WP & Woocommerce Advanced Live Search (Products)


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Post Type Support : Type of post to applied live search. if you have select only one products as post type and search box type as advanced so range slider, product type and product category options appear on frontend.
  • Options for how many Recommendation Results Appear
  • You have select multiple post type support, so site owner to made more powerfull search functionality
  • Minimum & maximum Price Range Search
  • Product Type Search like
    • On Sale
    • Featured
    • Top Rated
    • Most Reviewed
    • Recent Added
    • In Stock
    • Out of Stock
  • Product Category Search
  • Input box box for live AJAX search
  • Easily Change Short Content Length
  • Easily Change All Types color like title color, price color, add to cart button color, range slider border and background color
  • Easily Change Product Hover after title color, price color, add to cart button color
If You want to see live demo off Live Search : Demo is here

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WooBooster – Compare, Live Search, Advanced Filtering, Store Locator & Delivery Availability (WooCommerce)

Introduction : WooBooster-The Perfect Plugin To Convert Your WP Site Into a Feature-Packed Online Shopping Portal

An ultimate tool for your WooCommerce Shopping portal. No need to use different plugins for different features. This single WooCommerce extension has lot of powerful features. Convert your simple ecommerce website into a big business giant like Amazon, Snapdeal , Alibaba etc.

You will definitely love it.

WooBooster is a revolutionary plugin that works as a WooCommerce add-on for your website and extends its functionalities by adding features like product filtering, shipping availability, product comparison and many others.

Enhances User Experience

This plugin gets integrated with your WordPress e-commerce website and equips it with a rich and interactive user interface that makes the process of purchasing a product, breeze for the users. This results in enhancement of the user experience and hence, your portal’s popularity reaches new heights.

Boosts Your Sale

Using this plugin, you will be able to display your products grouped in different categories like, “Most Popular”, Fast Selling, Featured Product, Deal of the Day and others. By adding product slider, you can easily push any specific product categories that are on discount. This will attract the customers as they will be able to find trending products fast and it will directly boost your sale and revenue.

Some of the Key Features of WooBooster:

Shipping Availability

  • You can add Zip Code to the website and mention the shipping time with each of them.
  • It will be displayed with the product when the user enter the Zip code.
  • Using the Zip setting you can play around with many customization options.
  • There is a whole lot of customizable options with this feature.

Product Comparison

  • This functionality enables the users to choose the product from the same category and compare them.
  • You can customize the options including the fields to compare, size of the product image, compare text color etc.

Cancel Order Requests

  • This is a special feature added to the plugin that enables you to see the cancel order requests with all the details.
  • You can choose the action to be applied on these requests using the option given alongside the request in the list.
  • This revolutionary feature aims to facilitate users to search for their desired product by suggesting them probable products based on the keywords they type.
  • You need to add a short code to the website wherever you want this auto-complete search bar.
  • You can also customize the minimum number of words to trigger the suggestion apart from other options.

Zoom Settings

  • You can change the zoom setting for the products using this feature of WooBooster plugin.
  • Enable or disable zoom for products and also set the size of the zoom box.

Product Filter Tool

  • The Booster Product Filter tool has a range of options from basic settings to filter style and select filters to name a few.
  • Buy the plugin to explore scores of such product filtering options that will change the face of your website.

Store Locator

It has an amazing tool for merchants who have physical stores at different locations. This advanced Store Locator enables you to add and manage all your locations and their related information, and making it easy for your users to search and locate your stores or businesses on a Map. Visitors can search store by country, state, city & the search result will display as list as well as highlight on google map.

WooBooster Empower You To Do Following Exemplary Things From Your Online Shopping Portal

  • Let your users filter the products on the factors you choose for them.
  • Enhance the user experience by enabling your users to see zoomed in product images.
  • Facilitate your users to compare the products of the same category and choose the best among them.
  • Allow your users to know the exact shipping availability of the product to their shipping address.
  • Suggest your users the name of the products in the search bar that is apparent from the keywords they are typing in the search field.
  • Cater your users with prompt service when they request a product cancellation.


Version 1.0.0 – 09 April 2016

- Published on ThemeForest

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EasyDonation Form PayPal/Credit Card/Bank Transfer

Online Product Customizer

Awesome Friendly Support:

theem’on is handling technical support for this WooBooster Plugin. So, in case, you have any query related to this best of the best , Feel free to drop a mail to us at support@theemon.com or contact us via ThemeForest.net user page contact form.

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WPLiveDojo – Live Event Text Broadcast Plugin (Utilities)

The Ultimate Live Text WordPress Plugin

Need to broadcast a live event via your WordPress website? Well – good news – we’ve got you covered.

Features Overview


In each event post update we’ve styled for you the title, content text with links, quotes, lists, etc. You just focus on broadcasting fresh content for your events.


Yup – on a live event in most cases images are worth at least a thousand characters smile emoticon You can post a single featured image or even an images gallery. Or both of them. On each event update.


Just paste a vimeo or youtube video link and it will appear in the event update.


You can specify on each event update a location on the map. Also there’s the Locate me button for ease of use.


Each event update can be automatically posted on your facebook timeline or even on a page you manage. And on twitter too.


We have several presets for colors and font sizes, family, etc. You can edit and apply any of them Also the font attributes can be inherited for a better website blend in experience.


Yup – you can update your event live using your phone or tablet. Upload pics from your gallery or right from the phone camera.


For example you want the event’s first update to appear automatically and exactly on a fixed start time. You can prepare the content and the plugin will publish it for you when you want that to happen.
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wordpress live support chat (Utilities)

We Work to keep this item on the top Chat Support

feel free to contact us and send your feedback in here hamzhmail@gmail.com

  • Chat With Your visitor in WordPress site
  • admin can make him online or offline
  • operators (admins) can chat with each other
  • get user information IP address , country , browser and OS
  • admin can make user on hold
  • if user not responding for time admin will allocated the system will warning him with a massage and after another time of not responding the system will end chat except the user on hold by admin
  • user can rate and comment of chat session during chat
  • after user end chat session he can rate and comment feedback for chat session
  • works as Gmail or Facebook like
  • sound and title alert for new massages
  • Easy to type emotions
  • If chat window is minimized, it notifies you if new message arrived
  • user can download chat logs
  • admin notification in admin bar if new massages and new users
  • contact form when all admins offline
  • admin can chat at any page in dashboard admin and user interface
  • admin can change user massages (welcome massage – offline massage … ) and fields (name-email-comments)


 == 16 Nov 2015 / version 1.0.1 == - not display chat until site complete load . - fix bugs  ==  16 Nov 2015 / Version 1.0.0 == - Release item on codecanyon  

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Facebook Live Chat for WordPress (Utilities)

NOTICE: Sorry thumb and preview image is wrong. We have updated and waiting envato staff approve it.

Facebook Live Chat is a WordPress plugin allow put your facebook live chat box on your website, visitors can chat with you via Facebook Message. This is easy way to support your customers

NinjaTeam Support Center

Facebook Live Chat Features

Get Cliro Now

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 14/11/2015: - Fix some small bugs  11/11/2015: - Version 1.0 Initial Release 

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Live Ajax Site Search – Sumo Search WP Plugin (Miscellaneous)

Try out Sumo Search in a live environment first before you buy

Add an intuitive and quick live ajax search overlay to your whole site.

When performing a search on your website, what normally happens is after you enter your search terms and hit enter, your page reloads in order to display your search results. This is not a very user friendly experience.

The aim of Sumo Search is to make searching a fast and seamless experience for your users.

Sumo Search integrates into your website by optionally adding a search button on all your pages. People can also search right away by typing anywhere in your site. If you have existing search input fields in your site, Sumo Search integrates into those as well in order to display search results without the need for loading another page.

We use Ajax to display search results as you are typing so you can find what you need right away. No need to hit the enter key or click on the search button. The search results are also cached by Sumo Search so that repeated search terms will be faster.

Sumo Search also respects your browser’s history. This means that when you do a search then visit a link from your search, when you click on your browser’s back button, you will go back to the page you were from and your previous search results will still be there. So if your visitor didn’t find what they’re looking for in their first search result, they can easily go back and view the other search results and check another page.

If you want more relevant search results, Sumo Search integrates well with Relevanssi – a free WordPress plugin from the WordPress.org plugin repository.

Full Feature Set

  • Full screen search overlay
  • Live ajax search results as you type
  • Caches your search results using transients
  • Settings are in the Customizer for live previewing
  • Uses the new History API, so that when you hit on the back button, your previous search results will be displayed for a seamless searching experience
  • Integrates into your site by:
    • Placing a search button in all your pages, and/or
    • Show Sumo Search by typing anywhere, and/or
    • Intercepting inputs from existing search fields
  • Displays your title, post type, excerpt and featured images. You can opt to turn any of these off/on
  • Customizable fonts, colors and design
    • Choose from 600+ Google Fonts or use your theme’s fonts
    • 5 Search & 5 close icons to choose from
    • Color pickers with transparency pickers
    • Results box paddings, border radius, background colors, etc
    • Pick whether to show your featured images, post titles, post types and post excerpts
  • Choose from a variety of search and close icons
  • Responsive
  • Integrates well with Relevanssi
  • WordPress standards

To ThemeForest WP Theme Developers

You can just include this item as a plugin which your customer can install and active along with your theme.

If you want to include this item in your ThemeForest WordPress theme, please purchase an extended license and let us know in your support page.

Live WordPress sandboxes are provided by the awesome WP Demo

Having Trouble with the Plugin?

Head over to the support tab and check out the FAQs, or submit a support ticket!

Enjoying the Plugin?

Be sure to leave a rating and review and show us some love.

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Version 1.0

* Initial release

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Live Client Chat – Help Chat With Visitors Map (Utilities)

Client Live Chat is an exclusive support chat, adaptable to any website developed in wordpress. And talk with your customers/visitors has never been easier! :)

  • Realtime world map of visitors!
  • Unlimited colors (colors picker)
  • Advanced informations of visitors (IP, REFERRER etc.)
  • Visitor’s easly auto-login and Facebook Login
  • Answers offline-chats directly from the panel
  • Send automatic opening’s link to visitors
  • Start you the chats with your customers
  • Easily translatable into every language (TWO included)
  • Visitor’s avatar by facebook or gravatar
  • Actions with sounds for visitors and staff and more…
Updates always going :)

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Intelligent WordPress Live Chat Plugin (Social Networking)


iSupport is an intelligent WordPress live chat plugin. This plugin will work in any wordpress site which need a customer sales and support system through live chat.

Why intelligent?

The main logic of this auto search and suggest based live chat plugin is that in each company there are finite number of client unknown query. Client question is not unlimited. So the operator currently have to type all the common answer over and over again. This is a wasting of time and bad customer service

With this plugin all the common question and answer will be saved in a database. In each client request the auto search system will suggest the matching question and answer to the operator. Operator just need to click to the matching question to answer client request. This can certainly improve customer service.

Matching query can also be searched from built in search system. Operator can also add and edit chat history to database.

Live Demo Note:

Please visit Demo Site or click the above live preview button to check the chat system before purchase. You will need to login to see the demo. For operator – Username1: operator1 and Password1: Operator_1 or Username2: operator2 and Password2: Operator_2 or Username3: operator3 and Password3: Operator_3 and For Customer – Username1: customer1 and Password1: Customer_1 or Username2: customer2 and Password2: Customer_2 or Username3: customer3 and Password3: Customer_3 or sign up to create new account. You can use 3 different account and logging in from 3 different browser like chrome, firefox, opera, safari from the same computer to check the chat system or can use different computer as well. When login as operator you need to go wordpress dashboard and open isupport operator chat panel.


  1. Automatic chat search and suggestion to operator
  2. Unlimited operator
  3. Unlimited customer.
  4. Each operator can chat unlimited customer at a time. (Currently 50 set. you can choose any number)
  5. Each operator can transfer chat to other operator / department
  6. Chat request from client to operator maintain online, busy, offline queue logic. i.e when first chat request comes from customer it search for online operator who is not busy and select randomly. If all are busy then it select any busy operator and the operator can answer in a seperate chat tab.
  7. 3 way notification, sound, browser tab text change and color change when chatting with multiple customer in different tab.
  8. Completely responsive front end. Tested with all apple device and android device.
  9. Unlimited theme color and text color.
  10. 3 type background. Color, images, patther and transparent chat box
  11. Chat session control. So browsing website will not lost the current chat history.
  12. Built in log in and registration system
  13. Offline message system
  14. Seperate chat history and searchable unique query database.
  15. Auto chat history database cleanup system. in case your site becomes heavy.
  16. Chat speed control from option panel
  17. Operator image
  18. Ajax technology. Works all the browser including IE7, IE8, IE9+ and safari, chrome, firefox, opera etc.

Auto search & suggest with multi chat

Online, Busy, Offline Queue Logic

Unlimited theme color and style

Complete responsive front end

Built in login, Register, Offline message

iSupport options panel


  • The Plugin works with WordPress powered websites only
  • Customer need to log in to chat.
  • jQuery 1.7 or newer is required. WordPress 3.4+ already uses jQuery 1.8.3 by default if your theme not deregister it and loads old one.
** Version 1.0.1 - August 28th, 2015 ** - Bug fix - pop up notification window auto height - Bug fix - Offline message error - Bug fix - Registration message error 

** Version 1.0.0 - August 25th, 2015 ** - Initial Release 

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Mega Search : Advanced Live Ajax Search Plugin (WordPress)

Mega Search is a Live Ajax Search Plugin for wordpress. It has a unique concept with more than 200 options to match the serch box and result box with your idea. It is a MUST HAVE plugin for every wordpress site.
you can use it in pages, posts, widget or anywhere you want, also you can use it as default search of your theme.

Key Features

  • Clean Design
  • Support all posts/Custom posts/Woocommerce
  • Set / Replace with WordPress Default Search
  • Display 4 Types of layout
    • General Layout
    • Fullscreen Layout
    • Popup Layout
    • Sticky Layout
  • Section : You can split Result Box to 4 sections and set Static Content or Dynamic Content For it
  • More than 15+ section pattern for result box
  • Set Manual Data for Each Section
  • Fetch Post/Custom Post for Each Section
  • All Shortcodes are Supported in Manual Data : You can add a shortcode for section content as manual data. such as : Contact Form 7, Visual Composer Shortcodes and etc.
  • Apply Search in multipe post/Custom post in a time
  • Display Items in 4 types for each section :
    • Grid View (Boxed/Outer Description)
    • List View
    • Grid View in Carousel Mode
    • List View in Carousel Mode
  • Items Settings :
    • 1- Items Fields Option : You can Show/Hide fields of items. Show/hide title, Thumbnail, meta tag.
    • 1- Custom fields of Product : Sale Banner, Featured Banner, Price and ‘Add to Cart’ Button
    • 2- Custom fields of Post/Other Custom Posts: Author, Date and Comment.
  • Item Layout : Set custom color and font for Items, Thumbnail, Title, Meta tags, Excerpt and Background overlay.
  • Add ‘Show More Button’ for each section
  • Set ‘Show More’ Page for each section separatly
  • Set Title for each Section with typography options
  • Set Background for each Section (Color/Image)
  • Use as Default Value : There are 2 types of actions when you focus on search textbox.
    • 1- The result box appear when textbox focused (Please check this field to activate this type)
    • 2- The result box appear when textbox focused and type some text (You can set number of characters in Search Setting)
  • Minimum Settings : Set Minimum Character To Start Search (Default = 3)
  • Search Target Field : you can specify search in Title, Content, Excerpt and Custom fields. (Default = title)
    Note If you want to search in custom fields you should add them in related field.
  • Manual Result : Set your manual content. This will be displayed when there is no result for search.
  • Statistics Sometime you need to get feedback from your search. Exp : Which one of text searched more !
    Mega Search save “Keywords” that has been searched and display them as Grid/pie Chart/Bar Chart/ Line Chart.
  • Autocomplete
    • Autocomplete Source : Your suggestion words can be fetch from Post/Custom post title or Statistics.
    • Post Type(s) : Add your Post/Custom post for autocomplete source.
  • Customization Search Box Layout : Such as : Direction, Fonts Options, Background Settings, Placeholder, Width, Height, Border, Border Radius, Icon and etc.
  • Customization Result Box Layout : Such as : Width, Height, Padding, Border, Box Shadow, Border Radius, Backgroudn Settings and etc.
  • Set Background for Result Box (Color/Image)
  • 600+ Google Fonts included
  • 500+ Font Awesome Icons included
  • Horizontal Section(s)
  • Vertical Section(s)
  • 1 Coulmn, 2 Columns, 3 Columns and 4 Columns for Result Box
  • HTML, CSS3, JQuery

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