Pressure.js : JavaScript library for handling Force Touch & 3D Touch

Pressure is a JavaScript library for handling both Force Touch and 3D Touch on the web, bundled under one library with a simple API that makes working with them painless. Read More Demo Download

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WooCommerce Role Based Force Sell (Products)

The Role Based Force Sells extension allows you to link products together based on the user role, so they are added to the cart together. This is useful for linking a service or required product to another.

For example, if you are selling iPad glass repair as a service, you can link a new glass window as a forced sell product

There are two types of force sells:

  • Normal force sell products will be added to the cart along with the main product, in the same quantity as selected for the main product. Added force sell products can be removed and the quantity of it can be changed in the cart by the customer.
  • Synced force sell products work in the very same way as normal force sells. The only difference is that customers can’t remove a synced force sell from the cart or change the quantity. In case the main product is removed, the synced force sell products will be removed too. Same goes for quantity. If the quantity of the main product is changed, the quantity for all synced force sell products will change too.

In the cart, synced force sells are shown as ‘linked’:

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Woocommerce Force Product Payments (WooCommerce)

Woocommerce Force Product Payments Plugin – Force Any External Payment Gateway (Ogone , NAB, Echeck , PaypalPro, Nochex , FirstData ,Paymill , Credit Cards , )and Default Woocommerce Payment Gateways as : Direct Bank Transfer , Cash on Delivery , Cheque Payment , Paypal .

What this plugin does :

In your store you can have a lot of products but some of shop items /products may be needs only one or few specific payment gateway :

So using this plugin simply the shop admin can force the payment gateway for the single product by checking the desired payment gateway to be used in the product backend . some examples of products which need to have the forced payment gateway:

Products which can be paid only by Paypal and no other type of payment .

Products which can be paid only by Cash on Delivery and no other type of payment .

Products which can be paid only by Bank Transfer and no other type of payment .

Products which can be paid only by only by Any external payment gateway as:Ogone , NAB, Echeck , PaypalPro, Nochex , FirstData ,Paymill , Credit Cards and others and no other type of payment .

There can be a lot of examples in real life depending by the product that the online shop it is selling .

Documentation Link :

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FATS: Force Adblock To Stop – WordPress Plugin (Miscellaneous)


Easily hide partial or all of your premium content from your users that using AdBlock or Adblocking software.


  • Your premium content will be hidden until user deactivate AdBlock.
  • 3 methods to detect adblock.
  • Support for Adsense’s asynchronous and synchronous blocking detection.
  • Support for other ads network and self hosted ads blocking detection.
  • Content will stay hidden if user deactivate cookie or javascript.
  • Hide all or partial content from your page.
  • Hide anything you want in your posts or pages.
  • Your content won’t show in Source View.
  • Show your message in JQuery Popup, Javascript Alert or Inline text.
  • Able to autoredirect page after showing message.
  • Cross browser detection.
  • Easy to setup, less than 2 minutes to setup.
  • Uses cookies to detect deactivate AdBlock.
  • Highly customizable message and style.


WordPress 3.8 (older versions may work but they have not been tested).


FATS may not work together with cache system (plugin, CDN, cloudflare, etc).

Locking A Content

  1. Create your post as usual.
  2. Wrap your content with FATS Shortcode. This content will be shown for everbody. [fats] This content will only be visible for visitor with disabled adBlock. [/fats] This content will also be shown for everbody.
  3. You can use image or other media inside the FATS shortcode.
  4. Save your post.

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