Woocommerce Limit Order is an simple and powerful addon. It helps shop manager can create rules to limit the number of order member or guest can be placed per day or in a specific time. It also helps shop manager can create rules to limit total amount product and the quantity of a product can […]

Easily view your average order value on your WordPress dashboard or on the new WooCommerce report generated by the plugin! Supports this year, last month, this month, last 7 days or a custom date range set by the user. CodeCanyon new WordPress items Shortlink http://thesetemplates.info/codecanyon/woocommerce-average-order-value-miscellaneous/

Adds the missing Edit Order Notes in WooCommerce. Currently, the order notes can only be added or deleted. Edit the order notes without page refresh (ajax) Detects when WooCommerce refresh the notes so the plugin can add the edit link on the fly. Easy interface CodeCanyon new WordPress items Shortlink http://thesetemplates.info/codecanyon/orbisius-edit-order-notes-for-woocommerce-miscellaneous/

Flexible, highly customizable export plugin for WooCommerce: order exports as valid file in XLSX, CSV, XML and JSON standards ability to customize labels and column sorting on user account level massive amounts of hooks and filters for update-save customization third party support (e.g. custom invoice IDs exportable from WooCommerce Germanized) user role editor support multi-language-ready

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Welcome to the Gravity Forms – Order-Invoice Plugin Generate a full featured PDF-Invoice from your Gravity-Forms products and send it to your customers. (you need a licensed copy of the Gravity-Forms plugin) Features Easy Setup your company defaults at the Gravity-Forms Settings Easy Setup your Form at the default Gravity-Forms Form-Settings Gravity-Forms AddOn Framework Currency,

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Each order in woocommerce has a status. The order statuses let you know how far along the order is, starting from pending and ending with complete. The following order statuses are used: Pending payment : Order received (unpaid) Failed : Payment failed or was declined (unpaid). Note that this status may not show immediately and

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The “Easy Customer and Order import” WooCommerce plugin helps a store admin to easily import WooCommerce customers, orders & coupons in a CSV file format. With its simple import format, this user friendly importer works as an ideal tool when moving other eCommerce platform to WooCommerce and provides a store admin with the ability to

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