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  • Progressively : JavaScript library to load Images Progressively

    Progressively is a javascript library for loading images progressively. It’s written entirely in JavaScript so it doesn’t depend on 3rd-party libraries like jQuery. It’s super small, < 1.2kB when minified & gzipped! It will load images on when user browse to the page, saving bandwidth & server requests. Tags: Lazy Load, Scrolling Effects Read More […]

  • Fixed Images Positioning – WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

    Fixed Images Positioning plugin can be used for different purpose , important aspects can be defined for social share , User Post advertise , sponser’s small adverts with any size for example (25*25), feedback button , live chat button etc.. all six sides left top, left middle, right top, right middle . Hence one of […]

  • Better Images (Media)

    You only get one chance to make a first impression, and so does your website! If you are using low-res images that either don’t take up all the space they should, they get scaled up and become blurry or they just have the same size when you click on them to enlarge than when you […]

  • Ad Overlay Anything – videos, images or text (Advertising)

    What is it? Ad Overlay Anything is a WordPress plugin that can show your ads on top of anything, including embedded videos, images, or blocks of text. Increase your ad exposure and site revenue by placing relevant ads directly over your most important content! How will it help your site? Ads are not effective unless […]

  • WP Google Images Quick Search (Media)

    Quick search millions of images on the internet (powered by Google Images API) then insert to content or set as featured image very easy and quickly. Quick video demo https://youtu.be/qE2BC7mTWAE Features Search images with powerful filters Quick insert image with original URL into content Upload image to Media Library then inserts into content Use image […]

  • WPK External Images Gallery (Galleries)

    The WPK External Images Gallery plugin provides you an easy way of creating image galleries by using remotely stored images (feature which is not available by default in WordPress), and integrates perfectly with any WordPress installation, be it a single installation or a MultiSite one. Once the plugin is activated all posts will display a […]

  • ImageLess – Works without Images, Multi-Purpose (Corporate)

    ThemeForest new Corporate items Shortlink http://thesetemplates.info/themeforest/imageless-works-without-images-multi-purpose-corporate/

  • Overlays Over Images WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

    Overlays over images is best way for viewer engagement with images and display useful information on mouse-over. Visual Designer and Shortcode made it super easy to create, preview and apply in minutes. This plugins gives you ability to display overlays on Featured Images, Product Images (Woo Commerce) and custom images. ‘Easy to Use’ and ‘Apply […]

  • Power Pinner: Best Way To Pin Images to Pinterest (Social Networking)

    Thank you for choosing Power Pinner! This WordPress plugin represents The Only Right Way To Pin Images To Pinterest. Power Pinner has 4 pre-designed call-to-actions to choose from and you can easily customise them to meed the look and feed of your blog. Using Power Pinner on your images is super easy: Key Features: – […]

  • WP Google Images Search and Insert (WordPress)

    WordPress Google Images Search and Insert is a plugin help you search images on internet with powerful filters (powered by Google Images API). With these images, you can insert to content or set as featured image very quickly. Features Search images with powerful filters Insert image into content Use image as featured image See it […]