FaceBox WordPress Photo Viewer Plugin Lightbox (Galleries)

Facebox is a plugin to be used in conjunction with wordpress, is a Ligthbox for media on your website, videos, pictures. The design theme is inspired by the facebook style, and fully connected social networks. There are some improvements that have been made, for example, is fully responsive.

See some of the application’s resources:

  • Plugin theme is based on the style of Facebook;
  • All your images and videos will be linked to the facebook with options to share on other social media;
  • Very simple to install, just send and activate;
  • Compatible with several galleries as NextGen;
  • Keyboard shortcuts enabled, much better user navigation;
  • Fullscreen mode;
  • All the images captured smart and simple way for all pages and posts;
  • Javascript plugin package is very light;
  • Documentation and support, several examples;
  • Can add HTML code into several parts, for example can add a Google
  • Adsense ad;
  • Not necessary knowledge of codes;
  • Works with almost all wordpress themes, if not work on your, just ask a help;
  • Responsively, works on mobile devices;

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Comments Lightbox For WordPress (Miscellaneous)

This plugin allows you to transform links to comments into a lightbox displaying comments without refreshing the page.

The lightbox works out of the box and require no configuration. It also takes care of matching the style of the currently active WordPress theme on your site.

Here is the requirement:

  • Your theme must use the function comments_popup_link
  • Your theme must use the original WordPress comments system (no Disqus or Facebook Comments)

It also provides a shortcode for creating buttons to open comments from anywhere on the site and that from any posts.


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Facebook Lightbox (Social Networking)

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Dashboard Start

A Complex yet super simple WordPress Plugin to add Facebook Likebox PopUp using Lightbox effect.


  • Easy to Configuration (No coding required!)
  • 8 Templates to choose from
  • Highly Customizable, control everything
  • Show on every page, or only on pages you want
  • Display Popup close button, or set a timer
  • Auto Close Popup when someone Likes your page
  • Choose not to display for returning visitors
  • Change background overlay color & transparency
  • Unlimited Color Schemes
  • Super smooth hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions
  • Fully responsive & multiple layouts support
  • SEO Friendly
  • Very detailed documentation with examples
  • Translation Ready!

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Kube Lightbox Responsive Plugin (Media)

Kube Lightbox is an out-of-box ready lightbox plugin for WordPress which supports a wide range of media and built with advanced techniques which makes it the fastest and slickest lightbox script around.


  • Media Support – The plugin supports a wide range of media apart from images which includes : Video from Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe and Dailymotion, Google Maps, Instagram and iFrames.
  • Social Sharing – You can activate Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 social sharing for lightbox content.
  • Automatic Lightbox – Automatically add lightbox to WordPress image galleries, image links and video links on posts and pages.
  • CSS3 Hardware Acceleration – The plugin makes full use of hardware accelerated CSS3 animations and falls back to jQuery animation on unsupported browsers.
  • Mobile Device Ready – The lightbox is fully responsive and uses retina icons on mobile devices. It also supports touch swipe to navigate between galleries.
  • Lightweight and Optimized for Speed – Apart from hardware and GPU acceleration, the script uses reusable DOM elements and destroys them when the lightbox is closed which makes it highly efficient on mobile browser.

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WordPress Powerful Lightbox (Add-ons)


WordPress Powerful Lightbox plugin allows you to put nearly anything in a lightbox and display it on your wordpress site. You can also put many things in one lightbox and your users can view them all using slider-like navigation.


  • Galleries of Viedos, Images, PDF’s, Flash files, presentations, and a lot more
  • Additional space for your One Page website
  • Sign ups, logins, registrations
  • Ads
  • Forms
  • Formatted text with images
  • Your own HTML+CSS
  • and many more….



  • Drag and drop content elements to set their order in lightbox
  • Switch lightboxes and content elements on and off


Any request for support please submit using contact form on this page. Please keep in mind we are GMT+1 time zone. We will do our best to answer every request for suport in 24 hours (exluding weekends).
If you will notice anything working not correctly, please let us know, so we can fix it.


Verison: 1.0 (06.05.2014)

    Initial release

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Social Gallery WordPress Lightbox Bundle (Galleries)

Social Gallery is The Ultimate Social Lightbox for WordPress.

Social Gallery Plugin is a fantastic new way to engage visitors to your WordPress blog by adding the ultimate lightbox featuring social media buttons (Facebook like, Facebook Send, Pinterests ‘Pin it’, Twitters ‘Tweet This’ and now Linked In, Stumble Upon & Tumblr) as well as Facebook or Disqus Comments!

Get More out of your images and videos. More Likes. More Comments. More Revenue.

Your blog visitors already click your images, at best perhaps you have a lightbox feature (or maybe you don’t even have that!) – but once they click your images (and if they clicked it, they probably like it!) then what? With Social Gallery Plugin your users can “like”, “tweet” and “pin” the images on your page!

Improve your visitors user experience.

As well as better engaging your visitors and driving more likes and shares this plugin also improves the overall viewing experience for the visitor, allowing them to look through your blog media with the left and right arrow keys, just like on Facebook.

This Awesome and Epic Bundle includes:-

  1. The Social Gallery Photo Viewer Plugin – worth $ 25
  2. The Social Gallery Video Viewer Plugin – worth $ 30
  3. The Social Gallery Shortcodes Plugin – worth $ 16

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to have Social Gallery Photo, Video and the amazing Social Shortcodes all in one ultimate money saving bundle.

View your photos in an amazing lightbox, and your videos and also display them in a beautiful square grid of resize-able images.

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