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  • Buddypress Groups Password (Add-ons)

    This plugin is made for a specific feature of BuddyPress called Groups. Installing this plugin gives the GROUP admins the ability to set/unset a password for their respective groups given that their groups are private. Non-members can then use the password to join the group by going to the group page – the password will […]

  • Protect Comments Pro – Protect comments with password (Utilities)

    Protect comments with password. In case of you want to hide comments of your blog posts and show them to only who knows the password; probably this is the only plugin that can help you achieve this! CodeCanyon new WordPress items Shortlink http://thesetemplates.info/codecanyon/protect-comments-pro-protect-comments-with-password-utilities/

  • WordPress Password Scanner (Utilities)

    Thank you for checking out WordPress Password Scanner! This is the first and currently only plugin that scans the passwords of WordPress users for their strength! A large portion of all (attempted) hacks consist of various attempts to login with user credentials! Features Scan your users for the use of weak passwords to keep your […]

  • Ultimate Heartbleed Password Remover (Utilities)

    Heartbleed password remover, will help re-secure your wordpress site after the recent Heartbleed vulnerability. With this plugin you can remove the passwords for all users, certain user groups, or a specific user. You can also pre-define an email that goes to users, and you can control the settings for this like, who the email is […]

  • Product password protector (woocommerce) (WooCommerce)

    A simple plugin for WooCommerce, that can be used to enable password protection for your products, like general or individual for each product, of course if password request is enabled. So if administrator enable password protection for some product – the user will be proposed to enter a product password to purchase it. Features: Comfortable […]