Block Double Logins – Protect Your Membership Site (Utilities)

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Protect your membership sites – prevent users from sharing accounts

  • block users from simultaneously using the same WP account
  • block users from simultaneously logging in to multiple accounts from the same IP
  • block users who hide behind a proxy
  • see who’s online at any given time
  • see who’s trying to share their account
  • choose which user roles are affected by plugin’s rules and which are not
  • built-in fail-safe if you lock yourself out
  • session timeout can be adjusted
  • plugin is ready for use 5 seconds after install
  • works with all themes

Plugin demo and live demonstration


 v1.0 - May 15th 2014 * initial release 

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Pay Portal WP – Social and Paypal Content Locker (Membership)

Introducing Pay Portal – Securely lock away your content behind a subscription wall!

Offer your visitors a fully customisable and professional multi-level subscriptions system.

Use Paypal with pay-once or customisable subscriptions to lock content away for paying subscribers only.

Use social actions such as Facebook Send, Facebook Like, Tweet or Twitter Follow to unlock your content.

Mobile ready, and fully customisable text.

Full display of all active subscriptions, as well as a full subscription and action log available from the administration area.

Select multiple levels of subscriptions for individual posts, to allow you to fine tune your content to your subscribers.

Comes with direct integration with Paypal, Facebook and Twitter.

Full Paypal Sandbox and Live integration and much much more..

If you are happy with your purchase, please give us a 5 star rating, as it will be much appreciated.

Full WYSIWYG editor to customise all situations (un-registered, global un-subscribed, per subscription messages).

For Facebook Like – Manages facebook events and un-subscribes users on an “Unlike”

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Front-end Membership Modules (WordPress)

Front-end Membership Modules plugin is fully loaded with features to enhance your WordPress website. Features like approved accounts, invitation basis registration is just a part of the long list below:

Front-end forms with shortcode and PHP code for template files This plugin allows you to insert Login, Register, Reset Password, Edit Profile forms on any page, post or text widget via shortcodes. If you know how to customize the WordPress template files, you can use the PHP functions with all the options available in our Shortcode Generator.

Override WordPress Default Pages and Admin Access You can choose to redirect the user to front-end forms when they try to access the default WordPress authentication pages. You can choose, who can access the WordPress dashboard, if any role is not selected, the user will be redirected to website’s homepage. You can also enable of disable WordPress admin for all users from the backend.

Custom form fields for registration and edit profile This plugin allows you to add custom form fields to registration, edit profile and invitation forms. There are about 25 types of custom form fields that you can use including custom HTML where you can add more form fields and the data will be saved in user meta table. You can also import/export custom fields to use the similar setup on different websites.

WordPress Profile Sync with Custom Form Fields You can choose to sync additional custom fields with default WordPress profile fields and let user and admins update these from both back-end and front-end.

Different Registration Methods This plugin allows to modify the default Registration method in two different ways. Along with the default registration method, you can configure your website to accept only approved new user accounts or make your WordPress website invitation only. With approvals required method, new user accounts will only be created once you approve the request from the plugin settings, similarly with invitation only setup, new user can register to your website only if admin approve the invitation request.

Social Media Login This plugin comes with in-built Facebook Connect and Twitter login where users won’t have to remember their username or password, they can simply login with their social media profiles. Registration custom fields are also synced while registration.

Different Password Generation Methods You can configure how the user passwords will be generated on your website. Users can specify their own password or system will automatically generate password and send the login info via email while registration.

Customizable email messages with usermeta variables You can customize all email messages sent to user and admin upon different actions from the plugin settings with variables to personalise the email messages.

Restricted Content You can choose to restrict certain pages, posts, categories, taxonomies, tags etc. only for logged in users, where as visitors will be redirected to login page when they try to access the members only content of your WordPress website.

Dynamic content for Logged In Users and Visitors With simple shortcodes you can specify different content for logged in users and visitors on any page or post. The content will switch based on the login status of a user.

Spam Protection for all forms You can choose either Google’s reCaptcha with theme options or custom question and answer validation for each form.

Fully customizable CSS and Javascript You can choose to completely disable the plugin CSS and Javascript and write your own styles and scripts from the plugin settings page or custom css and js files saved in the root directory of the plugin.

Bulk Update or Insert New Users This plugin enables easy way to update existing users or insert new users via .CSV uploads.

Custom Profile Pictures or Gravatars You can choose between Gravatars or custom profile picture uploads from the plugin settings. For custom uploads, you can also setup the filetypes allowed for avatars.

Dynamic User Data within any page or post This plugin comes with a smart shortcode which you can use to display user information within any page or post content, the values will change based on the user logged in on the website. For example, if you would like to display user first name within a post, the name will change based on the user logged in to the website.

Page Links Shortcodes You can insert links to login, register forms etc on any page and post and feel free to change the slug or parent/child setup. This shortcode will return the permalink based on the page setup under plugin settings.

Automatic page setup With a click of one button, all required pages are created and saved under plugin settings automatically.

Shortcode Generator This plugin comes with in-built Shortcode Generator which is always be available while editing or creating new page or posts. No need to remember the shortocodes or switch pages to insert shortcodes.

Localisation and Translation Ready You can easily translate this plugin in your own language.

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SMS Register (Membership)

SMS Register is WordPress plugin for monetising user registration. If they want to register account on your WP website, visitors needs to send SMS message following displayed instructions, and the will get reply message containing code they need to enter to apropriate field in registration form.

SMS Register use Fortumo SMS gateway for processing of messages and collecting revenues. Only thing you need is free Fortumo account, and (also free) Fortumo Premium SMS service created.

How to start?

  • You will need to register (free) account on Fortumo (instructions).
  • Create Premium SMS service on Fortumo (instructions).
  • Install our plugin on your WordPress website.
  • If needed, submit your Fortumo service for approval, instructions here.
  • Start making money!


  • This plugin will work with some plugins for modifying WP registration page, tested and working with „Register Plus Redux“ plugin.
  • This plugin is not tested with „custom“ login forms (for example: some theme use custom login forms on the front-end).

Where can I get more info on SMS prices, coverage etc.?

You can find that info on Fortumo website. Page with price and coverage info is here.


If you have any questions, contact us here, or here, or even here: Support center.
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Users Ultra a Powerful Users WordPress Plugin (Membership)


Users Ultra is the ideal tool for creating advanced user communities in few minutes. Building a talents community, model agency websites, social communities and any kind of user websites is really fast. It can be intregrated in any WordPress Theme

When it comes to ease of use, Users Ultra comes in first. Users Communities are incredibly simple to build. All the modules are customizable, even if you don’t know how to code, and they’re minimalistic enough that a few minor changes make them look unique to you.

Key Features:

Paid Membership Features.

  • Admin has the capability to set free membership or paid memberships.
  • Admin can create unlimited membership packages.
  • Admin can set one-time or recurring payments.
  • Admin can set the membership duration.

Social One-Click Connects

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • LinkedIn

Private Messaging System:

  • Users can send private messages to other members.
  • Users can reply messages.
  • Users can delete & marks as read messages.
  • Users can block “senders”.

Photos & Galleries:

  • Users can create Multiple Photo Galleries.
  • Users can sort galleries and photos by “drag&drop”.
  • Users can set public, non-public and private photo galleries.
  • Users can set a main picture to each gallery.
  • Users can set a main picture to be used in the public profile.

Drag & Drop Multi-Uploader

  • Users can upload either one or multiple photos.

Promotion Options

  • Capability to promote one or multiple users by using one of the Elegant Spotlights.
  • Capability to promote one Photo/Work by using a shortcode.

5 Stars Rating System:

  • Users can rate users.
  • Users can rate individual photos.
  • Users can rate galleries.

Detailed Stats:

  • Daily User  Stats
  • Daily Gallery  stats
  • Daily Photo  stats

 Top Rated Features:

  • Shortcode to display top rated photos
  • Shortcode to display top rated galleries
  • Shortcode to display top rated users

Most Visited:

  • Shortcode to diplay most visited users.
  • Shortcode to display most visited galleries
  • Shortcode to display most visited photos.

Youtube & Vimeo Videos

  • Users can include in their profile videos from Youtube.
  • Users can include in their profile Vimeo Videos.

User’s Avatar:

  • Users can upload a custom avatar.
  • Drag&Drop avatar uploader.
  • Users can use Facebook Avatar
  • Users can use Gravatar
  • Users can use a main picture as avatar

Pricing Table Shortocodes:

  • Users Ultra comes with shortcodes to generate elegant responsive pricing tables.

Features by Modules:

Admin Panel:

  • Customize Registration Forms.
  • Fontawesome Font Icons.
  • Mailchimp.
  • Search Users.
  • Filter Users.
  • Delete/Ban Users.
  • See Creation Date.
  • See Activation Date.
  • See Last IP address.
  • Customize Welcome Email.
  • Customize Password Reset Email.
  • Customize Account Activation Email.
  • Admin has the capability to set free membership or paid memberships.
  • Admin can create unlimited membership packages.
  • Admin can set one-time or recurring payments.
  • Admin can set the membership duration.

Users Shortcodes:

  • Flexible Users Directory.
  • Minified Users Directory
  • Featured Users.
  • User Spotlights.
  • Latest Users
  • Most Visited Users.
  • Top Rated Users.
  • Responsive Login.
  • Responsive Registration Form.
  • Pricing Tables.
  • Shortcode to display User’s Profile

Media Shortcodes:

  • Top Rated Photos.
  • Featured Photos
  • Most Visited Photos
  • Latest Photos
  • Shortcode to Promote one or multiple photos

Users Front:

  • Facebook One Click Sign Up / Login.
  • Google One Click Sign Up / Login.
  • Yahoo One Click Sign Up / Login.
  • Linkedin One Click Sign Up / Login.
  • Common Sign up & Login by using username and password.
  • Password Reset Link.
  • Customizable Sign & Sign In Forms.
  • Rate Users
  • Rate Galleries
  • Rate Photos
  • Send Private Messages to other users.
  • Display Stars Rating.
  • Display Country’s name.
  • Display Country’s Flag

User’s Dashboard:

  • Create Multiple Galleries
  • Upload Mutliple Photos
  • Send & Receive Private Messages.
  • Block Users.
  • Add Favorite Youtube & Vimeo Videos.
  • Select Gallery’s Main Picture.
  • Sorting galleries and photos by dragging&Drop
  • Update personal data.
  • Update password.
  • Upload Custom Avatar..
  • Log out.



Update Changelog

  • Version 1.0.0 – 2014-03-01
    Initial release

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