ImageLinks – Interactive Image Builder for WordPress (Media)

It’s a WordPress edition of the jQuery Plugin – ImageLinks Interactive Image. With this plugin you are able to easily make an interactive image for your site that empowers publishers and bloggers to create more engaging content by adding rich media links to photos. Use this plugin to create interactive news photography, infographics, and shoppable product catalogs in minutes!


Features List

  • Advanced Drag & Drop Editor – the online editor included
  • 2 Predefined Themes – included 2 skins (default & dark)
  • CSS3 Animations – over 100+ CSS3 animations are available to give some stunning effects
  • Cross-Browser – supports for all major browsers, including touch-screen devices and mobile devices
  • Good Customizable – is easy to customize, including the themes and source files
  • Very easy to use and setup

Sources and Credits

Version 1.0.0 – 20/06/2016

 - First release 

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Social Media Viral Content Builder for WordPress (Social Networking)

With our Viral growth hacking plugin your posts can be shared 1000, 5000, 50,000 times and that is a fact. Many of our clients started with standard social sharing buttons and were getting 5, 10, 100 shares. That is not bad for a start but with this simple Viral growth hack you can explode your readers and make your posts go viral. The old standard social share buttons have no call to action, they do not compel readers to share so they don’t do sqaut. Period! We all know this. We hope that our wonderfully written smart, funny, whimsical post will be different but just tacking on social share buttons at the top/bottom/side does not cut it. Unless you are some monster website like mashable or cnn who get hundreds of thousands or millions of visitors your social buttons are going to languish. until now. In about 20 minutes you can be using our Viral Content Builder.

What does it do? With our plugin you can stop visitors from reading a part, parts or an entire article before sharing it via facebook, twitter or Google +. This means you can hide a chart that shows the key elements of your post, a paragraph with the answer to all there problems, images, file downloads, any individual piece of text can be hidden until the visitor shares your article with their friends. Imagine offering a free pdf with the top 10 marketing success tips and having visitors share the article before being able to download it. How about a cooking recipe that users need to share before getting the complete ingredients. Mondays Workout to lose 10 pounds a week? BOOM hidden. There are endless ways that this plugin can be used to compel visitors to share the article socially. This plugin has helped clients increase shares by as much as 1,000% in a few days and helped increase readers/visitors.

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WordPress SoundCloud Player (Media)

WordPress SoundCloud Player is a plugin that will create a shortcode which you can use to add, in no-time, a custom soundcloud player in any page.

The only thing you need to do is to copy-paste the SoundCloud URL. The plugin works with single tracks, playlists and profile links.

The cover image, track title, artist and all the other data will be automagically taken from SoundCloud so you can save a lot of time.

And did we mentioned that it works with Visual Composer? :P

The player has 2 color schemes: light or dark. This way the content will always look professionally.

And one more thing: this plugin won’t hurt your website’s speed because it includes its assets ONLY when the player is included in the page.

This being said play with it and convince yourself of how awesome it is. We also used this player in our WordPress theme called Colibri. If you like it you can download it right now here on CodeCanyon and within minutes you will have the best SoundCloud player on your website.

P.S.: The player works in ANY WordPress theme!

How to use it?

You can add the player using its custom shortcode in Visual Composer or you can add the following shortcode anywhere in your pages:

[wpscp url=”here_comes_the_soundcloud_url” style=”light_or_dark” /]

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Pasteboard for WordPress (Media)

This plugin allows you paste images directly to WordPress editor. Even more, you can crop images, draw line on it easily and quickly! Copy images from anywhere; Youtube, Web, Photoshop, from your desktop.


  • You don’t need to upload images WordPress anymore.
  • Crop image before save it on your host.
  • Draw lines on image easily.
  • Rename images easily.
  • Save your images with 3 different image format. (JPEG, GIF or PNG)
  • Image Compression.
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    dFlip – 3D & 2D Flipbook WordPress Plugin (Media)

    pdf flipbook flip book DFlip is a high quality, realistic flipbook plugin for WordPress with smooth effects to stun your viewers. It has PDF support inbuilt and you can have easy PDF integration without any extra extension. It’s very responsive and device friendly. You will have almost all features you’ll lookout for: like hot-spots, PDF annotations, outline, custom outline, image support, etc all in a single package.

    flipbook flip book


    Based on realistic 3D mockup library and powerful 2D CSS3 transformation you get the best possible flip-books in a single plugin.


    Start with 3D and the plugin will take care of fallback in case some browsers don’t support 3D and use 2D Flipbook.


    Switching from 3D to 2D easily. Or you can rely on our smart Fallback.


    PDFs or Images we got it covered for you.

    dFlip Features

    Why Choose dFlip?

    • 3D (WebGL) and 2D(HTML5+CSS) variants.
    • Image and PDF support
    • Support for PDF links
    • Optimized for CPU and RAM low usage
    • Unique Smart Rendering for low CPU consumption
    • Easy jQuery usage syntax
    • Based on realistic 3D mockup library



    • Documentation for dFlip
    • Source code of dFlip wordpress Plugin and it’s supporting files..
    • The Image files and PDFs used in preview demo are not included in the download.
      Additions Used(included):
      Mockup Studio Libs
      The following commercially free libraries were used to create the plugin.
      Themify Icons

      Change Log

     ---------------------------------- 29/05/2016 - Version 1.0 RELEASE 

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    External Media Upload (Media)

    External Media Upload will grab media/files from external url link to your server and add them to WordPress media library.

    With External Media Upload, you don’t need many time for save external file to your computer and re-upload.

    External Media Upload can grab popular file extension as image, audio, videos, pdf, office documents, zip, Executable, CSV files. If you want any other extension other than mention above you can add as well.

    How it work?

    • Direct grab external media and add to wordpress media library.
    • Supports all extensions.
    • Manage file extensions to be uploaded.
    • Directly adds external images as Featured Image
    • Uploads multiple files at once.

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