Orders Export for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

You have a WordPress WooCommerce website, your sales is quite good. However you have difficulty in statistical orders, invoicing or any work relating to orders.
You must export orders list but do not know yet how to do it.
Don’t worry, come with “Orders Export for WooCommerce”, a powerful plugin will do all that work completely automatically, supports many file types to export. You just choose orders and click.
if you have any difficulties or want to customize some features do not hesitate to contact me.

Version of Joomla Virtuemart here.
Plugin Features

Just installed and use it.
JSON export.
XML export.
PNG export.
CSV export.
TXT export.
SQL export.
Excel export.
Word export.
PP export.
PDF export.

Version: 1.0 – Last updated: 2016, Mar 23
Compatible with WordPress 3.x, WordPress 4.x, WooCommerce 1x, WooCommerce 2x
Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

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WooCommerce Orders and Products Export (WooCommerce)

This plugin will help you to export (download) Orders & Products from WooCommerce to Excel or CSV file. User friendly interface allows to do export with the least effort.

You can get all WooCommerce orders / WooCommerce products from your shop in one click or set and sorted fields which you need. Also you can select orders/products by status.

The main features of this export plugin are:

Quick installation and setup. Export all custom fields of products You can get all products and variations of products in one file Ability to specify the order of columns for Excel or CSV file. Download Profiles is available, so you can export data in 1 click. In addition, the plugin looks great on all devices without custom coding needed for each device or screen size.

Let me know if you need special features by export.

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WooCommerce Orders Exporter (Integrations)

Easily export all you orders filtering by price, date, customer, product, product category, order status!


WCOE is a fast and powerful tool that lets the shop admins orders exportation in one step.


Have you ever had the needing to export only some orders made by one or a set of customers?
Export only orders containing some particularly products?
Now you can!
By WCOE plugin you can export all the shop orders or filter them by

  • order status
  • products
  • products categories
  • customers
  • total amount spent per order (range value: min/max)
  • total amount spent per customer (Only if at least one customer has been selected)

Example of generated CSV




export orders including olny some products. Search for the using product name, sku or id! WCOEI









 = 1.1 = * New filter: by customer total amount spent (used only if at least one customer has been selected)  = 1.0 = * Release  

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WooCommerce Orders Progress Bars (WooCommerce)

Add a cool progress bar for your customers to follow up with their orders. Why? Check out this awesome article on why progress bars are important.


  • Assign progress bar color and percentage value per order status
  • Override the order’s status bar color and percentage value per order or don’t. Your call.
  • 2 progress bar types to choose from
  • 2 locations for the progress bar: before or after the order details.
  • Customizable progress bar title or remove it.


README files include the credits for outside libraries.


Extract the downloaded file from CodeCanyon. Upload the zip files that appears after extraction.

Features Requests

The item is being updated to meet the customers request. If you have a feature request, mention it in the comments, or email it via the support email.


Support is provided using the email address found in the Support tab.
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Woocommerce Today Orders and To-date orders (WooCommerce)

Ever wanted to brag about your orders.

This plugin will make that possible by showing on a widget :

how many orders you received today how total orders you received in total last order date and to increment those values manually

You can add specific additional amount to both parts ( today orders , total orders) so you can increase those values manually.

The plugin doesn’t applies any additional CSS styles , so it will inherit your theme design .

If you need to customize the plugin,it has CSS classes applied to all the elements it has so you can easily customize it .

Demo: you can see the plugin in action on the footer area here

Docs: you can see the documentation here

Don’t forget to rate the plugin

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