

Everything else is great.

2 Template Styles

File upload templates




Change Log

8.14 – 22 August, 2015

  • Feature added: download counter added to admin area
  • Bug fixed: two spelling mistakes removed

1.2 – 6 May, 2015

  • Minor bug fixed Filesize when display in sharing

1.1 – 3 May, 2015

  • Minor bug fixed with version number and update sync

1.0 – 25 April, 2015

  • Just released

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WooCommerce File Sharing & Message After Chekcout (Miscellaneous)

This plugin allow admin and client to communicate and share files. It adds a button under My Account page next to ‘View’ button order like:



On next page, order detail client can type message or even attach files. Once the file is sent an email notification is sent to admin. Existing messages and files are listed on same area like:



Admin can see these message(s) under each order page with files and reply to client. Email notification will also sent to client with direct URL to order page.

3-admin-messages 4-client-messages-inbox



  1. Set file thumb size
  2. Set file size in mb
  3. File upload button label
  4. File types control
  5. File count control
  6. Customize email template
  7. Customize message when message sent


Installation and Startup

Just download zip file and upload into plugins section of WordPress. Once it’s activated you can access it’s setting with WooUpload Menu like:

Filters for Developers

<b>add_filter(‘wooconvo_message_subject’, ‘your_subject’, 10,2);</b>

$ subject: string

$ order_id: int

Above filter can be used change email subject when a message is sent


<b>add_filter(‘wooconvo_view_order_text’, ‘your_order_text’);</b>

$ default: string

Above can change the default text on my account ‘View and Messages’


<b>add_filter(‘wooconvo_message_receivers’, ‘your_message_recievers’);</b>

$ to: an array

Above filters can be used to add more emails to receive notification.


<b>add_filter(‘wooconvo_render_attachments’, ‘your_file_attachment’, 10,2);</b>

$ html: string/html

$ files: all files in array

Above filter can be used to change file attachments view in existing messages


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Export WordPress Data to EXCEL or CSV file (Utilities)

This plugin will help you to export (download) WordPress data to Excel or CSV file. User friendly interface allows to do export with the least effort.

This plugin can export all data Using WordPress Users, Usermeta, Posts, Pages and Comments The main features of this export plugin are:

Quick installation and setup. You can backup users, posts and comments from roles. You can export encrypted user’s password if you need. Ability to specify the order of columns for Excel or CSV file. Download Profiles is available, so you can export data in 1 click. In addition, the plugin looks great on all devices without custom coding needed for each device or screen size.

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WOOTABS Lite :: File Download (WooCommerce)

Key Features

  • System Requirement : Woocommerce Plugin
  • Clean Design
  • Responsive Layout
  • Multisite Support
  • WPML Plugin Support
  • 2 different Tab Types
    • Download : You can add files for download in this type of tab.
    • Editor : In this type You’ll have an editor field which you can enter any content!!
      Some content are such as :
      • Shortcode : You can enter any shortcode here! This shorcode can be include Layer slider, Visual Composer shorcode or any other Shortcode!
      • Embed Video : You can Easly Display Video here. Copy Embed url and Paste Here.
      • Embed Map : If you have an Embed map url, You can put that here and display your map in Front-end.
      • Contact From : You can diplay contact form by put your contact form shortcode here.(Such as Contact form 7 shortcode)
      • Brand & Category Products : If you want to display another products from same Brand or same categories you can use Woocommerce Brands and use it’s shortcodes.
  • Tab Features
    • You will have unlimited Extra tab in single product page
    • You can edit the title of the tabs
    • You have WYSIWYG editor for editing custom content
    • Enable/Disable Display tab content in Sticky
    • Enable/Disable Tab in tab managment :If you don’t want deleted tab and may be use in future, therefore you can disable Tabs.
    • Set order for Tabs : Your tabs can be shown before or after default WooCommerce Tabs.
    • You can choose Icon for Tabs
    • You can delete tab Easily!
    • Use For all Product (Global Tab): If You want to display Tab(s) for all product check this item. You Don`t need to add a Tab with same content in every product page. When you check this item, its content will be displayed in all products page, but if you want to disable the tab for a particular product you can edit product page and disaable it from there.
    • Execute any Shortcodes
  • Tab Position Desplay in Front-End
    • Display Tabs in Product Single Page.(Original position )
    • Display Tabs in Sticky Button (Left/Right Side)
  • Setting Page with Advanced Options
    • Set Color for Skins
    • Set Type of Animation
    • Enable/Disable Use Default Woocommerce Theme or Use from Our Style
    • Set Margin top for Sticky Button(Left/Right Side Sticky)
    • Add Default Image for Product/Posts

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Revision File Download WordPress Plugin (Utilities)


  • Add download files to your pages, posts, custom post types
  • Add single file / category or multiple files / categories to a page
  • Easy to use live search shortcode generator
  • Display latest file revision only or all revisions
  • Select which file information to display and in which order
  • Documented All our product come bundled with step by step documentation covering instalation and setup.
  • Translation Ready All our products are translation ready using Poedit tool with instructions in bundled documentation.
  • Easy to Setup
  • Regular Product Updates Documentation Plugin is kept up to date with the latest WordPress versions View Changelog
  • Customer Support Provided through support email with queries answered within 24 hours Mon – Fri. Support covers setup, product features, and bug fixes.

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Fresh File Editor (Utilities)


Easily Add, Rename, Delete and Edit your server files via WordPress admin without any FTP and Text Editor apps

Ace Editor + Emmet

Professional Ace text editor with Emmet toolkit which lets you write your HTML or CSS code faster by expanding abbreviated HTML tags and CSS properties into their full form. More info can be found in their own cheatsheet (scroll down to HTML or CSS section). To quickly try Emmet, open any .CSS file and type bgc into the editor and hit TAB key. It should expand to background-color

Main Features

  • Shows preview of common image formats (jpg, png..)
  • Multi-selection – Delete multiple files at once when selecting them with CTRL or SHIFT
  • White Label Admin – no advertising or Fresh branding anywhere
  • Small Footprint – The interface is located directly in “WP-admin -> Tools -> File Editor”
  • Native one-click updates to new versions from “WP-admin -> Dashboard -> Updates” – you do not need any purchase code, it just works
  • Great for ThemeForest authors to include in their WordPress themes for sale – requires Extended license
      Fresh Performance Cache
Speed up your website using our own Fresh Performance Cache plugin for WordPress.
Purchase Here
      Fresh Custom Code
Add custom CSS, LESS and JS code to any WordPress page without rewriting your themes and therefore losing the ability to update them.
Purchase Here
      Fresh Sidebar Manager
Ultimate tool for managing your Sidebars and Widgets. Add new Sidebars, apply Conditional Logic and more.
Purchase Here

Attributions & Credits

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Documente – Help File Builder For Envato Authors (Utilities)

Build awesome, responsive item help documentation.

Store as many documentations as you want on one WordPress installation without any hassle. Store live previews of each documentation, once you are satisfied with how it looks, go ahead and export it as standalone ZIP version with HTML5/CSS3 (Bootstrap 3) inside, ready for sending like help file to Envato marketplace.
No more headache with item help documentations!

Core Features:

  • Built with Bootstrap 3+
  • Unlimited documentations on one WP installation
  • Create new documentations
  • Modify & Update old documentations easy
  • Save unfinished documentations for later edit
  • Delete documentations
  • Export documentation to another WP
  • Import documentation from another WP
  • Autosave every 10 seconds
  • Friendly backend with great UI
  • Sortable & nestable sections for item help file navigation in backend
  • TinyMC 4 supported with full screen edit possible
  • Syntax Highlighter supported with 15+ code languages
  • Use native wordpress media to store and include image, video and audio files
  • Create new or edit your help documentation front-end layout easily with index.tpl and generated shortcodes
  • Export ZIP library with HTML5/CSS3 files included 100% ready for deliver
  • Print Ready so your customers can print it directly or save it like PDF
  • Multilanguage and complete translations supported with .po files
  • Great help file built by Documente WP Plugin.

Current version: v1.0

  5.21.2014. - Documente + Main Release  

Note: All credits are in help file

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