ECharts : Interactive Charting & Visualization Library

ECharts is a free, powerful charting and visualization library offering an easy way of adding intuitive, interactive, and highly customizable charts to your commercial products. It is written in pure JavaScript and based on zrender, which is a whole new lightweight canvas library. Read More Demo Download

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ImageLinks – Interactive Image Builder for WordPress (Media)

It’s a WordPress edition of the jQuery Plugin – ImageLinks Interactive Image. With this plugin you are able to easily make an interactive image for your site that empowers publishers and bloggers to create more engaging content by adding rich media links to photos. Use this plugin to create interactive news photography, infographics, and shoppable product catalogs in minutes!


Features List

  • Advanced Drag & Drop Editor – the online editor included
  • 2 Predefined Themes – included 2 skins (default & dark)
  • CSS3 Animations – over 100+ CSS3 animations are available to give some stunning effects
  • Cross-Browser – supports for all major browsers, including touch-screen devices and mobile devices
  • Good Customizable – is easy to customize, including the themes and source files
  • Very easy to use and setup

Sources and Credits

Version 1.0.0 – 20/06/2016

 - First release 

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Responsive Interactive Table (Tables)

Responsive Interactive Table

This plugins help to highlighted and filterable table content in responsive way. It also support responsive pricing table content. In backend you can manange everything using it’s awesome settings and custom post type. It also support:

  • Unlimited colors
  • Interactive Table
  • Highlight On Hover
  • Highlight On Click
  • Cell filtering
  • Top Heading Pricing Table
  • Left heading pricing table
  • Responsive for mobile and desktop

See Interactive Table demo here

See Pricing Table demo here

Online Documentation


Responsive Interactive Table
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Interactive 3D Mall Map with CSS & SVG

Today we’d like to share a little 3D experiment with you. The idea is to show a mall map with all its floors in perspective. Additionally, we have a search in a sidebar that allows to filter mall spaces. Once a floor is selected, we show some pins as indicators for the different stores/spaces. When clicking on a pin, we show some more details of that space. We’ve mostly used CSS trickery for this, applying transitions that will rotate and move the levels by adding or removing classes. The levels are represented by inline SVGs. Read More Demo Download

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Super Interactive Maps for WordPress (Utilities)

Super Interactive World Maps

Super Interactive Maps is a fully-featured WordPress Plugin integrated with Google Geochart that allows you to create maps of country, content and regions as well as add interactivity such as map markers, interactive pop up (video/text/images), colored regions/markers and many other cool features. This is a responsive plugin and fully compatible with the latest WordPress version (v4.4.2) and Visual Composer.

Main Features

A lot of new features have been added in this WordPress plugin:

  • Easily create SVG and vector maps on your WordPress site
  • Fully responsive and works on all mobile devices (cross device and browser compatible)
  • Add maps including World Map, Continent or Subcontinent including Africa, Europe, Asia, Ocenia and Americas.
  • Autocomplete Search to easily add locations
  • Pin point to the exact location using the drag and drop marker feature (Admin integrated with Google Maps API)
  • Customizable map design styles and colors
  • Choose your display styles (Regions, Markers or Text Labels)
  • Interactive responsive popup to showcase rich content such as text, images and videos
  • Add interactive tooltip to maps
  • Display map markers on your map
  • Link your maps to Store Locator (Integration with Super Store Finder) – Learn more
  • Post shortcodes anywhere on your website including posts, pages and sidebar widgets.

Features Highlight

Create Beautiful SVG and Vector Maps

Create Beautiful SVG and Vector Maps

Create regions, markers, text labels.

Supported Maps:

  • World Maps
  • Continent and Sub-continent including Africa, Europe, Americas, Asia and Oceania.
  • Counties (All countries in the world including USA, Brazil, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany Spain, Italy, India, etc)
  • Country divided by regions
  • USA maps divided by state/region/city areas

The maps design, styles and colors are fully customizable.

Fully Responsive Cross Device / Browser Compatible

Fully Responsive Cross Device Browser Compatible

The interactive maps including the rich content (i.e pop ups, videos, images, etc) will be fully responsive and works across all device and browser compatible.

Choose Your Display Styles (Regions, Markers and Text Labels)

Choose Your Display Styles

You can choose to add 3 types of display styles for your maps which are Regions, Markers and Text Labels.

Map Interactivity – Tooltips, Pop up, JavaScript and Link to URL

You can add tooltip, interactive pop up and add a links to urls on your map.

Super Interactive Maps - Map Interactivity

The interactive pop up that showcases your rich content such as text, images and videos works perfectly on mobile device.

Custom Map Markers

Super Interactive Maps - Custom Map Markers

You can add map markers using icons from font-awesome for your map.

Publish Anywhere on Your Website (Posts, Pages and Widgets)

Publish Anywhere on Your Website

Publish your maps anywhere on your website using shortcodes which can be used on posts, pages and sidebar widgets.

Fully Customizable Maps

Super Interactive Maps - Fully Customizable Maps

You can customize your maps visually as below:

  • Background Color
  • Foreground Color
  • Region Colors
  • Marker Colors
  • Marker Size
  • Text Label Colors
  • Width and Height of Map

Powerful Administrator

Super Interactive Maps - Powerful Administrator

Create and manage your maps using the powerful administrator. The administrator is equipped with Autocomplete search feature and integrated with Google Maps API to allow you to search locations via Google Maps and use drag and drop marker to pin point to the exact location.

Autocomplete Search Feature for Extra Convenience

Autocomplete Search Feature for Extra Convenience

Search locations easily using Google Autocomplete feature. In addition, you can search for World Regions and Map Display options with ease using the the suggestive autocomplete search.

Drag and Drop Marker Feature (Pin point exact location)

Super Interactive Maps - Drag and Drop Marker Feature

Integrated with Google Maps, it allows you to drag and drop marker to pin point to the exact location while creating maps using the administrator.

Link to Your Store Locator (Integration with Super Store Finder)

Super Interactive Maps - Link to Your Store Locator

You can link your maps to Super Store Finder by easily pasting the link to your store locator and adding a location. This will allow your customers to find your stores or office branches with ease.

* Take note that the store locator product is sold separately.

Real world usage examples

This plugin can be used for:

  • Blog Posts – You can display a map with tooltip and interactivity to show a particular location in the world
  • Travelling Websites – Awesome to showcase destinations and include rich media content to engage visitors
  • Corporate – Showcase branches around the world
  • Store Locator – Can showcase your store or office locations. Able to be integrated with Super Store Finder – Learn more
  • Wiki Sites – Really informative for Wiki and information sites to showcase locations.
  • Infographics – Display informative interactive maps to engage with users
  • And many other creative use.

Fast and Reliable Support

We provide fast and reliable support to our customers, whether its an inquiry, troubleshooting, customization and special requests. If you need help with installation, just send us a message via our profile page here.

For knowledge base and forums you can visit the following links:

\ \

You can visit and also follow us on envato for new releases and products here

Follow our latest updates and videos on

Super Store Finder Facebook Super Store Finder Google+ Super Store Finder Twitter Super Store Finder YouTube

Patch Notes

Patch notes for Super Interactive Maps is available here.
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QT Places: Interactive Responsive Google Maps WordPress Plugin (Media)

QT Places: Plugin Description

QT Places is an elegant and versatile WordPress plugin to display custom Google maps.

After the installation, a new post type called “Places” will appear in your WordPress menu, and you can immediately start adding new places.

Places categories

Places have their own taxonomy, called “Place Category”. With this feature, you can easily create maps to display only one or few selected categories of places.

Unlimited versatility

You can add Map capabilities to any existing post type, including normal posts, pages, or any custom post type added by other themes or plugins.

You can also use any other existing taxonomy to create the map filters, and to display specific selected categories of posts.

Usage inspiration:

For example, you can create a map of your travel articles, and use the blog categories as filters: for the visitors will be easy and fast to browse your articles based on the country or city.

Or for instance, for your site of recipes, you can create a world or country map with the recipes of each region, and use the ingredients as filters.

Another useful example, is a map of all the shops of a big franchise, allowing the customer to easily find the closest sales point.

Or, you can do all these things at the same time!

Instead, you can have in the same page a map of places, a map of posts, and a map of pages or portfolios.

Super responsive

Tested on iPhone and Android, you can also specify a custom height for the mobile version.

Easy shortcode button

Create maps of every post type you want You can add map capabilities to any existing post type, standard like posts or pages, or “custom” like portfolio. In the following example you can see a map displaying the custom post type Portfolio. Very useful for example for a building company, a shop franchise, a worldwide recipes map, a tour guide, a tourism blog, a travel agency and more!

Discover more:

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Interactive Animated SVG Drum Kit

Today we’re going to create an animated SVG drum kit that can be played by clicking, tapping or using your keyboard, and that can also be programmed to play by itself! We’ll be making use of GreenSock’s TweenMax animation library, jQuery and the

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Squares – Interactive Design Agency Portfolio WordPress (Creative)

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  • Ultra Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready Design
  • ClaPat Slider
  • Animated Page Transitions
  • Multiple Single Post Layouts
  • Graphically Intuitive Shortcode Generator
    • Tons of unique shortcodes
    • Powerful options for all elements
    • Visual Composer – Save $ 34
  • Extensive Theme Options
    • General Settings
    • Header Options
    • Footer Options
    • Slider Options
    • Portfolio Options
    • Blog Options
    • Styling Options
    • Typography
    • Contact Map Options
    • Error Page Options
    • Import / Export
  • 5 Star Customer Support
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Valid HTML5 / CSS3
  • SEO Optimized
  • Sortable Portfolio
  • Advanced Typography – 600+ fonts
  • Custom social sharing Projects and Blog Posts
  • 550+ Retina ready icons
  • Menu Options
    • Full Screen Overlay Menu
    • Sliding Left Menu
  • 2 Footer Designs
  • 3 Stylish Blog Layouts
    • Blog Standard
    • Blog Standard Fullwidth
    • Blog Minimal
  • Demo Files Included ( XML )
  • Translation-Ready .po/.mo files included
  • Child Theme Ready
  • WordPress 4.4 + Ready
  • And Much More! Check out the various demos!

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Photo Grid Pro – WordPress Interactive Grid Gallery Builder (Galleries)

Photo Grid Pro

Next Generation WordPress Image Grid Builder

Create a visually stunning gallery for your website in minutes. Awesome editor and lightbox included.


  1. Super Advanced Drag and Drop Editor
  2. Tons of Effects and Animations
  3. Custom Lightbox with Gestures
  4. Text Boxes with Custom Content
  5. Responsive and Optimized for Touchscreen
  6. Free Customer Support for 6 Months

Super Advanced Drag and Drop Editor

  • Choose the grid resolution and create the perfect layout for your gallery
  • Experiment with padding, corner radius and other settings to create a unique look
  • Precisely adjust timings and animation curves to get different effects
  • Instant previews while tweaking settings

Preview Mode

View the end result instantly while tweaking settings!


Standard feature for a desktop app, but rarely seen in a plugin editor!

Save and Load

With HTML5 Local Storage you can instantly save and load image maps, without database or a web server. Everything is done locally.

Easy Export

The editor will show you an example page so you can clearly see where to put the generated code. Copy, paste and done!

Try the Editor Live With Your Images!

The full version of the Editor is available online for you to test! Take the step-by-step guide, use your own images and see how Photo Grid Pro will work for your project!

Try the Editor

Tons of Effects and Animations

Experiment with endless combinations of animations for page load, mouseover and textbox transitions.

On-Load Animations

These are only a few of the animations that you can choose from. You have complete control over animation curve, duration and animation order to achieve a unique effect!

Mouseover Effects

Photo Grid Pro uses cutting-edge CSS3 effects like blurring and desaturation to make your gallery look even cooler.

Custom Lightbox with Gestures

Photo Grid Pro comes with a custom-built lightbox addon, packed with features!

  • Transparent background
  • Background blur
  • Desaturation for background or adjacent images
  • Swipe gestures and rubberbanding

Text Boxes with Custom Content

With the Editor you can customize the text boxes however you want! Change the background color, opacity, padding, and more. HTML code in the text boxes is supported as well!

Responsive and Optimized for Touchscreen

Features like fluid width and gesture support guarantee a smooth experience on mobile devices.

Free Customer Support for 6 Months

We are here to help! If you have any issues installing or using our product, please send us a ticket and we will respond as soon as possible!

Submit Ticket

1.0.0 – 01.18.2016

  • Release

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WP Interactive voice response (IVR) (Utilities)

WP Multi Level IVR Plugin V1.1.0

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The WordPress Multi Level IVR Plugin comes with complete IVR solution to fulfill all your personal or commercial needs. Multi Level IVR is a fully integrated Plugin that allows its user to enhance customer support and product marketing to its best. The Plugin is compatible with all leading Internet browsers and allows the user to have complete benefit of the amazing features like IVR Assistance, Call Navigation and Menu Set Up, Call Forwarding, Call Recording and many other useful features. No matter if you are running a business big or small, the Plugin helps enhance your workability through its vast features and versatile multilingual as well as multi-accent text narration ability, regardless of your regional location. User can set up the IVR greetings in any language they want as Multi Level Plugin is completely customizable and adaptable. Plugin allows the user to handle a large number of calls at the same time without being confused between any of them. Now you can provide every caller the individual attention they need and never miss out at any call through the amazing call forwarding and call recording setup, and keep a complete record about all the activities through detailed history reports.


  1. Evident User Interface
  2. Fast and Reliable
  3. Compatible with All Browsers
  4. Easy Installation Method
  5. Easy to Set Up
  6. Multilingual Greetings Options
  7. Multi-Accent Greeting Options
  8. Multimedia Audio Greeting Options
  9. Compatible with MP3 Formatted Files
  10. Voice Recoding
  11. Call Recording
  12. Number Buying Setup
  13. Area Code Specific Number Buying Option
  14. Dynamic IVR Listing
  15. Drag and Drop Widget Addition
  16. Live Greetings Recording Option
  17. Sends SMS During the IVR Call
  18. Forwards E-Mail During the IVR Call
  19. Call Forwarding with Whisper Message
  20. Evident Menu Setup
  21. Automated Questioning and Poll Setup
  22. Call Hang Up Option
  23. One Click Audio Listing and Playing
  24. One Click Audio Recording and List generation
  25. Detailed History and Activities Reports.
  26. Credits

    RankSol WP SMS Marketing

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