Visual Composer Add-on Image Hotspot with Tooltip (Add-ons)

Note: you can get this extension from Visual Composer Extensions All In One soon. You do not have to purchase again if you purchased the All In One package before. And it’s recommended to purchase the All In One package which will contain other extension in the future update:


Help you to add hotspot icon with tooltip for a image in the Visual Composer.


  • You can customize each hotspot icon’s postion easily in the Visual Composer Frontend editor.
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Hotspot icon support any kind of color.
  • Tooltip support any kind of content, like a image or video.
  • Optional tooltip style: shadow, light, noir, punk.
  • Optional tooltip animation: grow, slide, fade, fall.
  • Optional tooltip arrow position: top, right, bottom, left, top-right, top-left, bottom-right, bottom-left.
  • Extend the Visual Composer, work fine with the VC in a theme or VC installed as a plugin.
  • Compatible with latest jQuery and latest WordPress.
  • Enqueue the js and css only when needed. Keep WordPress page size smaller.
  • FAQ and source code are included in the package. Free update in the future.

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Prototype by added more options by me.

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Woo Product Viewer with Hotspot (WooCommerce)

Key features

  • -Admin editor with drag and drop
  • -Unlimited frames and hotspots
  • -Auto rotates frames
  • -Auto slides and opens hotspot content
  • -Hotspot thumbnail
  • -Any kind of hotspot content
  • -8 positions of hotspot content
  • -9 positions of hotspot anchor
  • -Responsive
  • -Works on mobile
  • -And more…

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Power Image Hotspot Galleries (Media)

Now the image mapping tool has become more powerful and offers unlimited possibilities. First time ever image mapping with galleries.

Embedded Features

Boost your sales with link redirection on single image, intuitive Drag and Drop Interface, lazy load for Quicker Slider Start, a powerful administration with live preview & easy management. The sleek look, clean code and flat design sets it stand out and guarantee to capture anyone’s attention

Bitsgeo Power Hotspot Gallery

How does it work ?

Upload an image, and place a spot by using a drag & drop features hotspot pins and add information,link, videos for each single spots, now just place a short-code either by direct copy paste and insertion with easy sleek layout for each single image or gallery by tags.

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