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  • Google Maps PLUS for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

    The elements and features of this add-on are also part of our large scale Visual Composer add-on “Composium – Visual Composer Extensions”. Did you ever want to created advanced Google Maps, using multiple markers, overlays, different map styles, and other features the very basic Google Maps element that is already part of Visual Composer does […]

  • WP Google Images Quick Search (Media)

    Quick search millions of images on the internet (powered by Google Images API) then insert to content or set as featured image very easy and quickly. Quick video demo https://youtu.be/qE2BC7mTWAE Features Search images with powerful filters Quick insert image with original URL into content Upload image to Media Library then inserts into content Use image […]

  • Better Google Maps for WordPress (Utilities)

    Better Google Maps for WordPress is the most complete plugin for adding google maps to your website. The options are separated in 2 sections. You can setup the map by setting the: Zoom lever Auto zoom Width (either in pixels or in percents) height (in pixels) select interface options (zoom control, scroll wheel, map drag) […]

  • FlexMap – Google map plugin for WordPress (WordPress)

    Flex Map is a wordpress map plugin that provides many features with different map types such as creating area mapping, polygone, polyline, circle, rectangle, single markers, street view markers. With a simple visual map editor, It is extremely easy to make and place your map anywhere on your frontend wordpress site. FEATURES: Simple shortcode, you […]

  • Hero Maps Premium – Responsive Google Maps Plugin (WordPress)

    Hero Maps Premium The Hero Maps Premium plugin allows for quick and easy Google Maps addition to your WordPress website. It offers extensive configuration options, the ability to aggregate all your markers in one map via Marker Geo Mashup, and provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for marker generation. WYSIWYG, Google Maps customisation dashboard Drag and […]

  • Google Maps Neighborhood Walker for WordPress (Media)

    Innovative and elegant WordPress plugin to view places near your/wanted location (restourants, parks, real estate agencies, gym, stores etc…) with calculate/show route, distance and walking time to near place. Plugin can be added as Shortcode or Widget to WordPress website, easily can be configured via Administration… Tehnical documentation This plugin is popular on my Real […]

  • Google Places Walker Maps (Media)

    Innovative and elegant plugin to view places near specific location (restourant, park, real estate agencies, gym, stores etc…) and calculate/show route with distance and walking time to near location with many configuration options on the real estate property preview page. This plugin was very popular on my Real estate agency portal script, so I decided […]

  • Visual Composer Advanced Google Map (Add-ons)

    Advanced Google Map is a Visual Composer (drag & drop layout builder for WordPress) element that lets you quickly create Google maps with custom theme, add multiple map markers, filter markers by categories (on the map) and get instant driving directions to the selected marker with map route & step by step driving directions guide. […]

  • Google calendar to wordpress (Utilities)

    Google calendar to wordpress is a event calendar plugin for your wordpress website. This plugin will adds google calendar to your wordpress sync feature. Also you can add your event in wordpress & show in calendar format. This plugin as awesome lightbox effect for each event. This plugin has super easy shortcode builder so you […]

  • Google spreadsheet to chart wordpress (Utilities)

    Google spreadsheet to chart WordPress is a chart library plugin for your wordpress website. This plugin will enable you google spreadsheet to chart builder in your wordpress website. You can change chart appearance like size, how many rows & column will display form your google spreadsheet & others settings. This plugin has super easy shortcode […]