Fare Calculator for Gravity Forms (Forms)

Fare Calculator for Gravity Forms is a very unique and powerful wordpress plugin.

This plugin brings the distance and fare calculation functionality to gravity forms.

You simply add a single text input and select how you want to use this field for fare calculator, you can either set is as Location From, Location To or Total Distance and Total Fare.

This plugin is ideal for individual drivers or any taxi or transportation company.

You can use gravity forms to create unlimited additional fields, setup online payments and much more.

We are very confident that you will love this plugin, please make sure you don’t forget to rate our plugin.

If you have any questions related to the plugin or you want it customized, please get in touch support@wordpressgurus.net

Thank you for your time :-)

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Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete (Forms)

For Live Preview click here

Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete simplifies the form filling process helping your users to enter their address with the Google Places suggest API. You make them save time by finding accurate addresses with suggestions and filling forms faster with autofill.

It uses Google Places API to suggest addresses to your users while they type.

The admin has the option to use them exclusively on selected address fields. You can use it on as many fields as required.

If you need customisation of this plugin, please contact me.


  1. Download the zip file you receive after purchase
  2. Install via WordPress > Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload File
  3. Press Install
  4. Activate the plugin

Method 2:-

  1. Download the zip file you receive after purchase
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file
  3. Copy the extracted address-autocomplete-gf folder to the //your-wordpress-installation/wp-content/plugins folder
  4. Activate the plugin from the Admin


Just follow the following steps:-

  1. Make sure you have gravity forms are installed.
  2. Login to WordPress Admin > Go to Forms > Select a form to edit > Click on the address field you wish to turn to autocomplete.
  3. In general settings just below description of the field, Check the Enable checkbox for “Enable Autocomplete/Suggest with Google Places API”

  4. Check the form on the frontend. Your desired address field is now turned to Autocomplete.

That’s all folks!!

If you have any questions please send us the message through our profile page or leave a comment.

Do rate the plugin if you like it :)

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Gravity Forms Material Design (Forms)

Video Demo : https://youtu.be/hjsDfrt1vZw

Gravity Forms Material Design is a very unique and powerful plugin.

Now you can easily apply google material design to your gravity forms.

In 3 easy steps you can have gorgeous looking forms.

Step 1 : Choose the FORM ID you want to use the material design for.

Step 2 : Choose the Google Font from the list.

Step 3 : Choose the color of your form.

And Wolla, gorgeous looking forms are baked and ready to use.

Please take a look at the video demo carefully and if you have any questions please send us the message through our profile page or leave a comment.

If you like our plugin don’t forge to rate.

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Gravity Forms – Order Invoice (Miscellaneous)

Welcome to the Gravity Forms – Order-Invoice Plugin

Generate a full featured PDF-Invoice from your Gravity-Forms products and send it to your customers.

(you need a licensed copy of the Gravity-Forms plugin)


  • Easy Setup your company defaults at the Gravity-Forms Settings
  • Easy Setup your Form at the default Gravity-Forms Form-Settings
  • Gravity-Forms AddOn Framework
  • Currency, Time and Date layout settings are used from WordPress and Gravity-Forms
  • Define your VAT-rate at the settings
  • Define the due-days at the settings
  • 140 pre-defined html-colors for the invoice-titles
  • Add your logo to the invoice
  • Works with single or multiple products
  • Works with options and shipping
  • Includes 3 sample forms

Release 1.0.0 – 2016/01/31 – ChangeLog

  • Initial release

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Gravity Forms – jQuery fullCalendar (Forms)

Welcome to the Gravity Forms – FullCalendar Plugin

Display your Gravifty-Forms Entries with the famous jQuery fullCalendar plugin.

(you need a licensed copy of the Gravity-Forms plugin)

(to use the front-end-edit feature you need a licensed copy of the Gravity Forms – List & Edit plugin)


  • Easy Setup at the default Gravity-Forms Form-Settings
  • Easy Integration with a small shortcode
  • Only setup the Form-Fields for start-date, end-date and title. Everything else will work automatically.
  • Use of the Gravity-Forms API
  • Select wich type of users should see the entries (everyone, logged-in, entry creator, admin only)
  • Full localized. Plugin and fullCalender will use the WordPress locale-settings
  • 24 integrated jQuery-UI themes
  • Support for time-events. Only add a start-time and end-time field at the field-settings.
  • 5 calendar views (month, week, day, agendaDay, agendaWeek)
  • Edit your event-data at the front-end with the optional Gravity Forms – List & Edit Plugin

Release 1.0.0 – 2016/01/31 – ChangeLog

  • Initial release

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Style Builder Gravity Forms (Add-ons)

Style Builder for Gravity Forms makes styling of forms quick and enjoyable task. You no longer need to fiddle with css classes. Style Builder does all the dirty work for you. You can create perfect harmony in your theme and Gravity Forms.

Main Features

  • Widget support
  • 8 inbuilt templates
  • Unlimited custom styles
  • Over 130 options to customize
  • Create multiple styles for one form
  • Style input boxes, labels, wrappers with ease
  • Customize error messages and confirmation messages
  • Set background colors, font family, borders, shadows, font size, font colors, text alingment etc

Note: You need Gravity Forms for this plugin to work.
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Gravity – Multi-purpose Muse Template (Corporate)

Gravity is a multi-purpose muse template. It is the best template for all kind of agency, portfolio and corporate websites. This is an easy to edit website template with awesome parallax scrolling effects. You can edit each and every part of this template according to your needs.


  • Unique Welcome Screen
  • Image Sliders
  • Sliding Navigation
  • Attractive Design
  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Typekit Fonts
  • Google Maps
  • Social Media Integration
  • Contact Form
  • Easy To Edit
  • Friendly Support

Images shown in demo are not available with the main download file.

Stock Images by Free Photo Factory

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Gravity Forms Themes (Forms)

Gravity Forms Themes is a great plugin for those who need ready made themes for gravity forms.

Gravity Forms Themes comes with beautifully crafted 20 themes with the initial release and more themes will be released bi-weekly.

Styling your gravity forms has never easier, now you can simply set you FORM ID in the setting and choose the theme you like and it will automatically style your existing form with the chosen theme completely and you can include it anywhere on a post, page or a widget using our shortcode builder or widget builder, how awesome is that?

If you have any questions or problems, you can always email us at support@wordpressgurus.net and we will fix them for you in no time, we are really good at it.

Thank you for taking time and supporting us, if you like our plugin, please don’t forget to rate, Happy Styling.

Gravity Forms Themes

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Gravity Form Extension For Woocommerce (WooCommerce)

With gravity form extension for woocommerce plugin , you can create advanced product configuration forms & also can be linked in any product in woocommerce. It is a powefull plugin will let you to use all the feature of Gravity Form in woocommerce including conditional logic, pricing fields, user input prices, conditional-pricing fields, conditional submit button. You just need to create gravity forms including as much field field as you want. Then you can link this form with the single products from that product edit options. Very easy & user friendly interface.


  • Can use all the features of gravity form in woocommerce products
  • Will give you the power of full customization of product page
  • Built in automatic price calculation
  • Can configure each label separately
  • Conditional submit button logic
  • Multi-paged forms
  • Can set Required Fields

Feel The power of Gravity Form in Woocommerce
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