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  • Affiliate Links — WordPress Plugin for Link Shortening and Masking (Advertising)

    Do you like to see links which look like this? www.asite.com/gp/product/B00UL43110?ref=site.com&tag=Associates_ID There’s no way of knowing where you’ll end up once you click on that! What if you could make that link look like site.com/go/mirror Sounds cool, huh? Well, with this plugin, you can. Affiliate Links is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to […]

  • WooPlugins – Woocommerce Coupon Code Links (Marketing)

    WooPlugins – Woocommerce Coupon Code Links Apply coupon codes automatically and add products to cart via links with this clean and simple premium plugin for WooCommerce. Features Enable/Disable the coupon links Support simple and variable products Apply coupon codes automatically even if the cart is empty Add automatically products to the cart on visit Support […]

  • The Elm Leaf – Automatically add links to keywords (WordPress)

    No more need to manage links manually Time-saver for webmasters/bloggers/publishers/authors to work with links to the site. External and internal autolinking; Automatically active all disabled links on your website; Limit autolinking per post; Automatically convert active links to referral on the whole website; Manually disable the automatic insertion of links in a particular post. The […]

  • Creative Social Links – WordPress Widget & Visual Composer Add-on (Add-ons)

    Creative Social Links is a WordPress Widget and Visual Composer Add-on from the creators of Colors Creative WordPress theme that will help You create the best looking Social Links on the planet! Main features overview Simple to use plugin with Simplified controls Links can be set to open in new tabs Easy and Fast to […]

  • My Social – Social Links for WordPress (Social Networking)

    Add your social links to your WordPress site in seconds. How it works Choose your social links from a wide collection of the most popular sites and use our tools to customize them for your theme. Easy to install – simply upload, activate and you’re ready to go! Compatibility Mobile optimized, responsive and compatible with […]

  • CodeCanyon Widget – Showcase CodeCanyon items with affiliate links (Miscellaneous)

    A simple and powerful WordPress plugin with which you can display CodeCanyon items as a WordPress widget. Several smart options are provided for selecting and ordering. You can select CodeCanyon latest items, popular items or items from one or more specific users. Optionally, you can connect items with your affiliate links as well. CodeCanyon new […]

  • WP Link Status Pro – Fix Broken Links & Manage Redirections (Utilities)

    WP Link Status Pro is a WordPress plugin to check HTTP status response codes of all your content links and images. It works crawling your content, extracting links and images, looking for broken links, redirections, nofollow links, etc. Features Create multiple scans, each one containing its own configuration and results. Run the crawler in background […]

  • Link Counter – Enhance Your WordPress Links (WordPress)

    Link Counter enhances WordPress links by adding a click counter to them. With an interesting title and a lot of clicks, readers will be more subject to click. Counters are added automatically and require no configuration: install and use enhanced links. You can disable counters on some posts while keeping the other ones active. CodeCanyon […]

  • vBLink – Links WordPress to vBulletin (Add-ons)

    What is vBLink? vBLink is a solution to integrate WordPress and vBulletin. It provides single sign-on and profile synchronization solutions based on vBulletin accounts. How The Integration Works? A WordPress account needs to be linked to a vBulletin account to make sure both accounts belong to the same user. This link can be created either […]

  • Internalinks: Dynamic Internal Links for WordPress (Utilities)

    Overview When you create a link in WordPress, it’s hardcoded, meaning that if you ever change the slug from for example, http://example.com/one-awesome-post to http://example.com/my-cool-post you would have to go through each page or post in your site where you have added a link to that post and update it. Another issue is if you ever […]