WordPress Google Docs (WordPress)

WordPress Google Docs is a simple plugin which allows you to import Google Docs documents as WordPress pages or posts.

Imported content is HTML formatted with option to remove Google generated inline style from imported HTML.

To use WordPress Google Docs you must first configure Google API OAuth client (instructions on OAuth client configuration are part of included documentation).

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Creative Google Maps for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

Creative Google Maps is a Visual Composer Add-on from the creators of Colors Creative WordPress theme that will help You create the best looking Maps on the planet!

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Main features overview

  • Simple to use plugin with Simplified controls
  • Fast to setup
  • Thousands of styles supported
  • Responsive Maps
  • Customizable marker information in WordPress text editor
  • Location preview
  • Clickable and intractable marker
  • Uber support for zoom, scroll and drag
  • Upload custom markers
  • Customizable zoom level and map type
  • Options to disable map scrolling, dragging, double click to zoom and keyboard shortcuts
  • Translation ready
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE9-11
  • Ready for WP 4.2+
  • Friendly Support
  • Unstressful documentation

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Contact Form 7 – Google Excel Sheets Extension (Forums)

Contact Form Sheets allows you to integrate your contact form with Google Sheets. It helps you automate spreadsheets for your advantage. Create forms and capture results instantly in your spreadsheets. Populate your projects faster.

Please note that this plugin uses Sheetsu (sheetsu.com) API in order to connect to your Google Sheets.

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Easy Google Places Reviews (Widgets)

Easily display Google Places Reviews on your WordPress website using a powerful and intuitive widget. Great for restaurants, retail stores, franchisees, real estate firms, hotels and hospitality, and nearly any business with a website and reviews on Google.

This plugin allows you to display Google reviews on your WordPress website. Why is this important? Positive reviews on websites like Google help businesses gain additional exposure and further enhance their online credibility.

Easy Google Places Reviews allows you to display up to 5 business reviews. Setup is quick and easy. Simply install the plugin and drag the widget into any sidebar to configure the options.

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QT Places: Interactive Responsive Google Maps WordPress Plugin (Media)

QT Places: Plugin Description

QT Places is an elegant and versatile WordPress plugin to display custom Google maps.

After the installation, a new post type called “Places” will appear in your WordPress menu, and you can immediately start adding new places.

Places categories

Places have their own taxonomy, called “Place Category”. With this feature, you can easily create maps to display only one or few selected categories of places.

Unlimited versatility

You can add Map capabilities to any existing post type, including normal posts, pages, or any custom post type added by other themes or plugins.

You can also use any other existing taxonomy to create the map filters, and to display specific selected categories of posts.

Usage inspiration:

For example, you can create a map of your travel articles, and use the blog categories as filters: for the visitors will be easy and fast to browse your articles based on the country or city.

Or for instance, for your site of recipes, you can create a world or country map with the recipes of each region, and use the ingredients as filters.

Another useful example, is a map of all the shops of a big franchise, allowing the customer to easily find the closest sales point.

Or, you can do all these things at the same time!

Instead, you can have in the same page a map of places, a map of posts, and a map of pages or portfolios.

Super responsive

Tested on iPhone and Android, you can also specify a custom height for the mobile version.

Easy shortcode button

Create maps of every post type you want You can add map capabilities to any existing post type, standard like posts or pages, or “custom” like portfolio. In the following example you can see a map displaying the custom post type Portfolio. Very useful for example for a building company, a shop franchise, a worldwide recipes map, a tour guide, a tourism blog, a travel agency and more!

Discover more:

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Mapwiz – Build your Google Map with Ease (WordPress)

App Feartures:

Features of Map Wiz Plugin:

Map Styles Features:

  • Customize Styler as per your required need.
  • Ability to customize styler by changing Feature Type and Element Type.
  • Ability to enable/disable Color, Weight, Hue, Saturation, Lightness and Gamma features of styler.
  • Ability to change Color, Weight, Hue, Saturation, Lightness and Gamma features of styler.
  • It also provides Geolocation.
  • It allows to find desired location around the globe.

Marker and Info Window Features:

  • Customize Markers with Info Window.
  • Ability to save/delete marker name.
  • Ability to save/delete multiple markers.
  • Ability to add marker location in map.
  • Ability to add SVG vector icon and customize marker by changing marker’s Color, Stroke Color and Stroke Weight.
  • Ability to enable/disable label text of marker.
  • Ability to change label text Color, Stroke & Color and Stroke & Weight.
  • Ability to change shapes of marker.
  • Ability to add png marker with multiple sets of marker shapes.
  • Ability to add “Svg Shapes (Customizable)” marker.
  • Ability to add multiple markers with Info window.
  • Ability to enable or disable Info window.
  • Ability to add Image Title, Image URL and other information in Info window.
  • Ability to click and drag marker.

Contains 100 different featured maps with editable options.

Map Control Features

  • It can be use in single page, single post.
  • Ability to use as shortcode in single post and Single page.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Ability to change Latitude, Longtitude.
  • Ability to change Map Type (Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain).
  • Ability to change Map Dimensions (Width, Height).
  • Ability to enable/disable the Zoom Control feature.
  • Ability to enable/disable Street View feature.
  • Ability to enable/disable Map Control Type feature.
  • Ability to enable/disable Draggable Map feature.
  • Ability to enable/disable Double Click Zoom feature.
  • Ability to enable/disable Mouse Scroll.
  • Ability to change the position of Zoom Control feature.
  • Ability to change the position of Street View feature.
  • Ability to change the position of Map Control Type feature.
  • Tested with other popular plugins.
  • Ability to change zoom level.
  • User friendly and easy to use.
  • Ability to provide multilingual localization.

If you found any bug or issue in our WordPress Map Wiz plugin or have any question contact us at contact@mapwiz.io or Help Me/
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Web 2.0 Google Maps plugin for WordPress (Utilities)

Web 2.0 Google Maps plugin to build custom Google Maps with high quality markers and additional instruments. Frontend submission form allows users to submit markers and listings from frontend of WordPress site. Search form filters markers and listings by categories, locations and content fields. Draw Area functionality is the most perfect tool to search needed places in accurately pictured area.

Here is documentation for interested minds.

Features of WordPress Google Maps plugin

  • Custom icons and colors of map markers
  • Frontend dashboard for regular users
  • Draw Area functionality
  • 5-star ratings for listings
  • Load only visible map markers – thousands of markers will not slow down the site
  • Load marker InfoWindow by AJAX – additional tweak for performance
  • Customizable content fields of different types
  • Font Awesome icons for custom content fields
  • Category-based content fields
  • Search by categories and locations
  • Powerful search by content fields
  • Markers icons and colors by categories
  • Locations search in radius – results displaying on the map
  • Markers clusters
  • Automatic Geolocation
  • Set up listings active period or make them eternal
  • Ability to renew expired listings
  • Set up any number of locations for one listing
  • Assign any number of categories for one listing
  • Listings Images with AJAX uploading
  • YouTube videos attachments for listings
  • Contact listing owner form + integration with Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Email notifications
  • Adapted for reCaptcha
  • Comments in listing window
  • Directions button in InfoWindow
  • Directions panel in listing window
  • Start address or start latitude/longitude point on the map
  • Fully customizable and easy in configuration
  • The plugin uses custom post types and taxonomies
  • Responsive design based on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Fully compatible with Visual composer
  • 5 shortcodes, including: maps, search box, submission form, frontend dashboard and submit button
  • Custom Google Map styles
  • Order address elements as you wish, commas and spaces help to build address line
  • Fully compatible with WPML plugin
  • Supports RTL (Right To Left) – layout, functionality, UI widgets
  • CSV import with ability to import images files

Responsive design

Google Maps And Marker Icons

Custom Content Fields

Draw Area functionality

Frontend Submission and Dashboard pages

Compact search form with radius slider

Customizable Color layout

Full Screen Map option

Five Star ratings

Fully Compatible with Visual Composer

Compatible with WPML

Bulk CSV Import

Attach YouTube Videos

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Current Post on Google Maps (Add-ons)

Current Post Maps is extension of wp google map pro which is essential to use this plugin. You can download it from here – http://codecanyon.net/item/advanced-google-maps-plugin-for-wordpress/5211638. You can highlight current post displaying on the maps in various way. You can change map’s center point to current post location. You can apply bounce animation to highlight current post. You can change icon of the current post to highlight it differently from other posts on the map.

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Video Ads Player with Google IMA, VAST/VPAID (Media)

This is a premium wordpress plugin that fully supports Tags from:
(1) Google Adsense for Video with Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA), including Preroll, Postroll, Banner and Text;
(2) Video Ad Networks, including Double Click Publishers with VAST 2.0/3.0 and VPAID Rich Media Interactive Tags;
(3) Add Any HTML Overlay over your video, including buy buttons, optin forms, banners, WP Shortcode, and more.
Special Features include Facebook Retargeting, Dimmer Lightbox Effect, and Timer Countdowns in Video included.
See full demo’s by visiting salespage.

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Viavi Google Analytics Dashboard (Utilities)

Viavi Google Analytics for WordPress plugin enables you to track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code and allows you to view key Google Analytics reports in your WordPress install.


  • Real-time number of visitors
  • Real-time traffic sources details
  • Sessions, organic searches, page views, bounce rate analytics reports
  • User access control over analytics reports
  • Locations, pages, referrers, keywords analytics reports
  • Remarketing, demographics and interests tracking
  • Well Documented

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